‘Singing’ Your Desires with the Universe

347134-adminOh wow, I am SO inspired by what Meredith just channelled from Archangel Michael in the Daily Message for the Relationships Soar-Fest today! Michael was talking about harmonising your experience – since harmony is the natural state of everything – by coming into unison with YOU, with your fullness, and by being present with you; by doing this whatever and however you are experiencing, you open to yourself up to your natural harmonious state and experience that harmony more and more in your daily life. So awesome – obviously brain can’t remember exact details or words now so hopefully I’m accurate in the gist, but I kept having to bring my attention back to listen fully (because I so wanted to!) because I was getting inspired all over the shop – writing, channellings, thoughts, feelings…yum!

I guess this makes sense too because I have the distinct impression that all musical and singing-type things are often very naturally prominent for those of angelic origin…undoubtedly there’s so much more to discover with that and that’s simply an observation I have been making lately in many different ways, but it’s making a lot of sense to me and I’m enjoying the way it keeps coming up for me like a glorious jigsaw as I explore that side of things myself.

So as I was listening to Meredith channelling I kept hearing the phrase ‘sing the song of your desires to the universe’. This was what set off the train of inspiration because it did that wholesale flippy-swirly thing that all those aha moments of inspiration have for me when I could suddenly see a whole different meaning to resonance and manifestation. Or rather, a different angle, because it’s so totally the same thing! Haha.

What I saw was a way of attuning yourself to any situation, or approaching manifesting something, literally by thinking of it as a song, a signature melody. This felt sooo familiar to me (and it’s not a new concept!), but it was basically like a way of both listening and approaching anything with your focus. Like, everything has it’s own signature song (frequency/vibration) that is its existence – which Michael was talking about – and it all sings in perfect harmony, with constant new combinations of songs being created by all these signature songs interacting in amazing and unique ways. Joy. As humans it seems to me we have simply been unable to perceive this ONEness, being immersed in our belief in separation. But once you begin to open yourself back up to your unity with ALL, and begin to remember more of your own song, you start being able to participate more consciously with it within the whole.

So what if you literally approach it like that? I have felt for a long time the ease of thinking this way – as if everything were literally vibrating its own song – what if you started ‘listening’ (feeling/opening) for the song of each thing you encountered and for the perfect harmony between you and that thing/situation/person? Letting the energy find it’s natural harmony? And what if, when you wanted to experience something, you literally approached it as singing a song of that desire? I see it just as it is spoken of so much – feeling the resonance of having that thing or experience – but what if you could take it one step further mentally and literally see yourself singing the song of what it feels like energetically to the universe? Letting that vibration flow out from you as if singing from your cells? Or even literally making the sounds? Seeing it as a beautiful duet where you are singing with all-that-is of the joy you feel in that potential experience, and seeing that experience becoming harmonised fully to your physical presence by this duet?

I got excited. I mean, I’m sure this is probably really really obvious to some, but it felt amazing when it arrived so I really wanted to share here. And also, I am so for diversifying all ways of making this easier, so adding this approach to the manifesting/participating mix just felt scrummy, especially if you are someone (like me) who has all things music in their heart-joy. I also think that, when the joy takes you, your conscious, intentional focus can enhance, expand and diversify any experience you are magnetising, harmonising to yourself naturally through LOVE, and what a lovely way to approach that – by singing LOVE songs to the universe…yum!

As you’ve probably picked up, I’m all for making love to everything with our presence, and I see it as exactly what everything is, quite literally. So this being a way to consciously do that via singing, well…! You can imagine why I loved it. And the thing is, I imagine, the purer your connection gets to your own fullness, the more refined your expression of your soul-signature song, the easier it would be. The easier it all is. Certainly I can attest to that in general terms. It just feels to me that this is a really positive way to focus beyond the frustrations of how the bloody hell this manifestation thing works, as we all learn/remember our own approaches, and get into a harmonious, creative, active relationship with everything in a truly beautiful way…

Wow, I love it! Will offer it up to ME as something to flow with, and see if I actually practice this (enjoying not forcing myself in anyway whatsoever at the moment to balance all the pushing of myself I have done for eons – it’s fab 😉 ). And in the meantime, I’d love to know what you think; if this inspires anyone to do this, and how it feels/if there is any effect. Fascinating. Hmm, think there may be channelling around this as well…

Well that’s my immediate response…I wonder if I’ll ever have a day where I’ll feel I’ve written an amount that reflects the sheer size of writing potential I always have whizzing round my brain? Actually, my feeling about that is that getting comfortable with an ever-increasing amount of potential without feeling any particular need to ‘do’ anything about it or create it all – and letting your joy guide you into peaceful action – is the key to a serene and abundantly joyful life…haha.



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