♡ See below for Gaia channellings 

The energies of Gaia for me hold an incredible experience of DEEP ABIDING MOTHER LOVE. There is this NURTURING, NOURISHING, GROUNDING quality to Gaia which feels eternal and beloved and UNCONDITIONAL.

To all energies beings that inhabit upon and with her, there is sense of BELONGING, of GODDESS and of HOME that she embodies. There is a SENSUOUS, rich, beauty and ABUNDANT FERTILITY and GENEROSITY that I feel within the slow, ecstatic depth of her love.

I also feel a GOLDEN HEART-ENERGY and RICH DEVOTION that passionately adores the co-creative upliftment we are all creating, and delights in the individual and collective expressions between, within and by all of us with Gaia. So very exquisite!

Archangel Raphael and Gaia speak to Receiving New Earth Encodement (November 30th, 2013)

Gaia speaks of her Love and Passion and opening to her constant offering of Comfort and Support (November 12th, 2013)