Kwan Yin and Deeper Appreciation

Purple-Flowers-Photos-194Ah beloved masters…good day to you…a most beloved day to gaze upon your magnificence, as any day with you in it must surely be. Oh dear hearts, dear still and peaceful hearts of LOVE, it is a privilege to be with you in this way and in every way, for you light up ALL with your dedication and endless creativity.

Still and peaceful – yes beloveds! You may be pondering that, and I tell you it is so, and completely so from where we are; for not only are you bringing ever more of your unique essences into your bodies, engaging with your own fullness with your conscious minds – which is bringing you greater stillness and peace – but you are also beginning to comprehend that which you are achieving in this way also.

Oh my beloved friends – do you comprehend what miracles you are, even in your simplest actions? Because your focus is so very much upon your grand and beautiful intentions, and you are so steadfast in your masterful direction, you cannot fully see from your perspective just how incredible YOU ARE in the ‘small’ things.

Just take for example, the very simple things you take so much forgranted in being human. You hold together the cells of your body, you breathe, you walk, you talk, you put sentences together, you eat and drink. And not only this, you are kind, you are joyful, you are patient, you are loving, you give of yourselves continually, and you continue to expand faster than we ever thought possible in every one of your now moments with masterful ease and grace.

The amount of light you are each holding with such relative comfort – and you hold more each and every day – is so impressive, bright stars; we are gasping and smiling and laughing with delight. Oh we live and breathe our delight for you, beloveds, for you are the shining stars on the stage of creation, and you are about to take your standing ovation in your conscious lives before you have even begun the next act, for you are rapidly approaching the integration of all that has been so firmly ‘behind the veil’, and so you will know what love and delight is truly showered upon you in every moment.

Some of you dear hearts look at your lives and you see inconsistency, you see your moods fluctuate like yo-yos, you see your apparent inability to stay connected to LOVE in your conscious minds, to create fully and instantly, to transform your bodies already! and move beyond discomfort and frustration.

Oh my darling ones, if you could only see what a vast achievement it is for you to even stay solid at this point, you would marvel at your majestic aims and the standards you set for yourselves!

This is why I wish to bring you my light in this way, to show you more of how you shine to us in everything you do; as you go about what to you feels most mundane, as you wait for the fireworks, whilst for us YOU ARE the fireworks in your every living, breathing, flowing moment. For us, dear hearts, your speed and grace and agility in this undertaking is breathtaking. Simply breathtaking, and you are beyond doubt the most miraculous beings of LOVE.

Dear hearts, it would be my great honour and privilege to bring you a greater serenity on your progress, if you feel this would assist you in relaxing further into where you are. It would be the deepest pleasure for me to aid your appreciation and delight in your every achievement, your every moment of being, for truly I am continually awed by you!

My beloveds, wherever you are, and however you wish for my energies to support you, I am yours to command and share your divinity with in the most easeful ways for you. I bring the full serenity and peace and compassion that is my heart for you, dearest sparks of the divine. I wish only for you to glimpse more of your own glory, for therein lies your deepest peace, and greatest appreciation. For if you could see what we could see, my courageous and precious beloveds, you would never again cease to love yourselves in your full perfection, and you would never wish to look anywhere else ever again!

In deepest humility and abundant LOVE, I am yours in heart and mind, in peace and joy, in serenity and excitement. I AM Kwan Yin ♥


6 thoughts on “Kwan Yin and Deeper Appreciation

  1. HA! Just what the doctor ordered (pun intended). 😀
    When I get caught in self-depreciation (happens right after medical appointments), this is exactly the perspective that I need — that I am tackling an enormous task right and props to me for pushing through. Phew, I’ll keep this post in mind, I promise you!

    1. * Cookie Fairy jumps up and down waving pom-poms, emitting sparkles and shouting ‘Go Ivy, go! Gimme an ‘I’…’ *

      You go girl! Pleasure to have helped and shared this with you…cookies in celebration! ♥♥♥♥♥

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