Magdalene, Jeshua and the Mystery

night moon day stairs shrubs pathway herbs 1280x1024 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_94Greetings beloveds….I come to you in the scents and magic of the mystery, in that timeless sense of the unknown that blows through deserts and forests alike. I come to you carrying all the wisdom and mystery that is the Divine Feminine, the Softness, for truly the labels do not describe the devoted, heady and intoxifying depths to which the Goddess flows, and what she carries for, and as, you, now.

Dear hearts, I come to you bearing the gifts of the ages, which you have sowed and will now reap accordingly. For the mystery of which I speak, the elusive alchemy of magic and the accumulated experiences and intrigues of the ages, of sanctity and holiness encoded in the corners and secret places of your beloved Gaia, of the esoteric messages recorded by your sacred places, the whispers of divinity that are beating in your very blood, passed down fom the ancients, all of the mystery whispers of you, beloveds, it is YOU.

You come now into the embodiment of all that you are, timeless and naked and breathing finally the fresh, intoxicating air of home. You step out onto the vista of your own creation, breathing in the freedom of your own arrival, acknowledging the presence for which you have worked so tirelessly for so very long. All the magic you have ever sown and stored and imbued the stones and the soil of this beloved planet with becomes yours, finally and forever.

I and my beloved Jeshua come to you now to stand as one with you as you step through each of your magnificent and individual gateways, through the collective gateway of awakening that you have all created, so wide and so true, to encompass as many sparks as you could possibly bring the ease and grace of this passage to. No applause or acknowledgement could ever be enough for your generosity and courage, beloveds, and you are coming to realise this as you recover enough to begin to let your perspective broaden to encompass so much more of what you are.

Allow us to stand with you, my sweetest hearts, as we gaze across this vast expanse, this vista of love you have lived, as we truly appreciate this gate of remembrance you are now ready and willing to step through. Let us stand with you as, in utter reverence, you allow the magic of this endless, timeless moment to fill you, as the exotic spices of the deserts you have crossed and the beautiful roses of the gardens you have sown blow and bloom about you.

Let us honour you most profoundly as we stand beside each and every one of you, most intimately, and with the full power of love that is within us. We bring to you the balance of the Divine, the meeting of the soft and the strong, the masculine and the feminine, the dark and the light, the quiet and the bright, and we gift to you full remembrance of that which you are ready to embody.

Dear ones, stand with us today. Look upon this eon of time stretching back throughout your many lives and experiences and breathe in the magnificence of what you have created. Feel how it truly is all NOW, beyond time, beyond space. The universes sing your song, in jubilation and celebration as they watch you prepare to step through your final gateway of this era. We wish for you to reap the full harvest of this moment, and we come to you in full reverence and gratitude in our sharing of this with you.

Beloveds, we cannot thank you enough for all you have been, all you have done. Honour the magnificence of YOU. Gaze upon all that has been. Breathe in all that will become. Step into the void, into the Great Timelessness, into the stillness, with us at your side and with your heart fully alive to all that you are.

It is time, most beautiful and most brave of ALL. It is time.

In love we greet you, and in the most profound humility we bow before you. We are ONE with you, always and forever, as has always been so.

We welcome you HOME…♥


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