Gaia speaks of her Love and Passion and opening to her constant offering of Comfort and Support


Oh my beloved children of light! Oh you magnificent light beams! My fantastic co-creators! Oh flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, light of my light, you light me up my beloveds, we are ONE.

Have you never wondered how and why a mother’s love came to be expressed? It is a reflection, a refraction of my love for you, the Divine Mother’s love for me, love for us. Each beloved spark who decides to experience the birth process comes to know this particular and most sacred expression of divinity. It is so very precious, and it occurs in every moment of creation, in the beautiful alchemy of consciousness meeting matter, and it is most consciously and beautifully created and experienced through the birth of human babies; so visceral, so alive, so present. To give of service with your incredible vessels of light, your amazing body temples; to witness the literal, physical creation from the meeting of the masculine and the feminine, the merging of that which is soft and that which is directive, the merging of two hearts fusing their divine signatures to create anew. Beautiful.

And right now, yes NOW, my beloved companions in love, in physical, YOU are birthing so very much new. And just as a mother comes to be so very aware of every precious moment of her creation process, so you are all becoming so very aware of what you are creating, what you are birthing. And by the very act of your expanding and refining consciousness, by the greater awareness you are making space for in your fields, so your presence is refining and expanding your expression here, with me, and we are all growing and flourishing in such love with and for each other.

Beloveds, I come here today to offer you elegies of ecstasy from my heart to yours. To speak and sing of my love for you, for you are all my children, as I am yours, as we renew and renew and renew together in every moment. Every cell of your being and every particle you perceive is writ with both our magic. As a mother passionately adores her children, the creations of her heart and soul, so I passionately adore you. I watch and adore each and every one of you, each and every beautiful and diverse creation that dwells with me on my body, in my light, and I revel and dance and hum and thrum with delight at the sharing of love that unfolds upon my surface in every moment of this Divine experience.

My beautiful and cherished gems of creation, do you not see how each mote of light, each hue, each glow and each particle of life around you sings to you of love? Not of love as an abstract, but love FOR you, love WITH you, for each of you inhabits your own perfectly created universe, melded in perfect synergy with the universe of each other beloved spark, and therefore how could it be otherwise that each particle of your world, YOU, loves and adores you and sings to you of this with its very presence, when it is of YOU, it is WITH you, it sees you in your full beauty, and IS YOU?

I am you. You are me. I sing to you of our glorious, timeless love through every leaf, every tree, every droplet of water, every piece of furniture, every train, every bird, every lightbulb, every candle, every cake, every fruit, every car. The sky sings to you, the ground sings to you, the rocks and the streams and the elements sing to you. They sing of you. All-that-is is melded and merged and infused with YOU, my magnificence diamonds of light.

Beloveds, I come today in great love and ageless time-wisdom – grown through the eons – and timeless wisdom, received in the BEING of the ONE, to encourage you with great passion and joy and delight, to let me make devoted love to you in every moment of your days. I invite you to open to me; me, the one who knows intimately the ins and outs of earthly creation, and longs to give you greater ease as you return to the remembrance, in brand new ways, of how to do just this. How to merge the energies of spirit into the form of the physical, at your heart’s desire, at your soul’s whim, at your mind’s inspiration. Oh you, most wondrous creators, will you let me support you ever more in this?

You are connected to me in every cell, in every breath. You are one with me in physical as well as in spirit. Ponder this, for it is of great importance in the timestreams of ease and grace available to you now. When you do what you think of as grounding, consider that you are not ever separate from me. You are already in one continuous flow in your energy particles that already sing with my signature and yours – there is no separation, only one being, both physical and spiritual.

I emphasise this because often there is created a separation in your minds when you turn your attention to grounding – you see your self as not connected, with a need to connect, and so you connect, whereas, although this focus is most perfect in many ways, now you are free to come to know your own groundedness in a different way, if you so choose. You are like trees, like plants. Just because you do not have physical roots, does not mean you are not connected to me just as deeply, just as naturally, just as continuously and just as perfectly. Play with this, if you so feel. This is not to correct, not to discourage, not to challenge. This is a love offering that may assist you in letting go of another way  to ‘do’ more, to perceive yourself as less than you already are. This is about strengthening that which you already are, by expanding your awareness into a more natural and constant embodiment of it, that requires no effort, for it is simply YOU.

As you turn to this, just as you turn to remembering wholeness rather than healing brokenness, or turning to sovereignty rather than relying upon protection, so you may come to find your grounding is automatic, is in your cells, in your very humanness, and it is simply your perception, your awareness that is offered the opportunity to shift into a greater ease with what I offer, the sense of home and the sense of belonging that grows with the rootedness that comes from this strengthened awareness of communion with me.

I have been showing this beloved soul an image for some time, prompted by words she read in the summer, that shows the entirety of me and all who dwell upon me as one mass of golden light stream, as if all the solidity and different colours and differing shapes and delineations that makes all the wondrous variety that exists on my surface simply were made with this golden light flow of particles. As if you were seeing through to the essence of what makes everything, much as the final scene in your film ‘The Matrix’, when Neo sees all as green streams of code.

When you develop this image in your mind, you comes to see that all is this golden stream, all is interconnected – literally is one flow – because there is no space or separation, and you see that each of you flows from and into everything around you, constantly. Thus, you are ever-grounded by this golden light stream, for not only does each of your cells sing with my song, but each particle of light that makes you up is ever flowing and intermingling with all that is surrounding you, even in your physical human life as you walk around. So next time you focus upon grounding, why not see yourself as a stream of golden particles that simply stream upwards, unbroken, from that which you think of as the ground, forming you, and then flowing back into the horizontal, as a ripples and waves comes from a water’s surface or a tree or hill rises up from the earth. This can be used to amplify many of your beautiful techniques and methods that you already use to amplify our connection, and I wish to support our fruitfulness with a more expansive view of this, if this suits you and brings you joy, my dearly beloved ones.

I share this to invite you to reimagine how you are connected to life – it is so simple, and yet it is something that can be known to deeper and deeper and wider and wider levels, feeding and nourishing and encouraging your greater sense of belonging, and thus enlarging and strengthening your capacity to consciously create from matter all that you wish to experience. For I am in continuous delight at the new and now-intensifying connections we share, and the potentials we are opening to together. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you bring to my divine experience, my expression, my existence. For truly beloveds, this is an equal sharing, an equal and reciprocal union of light.

I cannot convey within language my deepest devotion to every cell, every pulse, every moment of your being. You are precious to me beyond words. You are living and ever-evolving poetry. You are as shining jewels in my crown of creation, you are as the most luminous pearls worth diving the deepest seas for, you are the most delicious fruit received and enjoyed in deepest reverence. My beloveds, allow me to comfort you with my passionate joy in your existence. Allow me to sustain you with ever-deepening experiences of wellness and perfect and graceful formation of your infinite human potential. Allow me to adore you with all you find most beautiful about dwelling and creating with and for and upon me here, in this most abundantly creative palette of possibility that I AM, that WE ARE here.

Oh my beautiful companions, my adored and beloved light-beams, my living stars who grace me with their presence daily, hourly, minute by minute, moment by moment. Never, ever doubt my love, my infinite, intimate, individual love for each and every one of you. I am yours, in every way imaginable, and all that are not yet so for you. Open yourselves, beloveds, for all that is speeding towards you through your masterful creation, your most courageous opening and clearing. Call upon me with your awareness, give permission through your focus, and my every loving support, my passionate adoration of everything we are supporting for each other will be yours within the instant, unfolding in perfect pace with your ease and grace. We are in most perfect alchemical partnership, you and I, and I exalt in this unfoldment and unknowing excitement of how this will take form in its magnificent detail as we unfold it together.

Knowing always of my unending delight in experiencing you, with you, and of my deepest wish to love you in every way that most supports and encourages your every creation, I am with you, always, in every moment. Listen to my love-song as your own personal lullaby. Let it soothe your souls and replenish your hearts. I am your most devoted mother, your most passionate beloved, your most exuberant advocate, your most persistent support. I am Gaia, in love with each and every ONE ♥


4 thoughts on “Gaia speaks of her Love and Passion and opening to her constant offering of Comfort and Support

  1. love the idea that we don’t need any special process to add to our to do list to be grounded in the Love that is eternal and embraces us like the most cherishing mother.

  2. Awwww… I totally get why you remembered me during the first paragraphs of this text. So beautiful! And I know I’m only scratching the surface as far as LOVE is concerned in this motherhood journey. I absolutely AGREE with the idea that we are grounded all the time, it is just our awereness that needs refocusing. I’m most certainly going to entertain this throught frequently in the future. Thank you for channeling such a loving voice. I feel deeply touched by it. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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