Devic Kingdom

♡ See below for Devic Kingdom channellings 

Oh boy, these guys are SO much about JOY. They are about PLAY and FUN and PERPETUAL DELIGHT. ABUNDANCE also feels deeply a part of their natural expression, because they live and exist in a world of luscious, continuous, verdant growth and CREATION. That is why they are so brilliant to work with in both our embodiment process and material creation and manifestation because they just ARE abundant creativity and delight in new and more and expressing themselves with complete FREEDOM and with a complete and inherent respect for the balance of things that it’s not even particularly consciously recognised. It just is. It’s beautiful.

I associate SPARKLY, VIBRANT GREENS WITH RAINBOWS AND GOLDS AND RAINFOREST LUSCIOUSNESS with the Devic Kingdom, though the more refined and delicate expressions can move toward and meet with Angelic whites and very light-gold versions of these colours (and this is where I feel most at home creating with them currently!).

The Devic Kingdom brings Celebrations and Gratitude on behalf of The Universal Light Collective ♥ (December 11th, 2013)

The Devic Kingdom shares more on Comfort and Being Comfortable (November 7th, 2013)

Archangel Michael, Jeshua and the energies of the Devic Kingdom share on the energies of Comfort (November 6th, 2013)