Mary Magdalene

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For me, the energies of Christ and the Magdalene are the most exquisite examples of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies through embodiment of one essence – twin ray or flame if you like. As I have felt the energies of these beloved beings, I am struck by how they feel so much one essence, so the same, and yet so sovereignly defined in their expressions. It’s quite beautiful but it’s pretty tricky to try and put it into words!

The Magdalene energies for me hold a similar deep ROSE colour as Jophiel’s, also with GOLD, yet there is something richer, more sensuous about the Magdalene energies, a greater passion for the beauty of the physical, perhaps from the expansion of being embodied. There certainly feels to be a link to Jophiel to me, but that may be because I resonate so strongly with both and my essence lives where they meet! Or something 😉

Mary Magdalene, like Yeshua, feels to me to hold a deeply loving and KNOWING COMPASSION and RESPECT for the human journey, and each individual upon it. There is a PRECIOUS SANCTITY to her energies which echo the sense of COMPANIONSHIP and respect of the Yeshua energies – the feminine equivalent, though that separates them too much for what I feel from it.

Mary Magdalene for me also holds a SENSUOUS GODDESS awareness of the state of loving through bodies, the vibration of LOVERS and the ecstasy of being able to meet yourself in another form, in another body. I feel this from Yeshua also. I do feel that in some way Mary Magdalene and Jeshua hold the template for the TWIN FLAME journey on Earth, in the same way the Yeshua/Jeshua/Christ energy holds the Christ Consciousness template for the embodiment journey.

I feel a deep and familiar love for both the Magdalene and Jeshua energies, which gets stronger as my embodied state expands – it is so exquisite. I keep having to use that word because no other seems to do it!

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