Kwan Yin

♡ See below for the Kwan Yin channellings 

Ah so beautiful and DEEP and GENTLE, the Kwan Yin energies. Again, I have actually always resonated with the Quan Yin spelling, yet when I channel it wants to be Kwan Yin. There we are!

Boundless COMPASSION, WISDOM, LOVING PATIENCE – not for others particularly, or for external things, although that most certainly could be felt on a lower vibe experience I think, much more for the self, the divine timing and perfect unfoldment of the self and the loving patience to trust and flow with it.

There is this DEEP CALM, PEACE and FLOW to the Kwan Yin energies that feels like a beautiful pool of clear water, gentle and SOOTHING. One of my friends finds her synonymous with the energies of lavender, and I agree. Certainly that beautiful LAVENDER PURPLE feels so perfect for her energies. ABSOLUTE SERENITY and knowing. She is a SHINING and wondrous light of the DIVINE.

Kwan Yin and Deeper Appreciation (December 6th, 2013)

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Kwan Yin speak on Balance and Embodying Your Own Comfort (November 7th, 2013)