Archangel Jophiel

♡ See below for Jophiel channellings 

To me, the energies of Archangel Jophiel feel so much about SELF-LOVE. There is this empowering, opening intention with them to gently and deeply open to your own essence.

Jophiel to me feels deeply about the BEAUTY, particularly the beauty of yourself, and of HARMONY; the ability to feel and sense and love the harmony in all things as inherent, and to be continually opened up to and embraced as a natural part of being.

There is this beautiful strengthening and refining of perspective into your essential self that I feel the energies of Jophiel offer, a deeply feminine SOFTNESS of allowing that gives the opportunity to discover more of yourself through permission to just be, and find out through letting it all unfold.

And that this is because Jophiel’s DEVOTION and PASSIONATE LOVE for the unique essence of each spark is intensely, beautifully SUPPORTIVE. I always experience the heart-related colours of deep, loving ROSE PINK laced with GOLD with Jophiel.

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