Jeshua: This is becoming a WHOLE new kind of LOVE Affair!

unnamedMy beloved brothers and sisters, my beautiful fellow adventurers, my companion co-creators in love and light! I come to greet you with LOVE greater than ever before, softer than ever before, more and more intense – in every moment – than ever before, NEWER than ever before…and this, my dear friends, is because you make it so!

Beloveds, we fall more deeply in love with you, in the sharing of love with you, in the BEING of LOVE with you in each moment. Of course, in so many ways this is always so; such is the nature of LOVE, of creation, of existence. And yet, you – my intrepid explorers – YOU are creating so much newness, such vast and continually-expanding potential, such incomparable fields of unmanifest possibility just awaiting perfect timing to come into form, that our love for you and all that you are allowing us to share with you is becoming passionate beyond description in excitement and shared, soaring, joy.

Oh my darling and beloved masters – yes we in the light realms support you and amplify your process, yes we have largely had access to much greater clarity and purity of perspective than you, and so we have seemed ‘greater’ or ‘purer’ than you in so many ways for so long, even if your minds have grasped the knowing that this is not really so in true LOVE terms. But my dear ones, nothing can compare to the richness, the variety, the spectrum, the availability, the intensity, the sheer BEAUTY of your blossoming now, each and every one of you. Most beloved, precious and unique sparks. Oh my wonderful friends, this goes beyond words.

I do not wish to labour this point beyond this particular depth of expression, for I know just how much praise upon praise has been poured upon you from us for the last weeks and months, and far from you having received enough – for this could NEVER be the case and you can be well assured of that! – I simply recognise that from your perspective, sometimes it would be far preferable to have tangible and manifest shifts into the new you are creating rather than more tantalising hints and approbation from us when you are still very much in the midst of intense unfoldings! I respect this deeply and so we very much take our cue from you, dear hearts, as you begin to collaborate more and more consciously with us and so we can reflect YOU ever more clearly to your conscious perspectives. And so we say, our love and admiration for you knows no bounds, yet we honour that at this point perhaps it is more lovingly supportive to communicate more intimately with you on this process, rather than just in general adoration…*wink* We pay attention to and with you, dear ones, oh we do! And we love you so for your wisdom and perseverence. It is beyond description!

And yet there is another purpose in my beginning with these loving words of devotion and praise, for I wish to address directly the process you are undergoing post-Equinox, and as you head into the month of April, as you know it in your time-based perspectives. And, by the way, don’t you just love how this process of awakening does not cut anything out? Simply transforms it? That time becomes new as you become new, and your experiences of it simply reflect that? That is certainly a whole other topic that is being spoken of a lot, but time truly is a wonderful creation and tool of perception…more on this another time perhaps! *Laughing!*

Well then, this time. This time of LOVE unfolding! My beloveds, the reason we begin with our expanding and intensifying love for you is because this could not be so if you yourselves were not BEing this expanding and intensifying love. Your self-focus, self-awareness, self-love, self-curiosity, self-trust is giving permission for your incredible lights, your unique soul-signatures, to shine and evolve and blossom like never before! And we use the word ‘blossom’ frequently here because this unfurling matches so wonderfully the organic and fluid process of expansion and refining from within that you are all undertaking, as well as the inherent beauty of a flower revealing the inner shape and colours of its beauty as it opens its petals for the world to see and share…You see the delicate beauty in this analogy, beloveds? Because this is just what we are seeing blossoming in every moment, and more.

And this is why we smile at our use of the words in the title of this message, my loves, because WHOLENESS is what this is ALL about! We wish to talk with you today, to communicate and converse with you, to share and dialogue with you today – on all levels and through these words – on this unfolding LOVE affair. For this LOVE affair, as you are all uniquely discovering, is all about YOU. It is all about you, beloveds, at that unfolding, unfurling edge where your human consciousnesses meet your cosmic fullness; where your non-material selves meet and merge with your material selves, and the magical alchemy contained, emitting and creating therein…this is the beauty that takes our breath away, if we had ‘breath’ to take! *Smile!*

You, beloveds, are beginning to meet and know consciously more and more of your own fullness, to remember more and more of your inherent wholeness and you are doing this IN BODIES. Oh, we know you know this beloveds but we cannot help but exclaim it with joy because it is SO exciting!!! Bear with us and let our unbounded exhilaration inform and support yours, my wondrous ones, until you catch up with our perspectivein your own ways, for truly this is opening up for you now more and more consciously.

Because what this meeting and merging is doing, what this conscious collaboration is allowing for and the form it is taking, is YOU falling in love with YOU. This is the wonder of this love, my dear and devoted angels of light. This is the precious honey of this time for all of you in each of your precious and unique ways. My beautiful ones, you all consciously know the beginnings of this, many of you know more of it, some of you are fully immersed in it and expanding with it, and the first thing we wish to say about this is, that this is completely perfect. Many, many channels are bringing forth this crucial confirmation; now more than ever you are all coming to know the perfection of your individual processes, and this is allowing for all of you to let go of final resistances, subtle and deepest of structures that restrict your ability to fully trust yourselves as your very own multiverse, as all-that-is, as LOVE in your own perfect timing. As WHOLE. And it is this completely intimate, self-focused, individual process that is also bringing youinto the full beauty of self-realisation, self-recognition, self-exploration.

Beloveds, you are falling in love with YOU. You are falling in love with YOU. in every possible way.

You are becoming LOVE UNFOLDING with yourselves, as yourselves, for yourselves, and you are discovering that this truly is all that is! Love in love with love. All-that-is. The simplicity that gives birth to all complexity. Love in love with love. And as you let yourselves go into this exquisiteness more and more, you realise that your desire to share, to know more, to know differently, allows for your unconditional love of all. When you know, within and without, that you are LOVE, unique and precious, you have no interest in looking for love elsewhere, and this self-focus means that every experience you have becomes about loving you, as you, in a universe of YOU, and more and more and more. And so people, places, experiences become simply exquisitely different forms of this self-love, and the room that you have for all this experiences becomes infinite as the resistance to it all as separate from you – in anyway infringing upon your own creatorship – falls away. Your self-orientation gives permission for the LOVE that is you to LOVE everything as you. And the world, the universe, the multiverse, becomes your oyster. Because you ARE the oyster. Delicious.

And in so many ways you know this, and yet we wish to communicate more on this because you continually enter into new levels of self-interaction, and this time brings in unprecedented potential for this. For, my dear hearts, now are you beginning to know the exquisite delight and paradise of remembering your very own love-self, after you had forgotten it so entirely…? Now do you see the sheer size of the expansion you have created with this sojourn into density? How much more intense you have made this homecoming by forgetting there was ever a home! How much more precious have you made LOVE by blocking out its existence from your conscious experience. Oh what an experiment! What an illusion! What a reality! What an experience! And now, as reality becomes simply what you make it, do you start to realise what is in store for you…your store! Of YOU! Created by and for you! By LOVE! For LOVE!

So we say to you, what kind of LOVE are you? For this is what you enter into now – the intense uniqueness of each of you most impressive of soul-tapestries. This is why comparison and seeking for similarity becomes less and less appropriate for each of you now, and sharing and delighting in the individual additions to the WHOLE become such crucial fun! And that is why we ask you, who are you, beloveds? Who are you in this process? What is this process for you? Beyond labels, beyond ‘roles’, beyond any wider point of reference that has been before – though all of these are beautiful ways to understand yourselves. The important thing now though, even if you allow and acknowledge any ways of understanding this process to inform you more widely, is to move beyond the restrictions, to allow any previous understandings to become fluid, and to simply open to more knowing, more exploration, in neutral, joyful, excitement.

For each of you does this differently, IS this differently. How could it be any other way? Some of you quietly ground energy and work pretty exclusively in many other dimensions to make the structures and potentials more available for the collective. Some of you allow a great deal of emotional and mental repatterning to be done for the collective through your own systems. Some of you lead very ‘normal’ human lives, emitting light and codes wherever you go and lightening the collective with your presence and so touching many without really knowing, some of you are devoted parents allowing a tremendous amount of new energy and light to come through children of all ages who bring more and more new DNA and light capacity, some of you are very public channellers and healers and lightworkers who serve the collective in very visible ways, some of you unfold this process without ever having any knowledge of this kind! I could continue on forever. So do you see beloveds, even in the general sense of a role, the variety is beyond extensive! And it is your own exquisite and unique intricacy of self that is opening up for you to explore now…

And this is why we offer these questions to you to open up the deeper self-exploration that is happening on all levels now: what kind of LOVE are you? How are you BEing this process? What is joyfully unfolding you now? Can you give yourselves permission to be whatever brings you joy in this unfoldment? At all levels and in any detail? Can you give yourself permission to be coherent simply within yourself, without resistance, in harmony with whatever unfolds within you simply by your permission to just be you, however? Even if it seems that you are the only one doing it your way? Can you let go of anything that brings any sense of conflict into your sense of self? Be it diet, exercise, practices, purpose, past, future, techniques, understandings? Can you trust that your experience – lovely or not so lovely – is simply yours, and if you allow it – ALL OF IT – it will naturally bring you into greater and greater conscious alignment with your own wholeness, your own remembered LOVE? And the joy that grows and fills you up and intensifies to bliss and carries you to unimagined heights will be the only thing that you need to listen you to guide you into each divine action – even if that action is inaction? How deeply and intently and gently can you listen to and discover yourselves, my beautiful friends? How much permission can you receive from your incredible hearts to be simply, exquisitely, HUMANLY you, allowing your divinity to come to you, as humans? And explore it? And be so so PROUD of it? And talk about it however you want, and express it however you want and CLAIM it for you, with every cell, with every thought, with every moment that is open to you?

This is what I would wish for you, my beloved family, because this is what you wish for – and are continually intending – for yourselves now, and you know this! Because the full freedom of JUST BEING YOU brings such balm, such bliss, such peace to your hearts when you remember it, when you touch it, that there can never be any doubt that however it unfolds, whatever individual shape each pathway takes, this is where all paths lead now, my wondrous ones, this is the only place they have ever led. And now your intensifying and expanding focus in this ONE direction – which is ALL THERE IS, which is LOVE, which is YOU – is bringing you home. To YOU. Where you have always belonged. Completely and utterly. And which is your only portal to everything you could possibly dream of and beyond. Because it is all YOU. It is all YOU. And that is all.

It is my pleasure to bring this reflection of your own love for you winging its way to you on words of light, in this endless reflective mirror of experience, of knowing more of ourselves, as ourselves, in the great big paradox of ever-unfolding experience that is LOVE. I am ONE with you and no words can ever describe the love, the joy, the excitement and the fundamental bliss of being that is who I AM, with YOU; who YOU ARE with ME. We are LOVE. And I am your Jeshua ♥



20 thoughts on “Jeshua: This is becoming a WHOLE new kind of LOVE Affair!

  1. Hi Sara… I just found your lovely site. How beautiful that you are a clear channel to these beautiful energies. I also connect to both Jeshua/Sananda/MM energies. I personally find these energies are a huge Collective Consciousness. It seems we are speaking to one personality/entity but it’s really a Collective Energy with the personality traits coming through. I look forward to reading your lovely website. Much love…..XOX

    1. Lovely~one, thank you so much!

      How beautiful to connect with you ~ yes I really resonate with what you express here ~ I love the co~creative aspect too ~ the different elements between all the energies, material and non~material producing so much variety within the essence~mix each time…it’s exciting and I love to learn more about ME this way too!

      I so hope you enjoy the site ~ it’s been such a joy to me so far, surprise surprise! Haha…

      So lovely to meet you, thank you!

      Much love to you too ♡♡♡

  2. You’re welcome 🙂 Yes, for me it’s like connecting back to that Top of the Rainbow, (which is the Higher Self, the God Self) Love to you 🙂 XOX

  3. Yes 🙂 Actually a Collective Guide called “Almora” explained it to me that if you were to see at the top of the rainbow, there is Oneness, love. When we incarnate we filter down the rainbow to have our Earthly experiences, but we are always connected to the Oneness 🙂 He explained that he was talking to me he was using a personality from 2 1/2 thousand years ago but who he is now was very difficult to explain in human terminology. He explained that he could be anywhere, be it the inspiration of a poem, a bird chirping, a butterfly, a song on the radio…..:-) XOX

  4. Actually here are Almora’s words…

    I am the sun, I am the moon, and I am the moving desert sand. I am the wind in your air. I have no face and I have many faces, whichever one you are willing to look at and accept is how I come to you.
    I communicate to you through many sources: The encouragement and wisdom that may appear in a book, a song, a poem; the seeds of hope and support planted through the voice of a stranger or loved one; the sound of the birds – the music that inspires the dance that calls you forward.
    Be still, and hear life calling to you.
    You ask what is God/ess? What is source? What is universal life force? God is love and love is you there is no separation.
    I am here with many others to empower, support and guide you to listen to the voice of your own soul the master within you – the magnificent truth of your unique creation, and to share it with the world …


    1. Mmmm yes this completely reminded me of the part in Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light where she describes Heyoan (her guide) saying something very similar ~ he actually ‘took her up’ vibrationally until she could consciously understand what he meant and it was such a beautiful passage because she was so transcendent from the experience ~ really feel that now ~ so hard to describe!

      And ‘filtering down the rainbow’ reminds me of the process of incarnating through the different Rays ~ that’s come up a bit for me lately ~

      Ah thank you for this, beautiful~one ~ I am feeling this so much like essence ~ it can take infinite forms, and yet the unique resonance of the essence is there however it is present ~ it feel a bit to me like the way you can be going about daily life and then suddenly you smell a smell or see a headline or hear a passing sound that reminds you deeply of someone you love, right out of the blue, and it’s like their essence presence has come through that experience, even though that experience is not at all directly connected to them ~ yet you feel them there suddenly ~

      Of course it’s so much deeper and simpler and subtler and so on…than that, but that was what came just then…

      Ah I love the variety and perspective and incredible newness of BEing LOVE ~ so amazing! Thank you, sweet ♡♡♡♡

  5. Oh lovely for her to have that experience 🙂 I’ve never heard of Barbara Brennan. I will look her up 🙂 Yes, the different Rays all have different Ascended Masters assigned to them. I was told I’m on the 2nd Ray in this particular incarnation but we do have different Rays in us as well apart from the main Ray we incarnate on? Is that what you have been told?

    Also do you believe in a Twin Flame or Twin Flames? I used to be quite interested in the phenomenon, the Earthly terminology of them anyway, but now feel quite different about it…


    1. I’ve never been given or felt anything particular about myself with the Rays, though I have been curious for a while and it keeps coming up ~ I resonate with coming in on a Ray ~ and then it makes total feeling~sense to me that we would have an affinity with other incarnation rays and/or have an essence resonance with a ray…or something! I’m a Gemini ~ possibilities always appear endless and excitingly complex to me! Haha 😉 What are your favourite sources on it?

      Twin flames/rays ~ yes ~ I have gone through such a process with this and I feel like there is a lot of understanding/confirmation that will come, as at the moment I resonate with much of it, but am now much more fluid and neutral in being ‘sure’ about how or what twin flames/rays are or work ~

      I came across it all because I was woken up by meeting someone who for most of the last seven years I have considered to be my twin flame ~ I came across the concept because I was searching quite desperately for some way of translating the intensity and depth of what I was feeling considering it seemed to have ‘no basis’ in our human interactions ~

      I had a few years or being really immersed in all the twin flame information and it framed my journey and I really needed a lot of that information to help me work my way through it ~

      Now, I have got to a point where I feel so neutral about it all that sometimes it feels like he is and sometimes it feels like I’m not interested in the labels any more (think this is testament to how much of the pain and intensity and desperation has completely faded now!) ~

      The one thing I will say is I find the whole subject incredibly useful to describe the strength of the mirror that kind of experience can bring ~ I had no idea I could feel such incredible love or pain or intensity (sort of all the same really during most of it!) ~ but the sheer size of the transformation that connection allowed for me tells me that the resonance he and I have is akin to what someone might call a twin flame, and if he isn’t, it’s pretty darn close! That kind of vibrational closeness brings every single shadow right up to your face constantly ~ you shift pretty darn quickly!

      So I have a massive affection for and resonance with the whole subject (and resonate with it in my general tendency toward being a totally deep and ‘hopeless’ romantic 😉 ) and I am also very relieved to have passed through the incredible bind of that process and no longer mind what’s ‘true’ of it all and what’s not, because I know whatever is right for me to ‘know’ will turn up…

      So intense being human, isn’t it! So that’s a brief Sara~and~twin~flames account…haha! So if you feel like sharing any of your … experience, do tell! 😉

  6. Oh thanks for sharing 🙂 Interesting and I agree with your feelings on the subject 🙂 I love Gemini’s 🙂 I’m a Virgo 🙂 My younger son is a Gemini, he’s 14 and is delightful. Actually I was told he is a Twin Soul of mine. I think at least he is Soul Family, (from the many Soul Groups we belong to) and this is where it gets confusing with the labelling of Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Twin Rays etc. Some say we only have one Twin Flame which is often described as the other half of our Soul.. Mmm, maybe this is true? but it’s not very common for a Twin Flame to be on Earth, but it does happen. Usually they are our Guide. The Twin is usually found within our hearts, we are always connected and can telepathically talk to them whenever we want, because it’s ourselves, our same energy. It also could be described as your Godself, the Godself, the part that doesn’t incarnate.

    Actually yes, years ago I thought a very good friend of mine was my Twin Flame. He seemed to fit all the boxes at the time, but later I found out that he is a very close Soulmate (whom I’ve had many lives with) We all have many soulmates and they are Soul family as well and we usually incarnate at the same time with Soulmates. They can be friends, co-workers, lovers etc etc, but the Twin Souls or Flames are slightly different, (they go beyond human relationships, the twin is more a Soul relationship.

    Anyway interestingly enough I have a lovely medium friend and (even though I chat to Jeshua myself) I asked my friend to channel Jeshua and my question to him was about Twin Flames. Here is the answer I received….

    “Could Jesus tell me about my own Soul? and about my own Twin??

    JC: “You assume you have just one? I will say, you have sold yourself short; you are more than just the coin’s reverse side! You are a flame and beacon for many, although you alternate, usually one at a time. Your husband is not, yet the connection is strong there on Earth, where you are. Your flame for the time being is your Guardian. Your soul is much larger than you remember for the moment, and I would not dirty the water with such detail; you understand, you have all of your soul that you require, all of what you prescribed for yourself. I am not in a position to dispense more medication that your prescription permits. Be content in the entirety of your soul’s existence, complete and extensive it is, in anticipation of the role you shall have now in this life. In short order, this will begin to become more apparent. Nothing need be done; be patient and events will line up around you, for they already have but you don’t see the pattern, the track, not yet, and as they lead you in a clear direction, all of your soul will be work, which shall not seem to be this way, as work


    1. So sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, lovely ~ been so perfectly busy and tired in the last few days… 🙂 ♡

      Haha oh yes I so appreciate the Gemini~Virgo connection! It’s so interesting, being technically a square energy, but it seems to work so beautifully on some level ~ one of my dearest friends is a Virgo and we have the BEST conversations and fun together, especially about astrology…there is such a shared mental faculty and I think we appreciate the other’s love of information and detail and capability for thought, even if they are very different in many ways ~ it works so wonderfully I find!

      Hmmm I imagine you have read this ~

      A beautiful friend gave it to me this year and I found it so succinct and interesting, especially after passing through the whole journey myself! ~ I found the distinctions resonated with me, again with vibrational~soul~purpose and strength of the mirror each experience provides ~

      And actually that is part of why I feel like the twin soul/flame experience has deeply increased in awareness in recent years ~ one reason being because it feels like in general on the earth journey, you aren’t going to want that intense twin flame mirror because you are still immersed in learnings and chosen experiences that your soul mates and other companions are creating with and for you ~ but as we flow into this incredible time of LOVE, it becomes imperative we start to transcend that journey in full, and so we need the ultimate mirror to wake ourselves up fully from the 3D illusion…

      Or something like that! ~ I feel like, as with all things, all bets are finally off and anything goes, because the time is now for all shifting, and so that is part of why the twin flame journey has become such a widespread and conscious phenomenon on the planet ~ because our conscious seeks a symbol for the wholeness we are remembering, and regardless of the accuracy of the ‘information’, twin flames are a perfect symbol of that ~ meeting yourself again in divine union…

      Phew! That’s what came in response to that, my lovely! Haha 😉 I guess I could sum it up by saying I am excited to know more and in the meantime enjoy seeing what resonates and what doesn’t and learning by my experiences ~

      And the thing is too, regardless of labels, ohhhh it’s so amazing to have such beautiful connections in life, isn’t it? It must be magical to have such a deep resonance with your son ~ how lovely!

      I love all of this ~ thank you so much for sharing ~ haha it’s all just so fascinating isn’t it…? 😉

      Lots of love, rainbows and heart~smiles to you, sweet! ♡♡♡♡

  7. Hi Sara… thanks for your reply. LOL.. I have another spiritual friend who is really into Astrology. I’m into it as well, not so much in recent years but we have great chats and share much stuff. Yes, us Virgos are fun 😉

    Yes, thanks… I came across that link a few years ago and I always pass it onto other people who are confused about Soul Connections etc 🙂

    Yes, totally agree with your sentence here. 🙂
    because our conscious seeks a symbol for the wholeness we are remembering, and regardless of the accuracy of the ‘information’, twin flames are a perfect symbol of that ~ meeting yourself again in divine union…

    Recently it was brought to my attention of the loving relationship between Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, the love they share between them feels like a Twin Flame relationship. There is a lovely warmth to Barack and Michelle being of Capricorn Sun sign is a great support to him 🙂

    Yes, I think when we learn more our views and perceptions change and it’s very exciting 🙂
    Love and Light
    Susan XOX

    1. Ah yay ~ hi Susan ~ lovely to know your name too! 🙂

      Oooh yes such exciting times ~ I love the exchange of information and ideas and excitement and also the incredible process of discovering from within, from the unfolding, the endless mystery and the openness to it…oh life just gets more incredible…

      I am off on a six~week adventure tomorrow! I don’t know how much I will be online but it’s so exciting ~ my first fully~fledged manifestation of new…

      So I wanted to say how lovely it has been to connect with you, and send you tonnes of love and light and general excitement for all of us as we expand in these amazing times ~

      Ooooh whatever next eh? And I’ll be here whenever the joy leads….

      Rainbows, love and joy! And cookies 😉

      Sara ♡♡♡♡♡

  8. I just discovered you and I simply love all the Joy you put out in your blog. You seem to be a genuine soul and I think your lovely.

    1. Oh thank you so much, my lovely! Wow I so appreciate that ~ joy blessings, shared loveliness and love to you, my friend ❤ And cookies, of course 😉 ♡♡♡♡♡♡

      1. yes Sara, your blog has rejuvenated my spirit and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for it. The messages read like romantic-spiritual poetry and I think I can feel the light resonating from the words- helps recharge my own intuition. Lovers of light and oneness unite. Thanks again for being who you are!

      2. Sweetheart, thank you! So wondrous to receive from you and I love your words ~ definitely having everything that I knew about me shifted and changed, including channelling, and so knowing you feel what I share in this way is very precious! Gratitude in return, sweet sister!

        Here’s to magical, infinite intuition and flow! ♡♡♡♡♡

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