Archangel Michael, Jeshua and the energies of the Devic Kingdom share on the energies of Comfort

magic-fairy*Note from Sara below…♥

Archangel Michael, Jeshua and the Devic Kingdom speak on Comfort

Dear heart, yes, this is a very new sensation to you, is it not? Or yet, shall we say, familiar in a new way, for in fact this is what you ARE always. An intermingling of LOVE, in so many different ever-changing harmonics and frequencies, unique and variant, luscious and diverse. This is what makes being ONE so very very interesting, is it not, sweet one?

Well now, comfort. We are so happy that you focused here, most beloved one, for this is indeed one of the most fundamental tools of being that humanity desires to focus on right now, at this evolving, unfolding edge you are all on, whether you know it or not. And yes we said desired – this gave you a pause, sweet one, didn’t it? We said desired precisely because, as you do indeed know, it is you, you at the edge, you as humanity, in the core of each heart-light on this planet, you who are calling forth these changes, you who are requesting these words and energies and supports, because it is you that is creating this most fantastic and stupendous light show that is the New Harmonics, the New Earth, the New Age, however you would like to think of it. You are the creators – this is not being done to you or even for you, this IS you. Think on that for a moment. For it is SO beautiful. YOU are so beautiful. And so loved!

And this is why we are so glad you have called forth more information in this way on this energy of comfort; for at this time, on this edge, in this moment of unfoldment, the ability to call forth comfort is something humanity is recognising to be a most imperative and valuable tool with which to navigate these influxing energies. No matter how conscious each beloved spark on this planet may be, each one knows within their greater, fuller selves that the age you are now creating, that you are NOW existing in is one ruled by, created with, growing through love. In all senses as you understand it and beyond. And therefore all your old tools, of striving, of doing, of creating ‘backwards’ rather than calling forth from your own innate abundance, of beating yourselves up in order to become that which you think you are not, all these tools have no relevance or use in what you are now creating, except to serve as the most marvellous backdrop and history to honour all that you are now becoming and creating.

For they have indeed carved out a great space for you to fill, a space of seeming emptiness that is in some part filled with the echoes of pain and fear and striving, and is in some part filled with potential, and is all love, awaiting a new direction. And you all feel this keenly in your own ways, and in your unique states of awareness. But what we see most keenly is the yearning within each of your precious hearts for HOME to be once more again upon your world, upon this beautiful planet you know as Gaia, who so lovingly holds you and creates with you and for you, as you renew her with your presence and your love.

And that is why I bring the wisdom and love of the Devic Kingdom with me today, they who have held you in deep love and reverence throughout the many ages you have been creating on this earth, and have supported you most beautifully in your energy fields and systems, nurturing and caring most profoundly for your bodies of all kinds, and nurturing the co-creative process you have engaged them in for so long. It has been a long struggle and a purposeful one, dearest lights, and we wish to infuse you now with our love, and the love of the Devic Kingdom in particular, for they are deeply familiar with each level of your beings in relationship to the earth and her energies, knowing well how those energies fuse and merge; and so they are well placed to offer a particular kind of support for which you are already most grateful, if only you but knew it (smile).

The devas invite you today to play with this idea of energies – theirs and yours – merging and playing together, with the visuals of colour and the fusions of soft, nurturing sounds that accompany your thoughts and feelings of comfort. They wish for you to meditate and focus upon what comfort feels like to you, what it looks like and sounds like to you, when you focus upon sensations of comfort at your heart. They call forth the energies of beauty and harmony with you today, asking you to open up your hearts and cells to receive the soft, bountiful, magical love that they wish to impart, to harmonise you with, with you. They ask you to give your permission, in whatever way is most comfortable (yes indeed!) to you, to co-create your own comfort with them, by letting them seed the energy fields that make up your own perfect experience of comfort within your cells. Let them sing to your cells of comfort, dear hearts, let them work with you through harmony and beauty and soft, golden light-rain, to bring your tired, amazing vessels into greater comfort, into greater ease. They only require your focus, your openness, your willingness, for them to sing through you with such love and shower you with the riches of earthly comfort in all manner of ways.

If this is something you would desire, dear hearts, at this time, when you have prepared and cleared so very much, and now find yourselves at the edge of beginning again; if this is something you feel would support your ability to just allow all to unfold while you rest and dream and receive, then open your hearts, beloveds: open your hearts and your minds and your imaginations in whatever way calls most beautifully to you, and receive LOVE in all the most comforting ways, so perfectly attuned to YOU.

I am Jeshua, in the presence of our beloved brother of light, Archangel Michael, who smiles upon you with unbounded love, and with the support and encouragement and perfect willingness of assistance of the Devic Kingdom; and we adore and cherish you, dear warriors of light, as you come to your time of rest and reception, of newness and adventure, of rejuvenation and delight. And we greet you in deepest reverence and greatest humility for all that you do and all that you are, for we are with you, and we are ONE. Ever yours, in such love, I AM Jeshua ♥

*Note from Sara: This channelling, and the second and third in the Comfort series, arose all at once, and I’ve written a bit about this and my ongoing exploration of channelling on this page, if you fancy a read! Thanks for sharing all this with me…joy 


3 thoughts on “Archangel Michael, Jeshua and the energies of the Devic Kingdom share on the energies of Comfort

  1. Ah…. so soothing. Right when I was finishing the reading, I felt this gold ray of light come over me and soothe my heart. Thank you, Sara, for allowing such beautiful frequency to come through you. ♥♥♥

    1. Oh I love this so much Ivy – thank you – it felt truly delicious this one! This is all very new, and even though it feels utterly normal it’s so lovely to hear how it’s received – so appreciate it, lovely! ♥♥♥♥♥

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