Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Kwan Yin speak on Balance and Embodying Your Own Comfort

mikJqFuGreetings in such deep and tender love, most beloved beings of light…

We wish to speak to you today on coming into the innate softness and tender experience of resting in your own heart space, of embodying your own comfort, of feeling your own exquisite love nature surround you and fill you up, building your love experiences around you through your permission to be in comfort, to BE COMFORT.

This is a most delicate issue, sweet hearts, and we wish to address it as so, for we recognise with the utmost clarity and respect what it means to have come this far in your own perceptions of the journey, and what wonders you have created through experiencing distortions of what you may recognise as masculine energies; those of doing, of pushing, controlling, of forcing. Of seeking to use power to create and to achieve. We recognise that these experiences are most perfect, most purposeful, are all LOVE. We also recognise that in your reality right now – your most precious and perfect reality that is every bit as ‘real’ as ours is to us – these experiences have left you feeling a deep imbalance born of disconnection to that which you innately are: divine love. It is this balance we wish to assist you with today.

And we begin by lovingly reminding you that you are, in truth, already innately balanced in this way, for nothing can be truly imbalanced, only perceived and experienced as such. And this is why our beloved family in light have been speaking through this dear heart of invocation and of allowing of self, because it is through reconnecting, invoking this innate LOVE state that one can experience balance in the projected reality of Earth, and to begin to create in all dimensions from a new (but familiar!) set of perceptions.

What we wish to tenderly address and bring to your conscious awareness is precisely this fundamental aspect of that which you are creating at this edge of NOW in your collective. And that is how to open up, incrementally and lovingly, to the fullness of your love, your self, your innate nature. Really this is all that is occurring as you awake – as you open up to yourself you allow your perceptions to become clearer, much as a newborn baby allows their eyesight to gradually become accustomed to its new experience, its new vision of life. For although it may seem, and most validly so, as if you are the ones striving and trying to ‘get’ somewhere, in fact you are experiencing your innate love self, your full I AM gradually expanding your awareness of that which you are creating. For just as a newborn baby would struggle if suddenly exposed to a full adult way of life, so would you experience great difficulties if you were fully exposed to that which you know you yearn for.

And this is of utmost importance to us for we do not seek to belittle or falsify the way you perceive your experiences – in fact it is your perception of these experiences that has allowed you to open up to this point where you can begin to experience differently, and every part of your experience is just as ‘real’ and important as every other part, whether conscious or not. For these experiences make up this wondrous creation of YOU, and you all together, and you each uniquely, add to the ONE that we all are, of course. All is most perfectly LOVE.

This is why we seek to attune you to the loving perspective of YOU, dear ones, to show you how YOU are creating this, YOU are the ones in charge here, but not in the sense of loading the world on your shoulders and shoving you out into the cold light of day! No. In the sense of coming to recognise that you are fully divine beings, and there is much of you that you do not yet consciously perceive. The fullness of YOU, in its divine glory, is unfolding each and every moment of your focus, in every life stream, and is doing so with the utmost love and compassion for everything that is encompassed within your energies and experiences.

So we wish to impart and share with you the balance that is now called for in your experience, that which has been innately restricted and and repressed in your reality, and which you are all now beginning to awaken to allowing in again. For just as it was the very ‘masculine’ focus that brought you to where you now are, so it is the ‘feminine’ focus that will ‘balance’ you into full opening to your new, innate, familiar and fully loving potential.

For let us not be mistaken, YOU are already innately balanced. For the ONE is innately balanced. The energies of masculine and feminine, of yin and yang, as you have known them, cannot exist without one another for they are the alchemical whole. So when we speak of becoming balanced, we speak in terms of perception, of allowing into your conscious experience that which you are innately, but have ‘forgotten’ and are again beginning to open up to.

At this time, we come together, called forth by our collective intention, to bring you the energies you know of as Divine Feminine. That which is soft. That which is still. That which is nurturing, encompassing, gentle and devotional. That which cuddles and sings you to sleep. That which welcomes you into a warm, loving, cosy room and offers you rest beside a gently glowing fire. That which draws you a long candle-lit bath and invites you to soak your tired and aching body. The exquisitely loving and adoring and cherishing side of LOVE.

At this time we ask you to call forth, to invoke from within you that which is soft. That which desires your deepest comfort and rest. That which cares most devotedly for your most abundant well-being. Dear hearts, begin with the feeling. Allow yourself to imagine whatever you feel would be most comfortable right now and as you unfold your now moments. What would your perfect standard of comfort be? Allow this feeling to fill you up; ask for our assistance if you feel to. Allow yourself to believe, if it would help, that this is truly most productive! Whatever you need to do to let yourself feel truly comfortable. Then let that feeling fill you up. Invite it into your cells. Feel your heart overflowing with it, as you let your loving self in. Then let YOU, your fullness, through your heart, begin to inform you of how that might take shape. What might you begin to see emerging in your lifestream that would support the continuation of this standard of comfort? Dream, beloveds, with your heart, your fullness as your guide, with us as your loving support, if you so feel.

For we are here only to remind you and assist you in remembering that YOU ARE your own comfort. And by gently allowing yourself to let go and open up to that knowing, that experience, by allowing your being to open up to the full balance that is now ready to come through, you begin to truly embody your own comfort, to call it forth – to invoke it – and alchemise it into your experience, and to become truly comfortable in who YOU ARE.

Do you see, dear hearts? For when you are comfortable, life opens like a beautiful flower, and all the loving energies that have been held back by your experiences so far can begin to flow and bring life to you in full joy and grace. For these energies are innately loving, they are invited in through love; and so your own self-love becomes the key to your new world, and your loving focus upon your own comfort is one of the easiest and most graceful ways for you to gently open your capacity for more.

Sometimes, embracing slowness, embracing stillness, and allowing softness is the fastest way to get the flow moving in your ideal direction, most beloved beings of light! We know this is what you truly desire, and we deeply understand why, and congratulate you most devotedly on your wisdom and determination. That is why we wished to compassionately draw your focus to that which may indeed seem, or have seemed, counter-intuitive to you in order to ‘get’ to where you want to be. And yet you know, as we know, that that time of ‘doing’ truly is over, and now you are ready to usher in the new most fully and most beautifully, by being all that you are, in exquisite and loving balance.

We love you so very dearly and so very devotedly, and we look forward with great delight and pleasure to you being able to experience more of the depths and breadths of of our love for you, for we cannot use words to express enough of that which WE ARE. Which is, most abundantly, and forever so, LOVE; for, with, and as ONE with you.

We are, sisters of Divine Feminine Love and Compassion, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Kwan Yin. In deepest reverence ♥


4 thoughts on “Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Kwan Yin speak on Balance and Embodying Your Own Comfort

  1. How interesting… I had never thought of asking for comfort before. I’ll ponder more about it… Where have you been, beautiful? I hope everything is ok with you… I miss gettting your virtual cookies! Tee hee!

    1. Hello sweet Ivy! Thank you so much for all your comments – I am loving the synchronicity and resonance!

      Have been away for the weekend and am gradually working my way back into communications…I am a contrary bird sometimes, swinging in different directions.

      Was also getting a gently insistent message from Gaia since Sunday (new to me, yay!) which I just transcribed, and whilst I was writing out the beginning bit you were really in my mind, so just wanted to say that if you read it…

      Cookies cookies cookies and love, and really want to write many messages of Auntie cuddles and love on TWYH as soon as the energy for it arrives – so much excitement when I popped in there! Yummy yummy.

      Loving you wondrous one and thank you so much for all the love!

  2. Oh, so glad to hear from you! Don’t worry about explaining anything, I just noticed your absence here and at Lauren’s and couldn’t help but ask something… I’m silly that way. But now I got so many cookies I’m bursting with JOY! hee hee…
    I’m looking forward to reading what you transcribed, but no pressure at all! Loving you back!! ♥~♥~♥~♥~♥

    1. Haha no sillyness, or I’m just as silly! – I appreciate it loads! Love the way you called it Lauren’s – like we’re a yummy family that live together…which we are!

      Yay bursting with joy!

      Gaia post is up, all transcribed and everythin’…enjoy! ♥♥♥♥

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