Archangel Raphael

♡ See below for Raphael channellings 

The beloved Archangel Raphael energies feels so deeply NOURISHING. They feel about WHOLENESS and VITALITY. The natural state of wholeness and vitality and INFINITE WELLNESS that each of is able to express in physical form. Raphael feels to me deeply focused upon all the layers of our energies expressed through the MATERIAL, that he supports the experience of being human, being in a body, and supports the process of focusing healing energies that dissolve all the perceived results of a belief in separation. So Raphael can feel incredibly COMFORTING in an almost practical manner, like a beloved older brother who has your WELL-BEING completely at heart.

So although I feel the Raphael energies are not simply about the physical, they do feel very much focused upon the SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE OF THE PHYSICAL REALM, and so they often focus upon the health and wellbeing of our physical vessels. There is also deep support for our relationships with our bodies, and the collective body of Gaia, along with all the Devic energies of nature and growing things that reflect that incredibly vital EMERALD GREEN AND GOLD colours Raphael is associated with.

Archangel Raphael and Gaia speak to Receiving New Earth Encodement (November 30th, 2013)