Fresh start…

Wow this has been so interesting being in the UK and feeling into this whole EU referendum thing…I didnt really think too much about it to start with because it felt just like the same old crazy politically pot-stirring stuff, but as I started to feel into it I got very interested, and actually, very clear ~

So what I noticed first, as all the information started coming in the post, was that I never saw or heard a single positive reason for staying in the EU that I myself didn’t seek out ~ way back in the winter I had read a beautiful article from a lovely German man saying it was about inclusivity and unity and he would leave London if we left because he wouldn’t live somewhere that didn’t believe in these things ~

I deeply appreciated that, because I feel this also, and I have felt very much the deep importance of being open, flowing and loving with everyone, keeping connections and communication and inclusion so much a part of who we are in this country…

However…I have not once felt that is actually what this vote has been about ~ what has been fascinating to me is the amount of guilt and fear and judgement that has been set up around this decision ~ that if you vote leave, you are some aligning with UKIP, or risking economic downfall, or bigotted, or naive…etc…interesting, no?

Especially when you consider that every single bit of literature or news that I heard around it was about the money we would lose, or some other awful thing that was bound to happen…really? Will it? How on earth do we know that? That is not even that logical…

Also, and this is where I get a bit annoyed, do we REALLY want things to stay the same? What about Spain? What about Greece? Have they benefitted from being a part of this collective? No. And of course there are so many factors that are involved, as ever, but for me the major point became this ~


And going about it from the head never ever works, and has only lead to where we find ourselves now (no thanks) ~ so I did what I always do, tuned right into my heart and listened, and this is what I felt…

My whole being said leave. Calmly, peacefully and with sureity. And I so appreciated this process because this was the first time I got to experience absolute and total trust in the feeling, even when it seemed to be going against popular ‘head-based’ opinion. I waited and felt into it until it felt totally clear, and then I asked why. And what I heard was, we all need a fresh start, the whole planet, and this is the beginning of how that happens, how we in this country support that as a whole. We have NO IDEA what will actually happen now, how could we? So if we make our decisions based upon fear of what might change or happen, or based on mental judgements about what our vote means (i.e. if we vote leave we somehow agree or align with UKIP) (for fucks sake, really?!), we are just doing what we have always done ~ and this old survival mentality is over now, we are in a new time, and we have the grandest opportunity in the history of humanity to rebirth ourselves on this planet like the loving phoenixes we are…

This is not about politics, or money, or beliefs, or allegiance, or symbols, or judgements or fears ~ this is about CHANGE where it is needed and TRUST in its rightness…

So I want to say this to my beautiful and amazing country:

Beautiful people, do you not trust us to make this right? Do you not believe in the goodness that lives in us that knows how to remake our society and our presence here on this planet for the good of all? Do you not believe that choices made from love and only from love can make the deepest and truest change? I do.

We live on a magical, ancient island with a history of powerful, continuous and deep change, and we have the opportunity now to let that change be for the better, so much better that we takes ourselves by storm ~

Do you really believe that this means we cannot have an even more loving and successful and supportive relationship with Europe? We now have the choice to create a relationship with the rest of the world that SUPPORTS, that RESPECTS, that HONOURS us and everyone else ~ we need a fresh start in this country, and now we can attend to our own house in a way that inspires and supports the whole, starting with us, and rippling out into the world in the same way it does in our families and friendships whenever one of us changes…

We are ALL CONNECTED. This is always so. So lets do this RIGHT. Feel what needs feeling, then make the choices that continually improve life ~ let’s stop making our choices from fear, and let’s start trusting that we can be a loving and progressive country that inspires ourselves with our own strength and our own dedication to making the changes we so deeply need to make…

I love you and I trust you. My heart told me leaving was the right thing, and now we can truly find out why ~ every one of you is precious to me and I know we are heading into unprecedented times, and we will come out shining, because that is what we were always meant to do..

Lets get our integrity back. Lets get our respect back. Lets get our HEART back.

I’m with you 


4 thoughts on “Fresh start…

  1. I just spoke with a friend in Austria who is so flipped out by this decision. May the leaving bring MORE love and unity, less fear. So with you on this ultimate knowing,

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