Archangel Raphael and Gaia speak to Receiving New Earth Encodement

imagesDear hearts!

Good morning, good evening and good afternoon to you, dear ones! Blessings upon whatever ‘time’ of the day you find yourselves in in this moment. We are greatly blessed and in gratitude to be with you here today.

I have been working with this lovely scribe for a while now, much as my brother Michael did for a long time before she became fully conscious of her ability to be active in these particular kinds of focus, and she has experienced my energies on and off (as she would currently understand it! *smile *) for some time now. We have been working together physically particularly, with a focus on embodiment that is particularly delicious, and though she has been consciously experiencing it mainly through her worries about how food affects her physical vehicle and whether her shifting beliefs are in alignment with her body, what we have actually been preparing her for is to be able to truly embody the capabilities of your fantastic body temples, and specifically to be able to be cognitively and consciously aware of it so she can describe and share what she experiences with all who are ready – through her presence, her words, and her quite impressive way of explaining things, as any of you that have come across her in this context have probably noticed (wink).

She is highly attuned to the angelic frequencies, being from them herself (and I know she will not mind me sharing this, as she has most definitely cultivated enough confidence and grounding in self-love in her own understanding of this to begin to delight in openly enjoying this facet of her understanding, for which we applaud her most mightily!), and as such she is deeply well-suited and well-positioned to begin to work more deeply with all that she is, with us in the angelic realms, and with all who wish to explore this further in body on this lovely planet, as you all begin to ground enough of your light to truly begin exploring this most exciting facet of your journeys thus far.

The reason we have begun by focusing most personally on this lovely one – for though this is definitely pushing her right now (smile), it is indeed time and she is ready to gently expand in this way – it is highly pertinent and right that we do so, for you are all entering into the time where your journeys begin to become highly unique and harmonised; developing together on this joint exploration in New Earth, and yet developing the most astounding and beautiful variety in each of you within the whole, as you begin to express the vast multitude of all that you are, in all your many gathered points of focus and lineage that you have been preparing to embody on your beloved Gaia.

We focus here in this way today because it is time, and because this dear heart has begun to experience that of which we speak, and so we are blessed to be able to come through her particular field to explain and share and open up more for you as you all begin your most unique and joyous adventure into all the physical realms are opening up into and for each of you.

So I, Archangel Raphael of Emerald Green Light and deepest companionship with each of you, come today to speak to you, with the focus of your wondrous mother-incarnate Gaia, about opening up to receive the full measure of the physical experience that is about to befall, and emerge from within you. ‘Befall’ because you are receiving torrents and streams and waterfalls and rivers and deluges (any vast water imagery you can conjure up in fact, beloveds!) of light in actually very devotional forms, which although are having very intense effects upon all on your planet right now, do come in fact from the Divine Mother energies of source, because they are helping you birth yourselves into your new era. (This is why the water imagery is so very appropriate, dear hearts, and why many of you are feeling it this way, because the energies are indeed coming from the cosmic womb of creation.) And ’emerge from within you’ because this birthing energy is finally awakening – very quickly indeed! – the codes of physical and spiritual union that have lain dormant within you, awaiting the right mixture of frequencies held in constancy in your energy fields in order to fully become enlightened, in all senses of that word.

What this scribe has been experiencing is the conscious receiving of the codes of beauty and harmony that the wondrous Gaia is now joyously emitting and transmitting for all who are upon her to receive in their own readiness. The way that this scribe has been experiencing it – which has been happening consciously for her since she started working in this way with the Gaia energies recently – is to see beautiful golden flower vines flowing up from the earth, winding around and through her body and energies, spreading the most beautiful feeling of ease and belonging, as well as experiencing a heightened awareness of what being radiantly of the earth is – beautiful, vital, strong and deeply attractive. You all experience this more and more as you commune more consciously with Gaia, and today we wish to expand and amplify this experience for you within your own unique context.

What I offer to you today beloveds, is the encouragement to open more consciously to the concept of your own earth roles that you have created and are ready and waiting for you to step into. And we do not mean in the detail – what you will be DOING on the planet – no: this is for when you are more fully established in your ‘new’ selves – no running before you can walk, beloveds! We would not want you to miss a second of all this fun by speeding ahead, as you are so good at doing, masters that you are (big smile).

No, in fact, this time has all been very much about dropping into the preciousness of each moment of this transition, for truly, when you dreamed this into being before you came into your Now-bodies, it was this time of shift that was most eagerly awaited, for it is in this time that you are able to fully realise the wonder of all you have achieved, as you step from the immensity and fullness of all that has been, into a conscious embracing of all that can now and will be. This is truly that which has been most keenly awaited throughout all of creation.

For your true and central New Earth role, quite simply, is embodiment of full human potential, and everything that you then explore and do with that is the most glorious additional joy! This side of your new lives is most important, of course, and yet will come into greater focus once you are at a certain level of embodiment (which we assure you, dearly beloveds, will not be very ‘long’ at all *wink*).  So we wish to focus upon this essential role today, and partly because we hope that offering you this particular facet of focus right now will also make it easier for any of you struggling with bringing the light into your bodies, and allowing the transition to happen easily an gracefully at a physical level. We see all that you are achieving, beloved masters, and we are deeply and widely impressed by it, especially as you have opened space for a great deal more support as your process nears a greater completion, and so we are able to offer deeper support today, now, for you.

What we suggest beloveds, is that you begin to sing with the earth. And yes, this can be literal, if you feel so called. But as our beloved brother Michael spoke about through this beloved channel recently, your cells are truly beginning to sing with your own essence signatures now, and we would encourage you to start consciously exploring and harmonising your song with that of Gaia, for she is now fully resplendent in the richness of her New Earth song, and you are all ready to deepen that experience. Isn’t it wonderful how this sound metaphor works, beloveds? Interesting, don’t you think…? (wink) And we are most excited at this point, because now it truly is about each of your own unique ways of opening up to this (and we are excited to see how you each explore this), and whether you are aware of it in this way or not, it is happening.

This can work in any number of ways for each of you, but where we suggest you start is where we suggest you start everything: by softly and gently going within, opening to the fullness of you, and sending love whispers through your heart to any energies to feel to work with in guiding your deepening embodiment experience. We would then open our hearts and energies and cells to the love energies of Gaia, we would ask for greater entrainment and embodied experience of the New earth energies, and we would start to listen, as you are all so consciously mastering right now.

And of course, we would also suggest that you discern your own unique ways of doing this, but what we know you will find, beloveds, is that this is already happening – your cells are already singing love songs with this new energy – but with your conscious focus and participation, you will open yourselves up more fully to receiving the energies of beauty and harmony in embodiment that Gaia is pulsing and beaming out through her loving heart-beat, for all those beloveds ready to embody them.

So call upon us, call upon the angelic realm, and call upon whatever lineages and light energies you are most attuned to beloveds! Open yourselves up in wonder and delight to greater ease and a deeper and more harmonious experience of all that is most beautiful about being in a body. What is it that your heart and body most desire to experience first, beloveds? What would provide you with the simplest, deepest fulfilment, to enable you to adventure – with ease and comfort – further into your new lives? What do your heart and body whisper to you of where you might go with this? And what do you feel about how you might most joyfully and peacefully embody the beauty and harmony of the new earth energies in your experience of having a body?

Is it eating anything you want? Is it having deeply relaxing sleep? Is it communing with devic energies on your walks in the woods? Is it energetically creating and communicating with your beloved animal companions? Is it creating beautiful and welcoming spaces for those you love to relax in? Or is it just a whole lot wilder and more expansive? (Laughs) For you see, beloveds, all of this – all your desires – are starting to be purely transmitted by your cells, and if you sing with them more consciously, your shared delight will start to unfold more rapidly in your physical arenas. For whatever size and shape your heart-urgings, my dear hearts, the more delight you can imbue your focus and your experience with, the more you shall drop into the delight of the present moment, and the more your experience will be filled with delight…and so on…as you all already know so masterfully and so profoundly.

Gaia sings with and for you, beloved and intrepid adventurers in the realms of embodiment! And your fantastically intelligent body temples, in every single one of your cells, begin to sing in beauteous harmony with her. We delight in all you have already achieved, we delight in the potentials you are continually opening up, we delight in all that you may unfold as you move into greater and greater expressions of fullness, and most of all we delight in being able to be with you and assist you in ever more conscious and amplified ways. For truly we love to love you, dear hearts. This is our most profound joy.

I am Archangel Raphael – call upon me specifically in your embodiment process if you feel so called, for my role in the ascension process expands with yours, and I am delighted to be now overseeing your co-creation with Gaia and your wonderous physical vehicles as the New Earth becomes manifest through YOU. Call in my emerald green and golden energies, let them fill, support and inspire you in whatever way gives you joy and peace. Invite me into your singings with Gaia and yourselves in any way you feel called, and it will be my delight to amplify, support and manifestly develop all you intend and call forth as you go about this marvellous business of Christed Divine Template Embodiment.

Oh wondrous time of creation! Oh how the heavens sing your praise, darling ones! It is a joy to be with you, always, in every moment, and it is a joy to assist you whenever you feel so inspired. I and all my angelic brethren are with you, awaiting your permission and focus. And I adore you! Receive my love, beloveds, for my love is ever thine. I love thee, and I AM Archangel Raphael, with the beloved and delighted energies of Gaia ♡

* Note from Sara: *Poking head out from under rock* Is it all over now??? Haha. At the beginning of that – as Raphael so eloquently stated – I found that very difficult! Oh my. Though I suppose there are ‘worse’ things than being ‘outed’ by an Archangel 😉 And in fact I have just talked about my experiences he’s referring to here in my latest page on channelling. And yet, by the end, I was singing, and really, it is time we all just keep shining to full capacity, and I am grateful for him nudging me further this way, as I have been knowing this more and more in the last few weeks, and regardless of the ‘value’ and meaning of all that comes through me this way, how bloody inspiring was that?? And that is what is important to me, joyfully.

So I have acually been experiencing Raphael in this way for years, and in indirect ways as well (such as feeling him working with a dear friend of mine) and have been feeling him around more strongly lately in terms of embodiment, and feeling the potential channelling with him, so I am not surprised that this started coming this morning and then arrived so easily now.

He has such a different tone to Michael! And yet such deep similarity too. I love it. How delicious. Well let’s see what this opens up then – I’m excited! Loving you all so much ♡


3 thoughts on “Archangel Raphael and Gaia speak to Receiving New Earth Encodement

  1. “This side of your new lives is most important, of course, and yet will come into greater focus once you are at a certain level of embodiment (which we assure you, dearly beloveds, will not be very ‘long’ at all *wink*).”

    I look forward, I look forward, I look forward to that! 😀

    What a wonderful, comforting message. Being outed only means we get to see more of your Light, sweet Sara. ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Haha indeed…oh it did make me laugh because something in me did have an intense little moment of that want to retreat, and yet I felt the joy and am so happy for it because now is so the time for all of us.

      Oh god don’t I look forward too, and it feels so organic, like it will come together moment by moment, with wider focuses just shifting as they need – embodiment, purpose, joy, creation – all of a piece.

      Delicious, I’m so glad you enjoyed Ivy – I love these waves of blog joy and LOVE your comments – thank you for being you too and for shining with me! Your encouragement is so lovely and I so appreciate it ♡♡♡♡♡

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