Mother Mary speaks about the Comfort of Self-care and Service

hd-wallpapers-download-flowers-wallpaper-blue-flower-1280x1024-wallpaperOh my precious ones, dear and beloved hearts. I come to you now as a loving mother, and devoted friend, as you each most masterfully and tenaciously pick your way through the tremendous change that is going on in and around you in each of your unfolding moments.

Beloveds, you will notice both waves of similarity between what you are all going through and yet a very highly personalised and individual tone and expression for each of you that becomes stronger each day. This is because you are truly plumbing the depths of all you have worked for, all you have cleared, and as such you are touching now both the strongest restrictions, and also your innate essence, because, of course, you see, they are one and the same.

You came here, dear hearts, knowing that your essence would be expressed in every way that would expand you most impressively and courageously, because you knew that at this moment in time, that which had held you back most strongly would be that which gave you the final key to your brightest light, your most powerful expression. You know this beloveds, and that is why this moment in time is both the most straightforward and the most challenging. For there is only surrender now; there is no need to search or to seek, or to try or to do, for being open to understanding and to your own flow will simply allow that you need to be aware of to arrive. And yet there is nothing for you to lean on, nothing tangible for you to grasp with your mind, except YOURSELF.

And that is why I come to you now, my most beautiful and cherished stars, my adored and admired companions of the heart, to remind you that your greatest service, indeed your only service, is your own self-care, and never before has this been so simple or so important to your arrival in your true self, your own true heart, your home.

As this time fluxes and flexes about you, shifting all that you have ever known in order to bring you fully into the light, all you need to do is stay riveted, in the utmost care and attention and gentleness, to your own loving hearts. For by so doing, not only do you allow all that is most loving and most high to arrive through you, as you, but you also make this level and frequency of love available to all who are ready to make that first conscious step back into their own divinity.

Beloveds, each day your service to All-That-Is, to LOVE, becomes ever-greater and ever-brighter. Your magnificence astounds and amazes each and every one of your beloved family of light, and we flock to and around you, with you, as you, supporting you in every way we possibly can. Open your hearts, dear and beloved ones, focus your loving awareness upon our love, and we will be able to assist to the fullness of our, and your, capacity.

Gone are the days when you needed to go outside yourself for reference; beloveds, in every single situation, in every circumstance and with every breath, all that is required of you is your surrender to your loving self. Ask yourself, is this the most loving thing for me to gift myself with right now? This word, this food, this rest, this film, this hug, this thought? How does this feel in my body? Is it peaceful? Joyful? Yummy? Loving? Your body knows, my dear hearts, it is a creation beyond description and your greatest asset to you in these times, even as it works in every moment to fulfill your highest intentions of these times. Follow its wisdom, oh masters, for it matches your own.

Dearest hearts, how precious your every breath, how magical your every moment. This does not require you to force yourselves to feel as such, nor to try to be anything other than you are. This is all now unfolding at such a pace and so naturally that it requires nothing more than for your to wrap yourselves up in your own soft and tender wings and feel it all unfold. If you bring your loving attention into your heart, if you stay ever-more present with the feeling of flow and blossoming of your love when you do this FOR YOURSELVES and only for yourselves, for you deserve the highest form of love and self-care in every moment, you are blessing every single beautiful individuation of All-That-Is automatically, in the highest form of service.

Beloveds, whatever flows through you, whatever comes up for love, love it. Trust in the divine YOU. This is the highest form of comfort. Call upon us all in every moment you feel to and we will amplify your focus beyond imagining, as we do to the highest level of our capacity in every way we can, always. You are rapidly nearing a time – calling it forth with every moment of your loving focus – when your expansion becomes a thing of conscious wonder, where every waking moment brings magic and mystery in ways you cannot now comprehend, and this is why you are shaking yourselves loose from every part of the old that has served you so faithfully in streching you to this point.

In loving yourselves, dear and precious hearts, you come to know yourselves. You come to know ALL. This is what awaits you in every heart beat, in every breath. Listen. Love. That is all. We are so near. We are ever with you. And we love you beyond any words, beyond any description. You are blessed, and we are blessed by your presence. In deepest gratitude, and in the greatest compassion, I love you and am in deepest respect and reverence for all you are achieving, beyond what has ever been achieved before. Heaven celebrates you, beloveds! We celebrate you! I celebrate you. I am your loving mother, and devoted friend, Mary ♥


4 thoughts on “Mother Mary speaks about the Comfort of Self-care and Service

  1. There’s always this pervasive feeling that I get… That I should “do” more, that I should release more of the old, that there’s still work to do. This post softens that feeling immensely, as it reassures me that all is well and in perfect timing. Thank you, Sara dear!

  2. Ah, relaxing in the now instead of always doing and striving for something in the future. Thank you Divine Mothers.

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