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Ok, first of all, for some curious reason, I resonate most closely and lovingly with the energies of Yeshua with a ‘Y’, but when I channel, it always feels right to use Jeshua with a ‘J’. This feels energetic to me and the best way I can feel to describe it is, Yeshua feels like the most personal, closest to human vibration of the Christ energies. The actual physical friend that we know as a fellow human, the Christed energies in human focus – that which understands deeply the experience of ascending through the material.

Both Jeshua and Jesus feel similar in vibration to me – the public emanation of the human Christed vibration – the teacher and prophet feeling of a fellow human that imparts an elevation he has attained, and can now communicate through teachings.

Christ for me holds the highest vibration of the Yeshua energies – the divine love intention that holds the golden-white seed of Christed Consciousness in physical form, and all the expansion and infinite potential creation will grow in from that.

I find the Christed energies – all of them – utterly EXQUISITE. Like falling in passionate, deep love and knowing you are receiving and loved equally in that way. There is this incredible LOVE, DEVOTION, RESPECT and COMPASSION for each human as they embody the Christed potential, follow the path that Yeshua/Jeshua/Jesus paved, and now with the whole collective of humanity ascending.

I feel that, through the experience of embodiment these energies have an incredible ability to meet all levels, vibrations and experiences of the human journey with incredible RECOGNITION, honour and love. There is this sense of COMPANIONSHIP, of being accompanied, every tiny step of the way. He KNOWS YOU and sees you for all you are, in a way that no other energy I have consciously felt is capable of. The golden-white of the Christ I have experienced is powerful beyond description, humming with clarity and love, and it is just so exquisite.

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