Archangel Michael

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Ah Michael. Oh how I adore the Michael energies! To me they are about JOY, they are about SOVEREIGNTY, they are about CLARITY and STRENGTH, and INTEGRITY.

For me, Michael deeply supports the ability to become completely sovereign in your self-focus, completely free in your energies to express life however feels most joyful to you in every moment. Basically claiming the full integrity of being fully YOU in every moment. Michael feels to me about the simple, ecstatic joy of being, of being present in each and every now, and that being clear and persistent in your focus upon that enables your light and experience of life to shine and soar and expand continually in complete and celebratory harmony with all-that-is. The deeply vibrant ROYAL BLUE I always associate with Michael reflects this so well for me.

For me, Michael’s association with protection became simply about sovereignty and clarity. Firstly because, if you focus upon the need for protection, you are inherently stating that there is something to be protected from. I think this is, and has been, so important for a lot of people, but for me, focusing purely upon having a clear and sovereign energy field meant I transcended any apparent need for protection because I only attracted that which was for my highest good.

This also means that your levels of integrity and self-responsibility can become realised, as you become aware that all is YOU, everything you experience is a reflection of you, and that you can choose how you respond to it. In the paradigm of protection, things get done to you and you have to avoid or deflect them. Claiming sovereignty and clarity inherently empowers your remembrance of creatorship, and allows you to simply experience and learn from what presents (as you), moving away from judgment and into openness, and so letting our natural state of peaceful, blissful, abundant LOVE unfold your experiences out of duality and into unity.

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