For me, astrology is one of the few ways we have of interpreting the Great Mystery that stretches back long before science, art and spirituality became separate disciplines. Existing in some form in so many different times and places across the globe, astrology is a truly unifying language, one that is not limited by its own systems, and one which honours our continued fascination with the celestial that has marked humanity’s journey through time…

Astrology demands not just mental comprehension and understanding, but also intuition and an openness to expansion and discovery ~ I feel astrology evolves as we do, constantly being enriched by our ability to ‘discover’ new celestial objects in our physical reality, and to apply deeper and more complex understandings as we reconnect the dots between disciplines and states of consciousness ~

As we move into a new age of unity and divine creativity, astrology moves with us ~ many souls across the planet are reimagining and redefining astrological systems, as we always have done, in order to allow this incredible language to continue to support our understandings and experiences of this awe~inspiring path we all find ourselves on together…

Self~taught, and having studied in depth for nearly a decade, I have had the privilege of being mentored in-depth and inspired by a very gifted and knowledgable friend, as well as absorbing wisdom from so many amazing astrologers across the world through their books and online ~ I have also had the honour of looking at a great many personal charts of people I have met and known, as I learn best when I am living and interacting with the astrological understanding I am absorbing! ~ as a fiercely curious and sensitive Gemini, every morsel of knowledge, experience and understanding continues to pour into and arrange itself in my consciousness, constantly informing and reinforming my approach ~

My astrology is also deeply intuitive, and my skill in seeing patterns and connections that link energies together through many levels, senses and dimensions, has been deeply a part of my application and development of my own astrological practice. I feel my ‘learning’ has been much more a process of bringing together many lives of experience, a ‘remembering’ and reminding of something I came here to do and develop, and any knowledge I gain or remember, serves the intuition with which I approach any chart I am given ~

I find our birth charts to essentially be like a map or a magical box of tools that informs us of how we designed ourselves in this life, and shows us the essence of how we might express that, what we are desiring to focus on, and what strengths and challenges we have set up to aid us in our expansion on this human journey ~ this interpretation of our own intentions, and our collective intentions through the celestial dance of transits, is continuously expanding as we ourselves do ~ why would we wish it any other way…!

I will soon be offering chart readings here, as well as a new approach to chart interpretation ~ Soul~Song Astrology ~ which I am so excited to be developing ~ watch this space, and many blessings!