Mother Mary

♡ See below for the Mother Mary channellings 

The Mother Mary energies to me are deeply SOFT, GENTLE, CARING and DEVOTED. In some ways – and I am noticing a Christed theme here! – they feel like the template for Divine Mother energies in the earth experience.

There is a LUMINOUS WONDER and focus to the Mary energies that make you feel utterly and completely safe, perfect, and loved. For me Mary feels devoted to awakening an experience of self-love in every heart just as loving mothers’ desire for their children to be free to love who they are. In that there is this LOVE-FILLED LISTENING AWARENESS to Mary whereby you feel known, gently and with such care-filled honouring of your uniqueness and your every experience. It feels as if there is no worry or pain or fear too small, no experience insignificant enough not to be completely heard and felt as important and relevant to the heart to which she is listening.

So there is also this sense of GUIDANCE with the Mary energies, just as a mother would wish to support the growth of a child. Such GENTLE RESPECT for your free will and your choices, yet with this deep and quiet passion for your conscious happiness and wholeness. When in the most painful experiences, and feeling most lost, Mary feels to me to be the first place to rest in and feel the healing of being held and known in UNCONDITIONAL MOTHER LOVE.

Mother Mary speaks about the Comfort of Self-care and Service (November 16th, 2013)

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