Jeshua and Archangel Michael speak to our Now Light Unfoldment

96636Oh brightest lights! Oh most dearly beloved stars! Oh how wondrous you are to behold! What magnificent creations and creators you truly are! I bask in your wisdom and your joy, for you are truly forging ahead, as you connect to that sweet spot within that you know as home, and which enables you to act from the deepest stillness and greatest peace, never again to strive or to strain, but only to allow, to flow, to delight, to open to all that love can bring.

I delight in our fellowship, bravest hearts, for it is now that you come to truly meet me in that which we have planned for so very long, and which we now can bring to fruition.

You see, my dear hearts, I am your template, if you will, I am the archetype of what you intend. I seeded what makes this possible for you now and together, with so many shining lights, we have ploughed and sowed and created and paved the way for these moments to unfold. You now are creating even more magical possibilities that we even planned for, beautiful ones. You are truly astonishing. Truly magnificent.

So now I answer your call. For you have called me forth in new ways, and I am deeply excited by this. Each of you who feels drawn to me is calling me forth to assist you most closely and in such deep companionship in these moments, dear hearts, as our grand plan of the ages comes to fullness, to begin the New Age of Gaia, and bring full harmony to this beloved palette of light potential you have going on on this precious planet of yours! How marvellous.

I come forth with our most beloved brother, Lord Michael, Archangel of the Highest, who assists all who are part of this plan in whatever ways they require of him, and who is most instrumental in this time of advancement and culmination. Together we are available to bring and assist the Christed Template and Blueprints to those who are ready to embody them, and to co-create with all you fantastic pioneering sparks who agreed to carry this most auspicious torch forward into the unknown of these times. For unknown to you it most certainly is in your conscious lives, and that is why we applaud your courage most heartily and most jubilantly, beloveds, for you truly are the bravest of the brave, the most accomplished experts in your field. And when you truly see just what you have accomplished and are accomplishing – for you are only just beginning to comprehend the love contained within what you have achieved – oh well, my beloveds, you will understand why the accolades and the passionate devotion to all you are is pouring forth from every corner of the universe for you as the celebrations begin.

Darlings, beloveds, I cannot put into words my happiness and joy at having met you here in this place, in ways that have far exceeded our expectations, which were already grand indeed! My beautiful companions in light, you bring such joy to my heart with the alchemy you call forth, and that which you invite me to be a part of with you. I am grateful beyond words. And I celebrate you.

And so now, I ask most fervently and enthusiastically, with Archangel Michael also, that if it resonates with you, that you call consciously and intentionally upon us with your focus to walk beside you in all things and through all moments that you feel will support you. For we are those who carry the blueprints of this time in an overarching manner, and we are able to be with each of you in all moments to enrich and support your processes most directly and specifically now, as you begin to consciously become all that you have planned, and beyond.

Call upon me, Jeshua of the Christed Ray, the Golden Lighted One, to reside in your heart and co-create with your unique signature, as you enliven your own Christed Template and begin to experience its physical unfoldment throgh your most beautiful physical vehicle, your body temple, there on the surface of Gaia. Most excellent and exciting of times, are they not!

Call upon beloved brother Michael, he of truest faith and most powerful joy, to amplify your signature and encode your moments with the highest of joy and true strength of focus. He and I are most passionately excited to be involved in each and every unique part of this astounding picture that wishes our involvement, and as such we also become expanded in love and joy, which is part of our most heavenly bliss and fulfillment at this time.

Dear hearts, this is the time where your uniqueness begins to become truly apparent to you in the most magical of ways, as newness in all areas begins to pour forth from within, in knowings, in senses, in physical emergence; and also the time when the effects of this on the collective begin to make themselves known also. For much has been building as you have all watched the surface of your experience and wondered why on earth (wink) it was not reflecting what you could feel inside. Well, beloveds, the momentum has gathered, and now is the time when all this begins to unfurl for you to see in all ways.

This is why it as been, and is, so crucial that you discover that sweet spot of home within each of your hearts, and learn to reside once more in the complete point of stillness and peace of the Now, of your essence, of LOVE. For now, as you begin to consciously take the reins, you are discovering that that sweet spot is the true home of creation. There is no need for you to try, or to even do, unless the joy takes you. All you need ‘do’, in your conscious lives, is to allow, and delight and discover as things unfold, and keep yourselves gently in the love of your heart, returning whenever the intensities of the time pull you elsewhere, if they do.

And at this time, this is why Michael and I bring ourselves most specifically to your attention, in order to start getting your conscious awareness focused into co-creation mode with us. Not so you can begin to ‘try’ all over again (smile), but so that you can tap into the true excitement and dynamism that is fast approaching your human experience. For you are all becoming most beautifully balanced in your every day lives, flowing in alchemical perfection with what you have known as Divine Feminine and Masculine, and this means that, as you allow yourselves to get truly comfortable in that sweet spot of balance, of peaceful listening for direction from the heart, you build the basis from which to begin to ‘move’ when your time is right.

The thing is, my most beautiful companions in this Christed experiment, this is where we celebrate so wildly on your behalf, because you are beginning to open to the true joy of life, which is peaceful AND dynamic; still AND fast; blissful AND exciting, and all beyond your wildest dreams. You are truly becoming capable of more than we ever imagined possible in such a ‘short space of time’ (what a wondrous phrase!), and the joy of it, the magic that we are so looking forward to you consciously realising in complete fullness, is the way in which you are always both the mover and the moved, and there is truly no effort involved; your only fuel is joy! Truly!

This is something Michael has brought most enthusiastically to the attention of many beautiful minds residing on this planet right now, and truly as ONE we have all prepared most perfectly for this time, as you are just just just beginning to feel, and which is fast unfolding now.

Dear hearts, enjoy! As the rest of this truly impressive year of 2013 flows to its end, rest and relax and watch yourselves open to marvels and mystery, ready for some serious (wink) movement to occur in 2014. And it will not feel like going from still to running, dearly beloveds, oh no! It will be seamless beyond what you can imagine; it will be all at once, all of a piece, all in harmonious and perfect synergy. All you ‘need’ do is stay present to your massive and beloved hearts – which are suited most perfectly to each of your roles – and stay rooted in that self-care and love that you are all masterfully cultivating, and continue to deepen that precious divine listening that you are all so skilled at, and let your own magnificent magic and miracles unfold in your own perfect, unique, soul-singing timing.

We are with you, most diligently, most joyfully, most reverently, and most lightly, for this is only ever getting lighter, easier and more infinitely graceful, dear hearts; and we are ever yours, in complete love and wonder, with such gratitude. Call upon us, call us ever closer in, for we are always with you, simply delighting as you become ever more consciously involved in your own light unfoldment, and delighting as all you have worked for arrives effortlessly in your laps. And even if your minds are still catching up to this – do not worry beloveds, keep breathing into your hearts and loving yourselves because it is all one LOVE breath away, and of that I assure you.

Ever more closely in love with each of you, with you, and creating wonders with, and inspired by, YOU, we are your companions in heavenly divine love and light, Jeshua and Archangel Michael ♥


11 thoughts on “Jeshua and Archangel Michael speak to our Now Light Unfoldment

  1. Wonderful Sara, Thank you for the message. It is really beautiful and I will remember to call for Jeshua and Michael, especially because this last week has been so hard for me. It’s been difficult to be connected to the Source and I feel slightly depressed. Much love to you ♥

    1. Beautiful Ivy, I’m so with you on that – I felt so disconnected for a whole two weeks, right up until a week ago and just before I read this I was just noticing how it was happening again so the energy must be high powered!

      Dearest, if it helps, my last disconnect period brought me to the amazing very personal love connection to my heart I wrote about last week and it is blissful on new levels – it feels and seems to be like we really are on our own unique timelines quite visibly now, as well as on the collective one, and I just know you’re bringing yourself magical gifts, because what else could it be…

      Plus, I’m sure Little Grape has many extra cuddles to give you when you’re feeling that…hee hee.

      Loving you very much and loving your beautiful heart, which is a-glowin’!


    2. P.P.S. Think you just called forth the Magdalene message, lovely Ivy! I could feel her there but as soon as I replied here, it came very clear, so that one’s definitely for you in some special way…love you ♥♥♥♥♥

      1. Awwww… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! For all the love, cuddles and inspirational message. I do hope the reconnection comes soon! I’m doing my best in keeping positive for the time being. Little grape says “hello” to her dear Auntie Cookie Fairy!

      2. Awww I send hello and cookie-cuddles all wrapped up in golden sparkles to you and little grape….Auntie Cookie Fairy is waving and sparkling!!!

        Loving you so much Ivy ♥

    3. I loved this message so much that i decided to translated to Spanish and post it on my website for others to see whether or not they resonate with it…and will decide to call upon Jeshua and AA Michael…Peace and Love to All…

    1. Hello lovely! Sorry for such a delay I have been away from all things blog ~ sorry I cant help with the artist ~ I literally just browse for a picture that feels good and is freely available! Hope you found it! ❤

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