Rebirthing and Solstice/Full Moon joy…♡

IMG_0269Hello darlings…just a quick note to say, if any of you have swung by recently, you’ll have noticed Following the Joy is having a bit of a rebirth…! Actually, just now, its more like a shedding (though I have mainly moved things rather than deleted, so all the pages that used to be in the menu are now back-dated blog posts in Categories 🙂 it’s all still there 🙂 ) ~ and a (probably temporary) reformatting in order to get my creative juices flowing again; the main reason I’ve been so quiet (mostly with quite a lot of resistance as there is SO much I have wanted to share about my experiences and shifts (colossal) but must just trust it has not been the time) is because I have really needed to let this float and feel into what wants to happen now…

Whatever it is, it is now happening, and while it feels slow to me (it is NOT! Speed of light!), it is also  E P I C  beyond description! Bli-mey! This year is flat-out  A M A Z I N G  in every conceivable way (at least half of them unpleasant, but hey, that’s an improvement on the 95% of previous years 😉 !) and all of it takes us deeper and clearer and more NEW…I am in the process of literally stepping into new everything, all from scratch (apparently how I like it 😉 ); currently we are beginning with more internet presence ~ I am gradually easing myself onto Facebook after years away (more soon), I have created another blog (shh) which I love and has so far alleviated the pressing need I was having for a simple, beautiful, sacred place to share gracefully from the deepest of heart~places (more on that soon too I suspect), and am being very thoroughly (but crumb-by-crumb) instructed/inspired about different offerings and paths to start opening online (as well as everywhere else)…deeply exciting and also very nascent…am intrigued!

But I have to say, never in my wildest dreams have I imagined the levels of creativity that are flowing in, and I know I am only tasting a tiny bit because they would blow my head off where I am right now (transitioning from very tiny life into full new one 🙂 if they turned on full, thank you Saturn) ~ Uranus is coming up on my Venus, which is where Eris is…oh and so much more…

I have so much to share and catch up on and such, but for now, I just want to say thank you so much, lovelies, for your patience and presence and love whilst so many resettings and silences have occurred ~ it has been weird to be so off and on, and I have felt seriously flaky, despite absolutely knowing I am following my heart on it, so it’s SOOOO good to have some movement here, even if it’s quiet from your point of view thus far… 🙂

Celebrating this Solstice~Full Moon passage with you my beautiful friends ~ may we launch ourselves magnificently to the new heights we all deserve…I’ll see you there, sparkling… 😉

Love, love, and deepest of grace~filled hugs to you, beloveds…be back soon ❤

And if any of you fancy, I would love to hear from you ~ feel like its been years and years already! How are you all doing? Intense, no…? ❤  :mrgreen:

P.S. Apologies if you got a big tranch of emails in your inbox! Most of them were backdated posts where I had changed pages from 2-3 years ago into posts ~ part of the big clear out! I will check to see if I can avoid publishing them publicly if I do any more ~ sorry about that!


18 thoughts on “Rebirthing and Solstice/Full Moon joy…♡

    1. Thank you! ❤ I am taking that as a hint to get cracking with my new astrology directions…about time I gave my astrology wings instead of occasional mentions in blog posts! ❤

      1. Absolutely had to tell you that after this little conversation, energy started moving and culminated in a sleepless night of inspiration about a whole new way to interpret a birth chart…! I have the bare bones and will need more time to have it ready to test but am hugely excited and a bit over-awed 🙂

        I have also felt the urge to start officially using and sharing my way of astrology much more, so I have added a page and we shall see what else comes ~

        This movement has been developing for months now and I absolutely felt to tell you this here because our exchange was the final catalyst to get things moving! So thank you so much and many blessings ~

        I am excited for what will come ~ so much is occurring at the moment sometimes I feel like I need at least 5 lifetimes just to fit in what I have received this year alone, but I trust this will all get expressed in perfect order…I have trained and prepared to follow my flow for long enough!!

        Anyhow, thank you so much again, and much love to you, my friend,

        Sara ❤

      2. I am flattered by your message. With the Quintile Kite / Mars Direct station of today (June 29th) you will likely receive EVEN MORE (if you can imagine that, and if you can stand it). We live in amazing times for creatives (such as ourselves). Thank you for the feedback; it encourages me as well to know that my work matters. And, as I have said before:

      3. Gosh yes…! In the spirit of entertainment, I now must tell you its a lot ‘worse’ than that 😉 haha ~ I am actually in the grandest chart activation of my life this year ~ a year ago I discovered I had a different birth time, which moved my axis from late Scorpio asc to early Sag (hallelujah, I earnt it!) and my MC/IC into Aries/Libra ~ this makes me even more mutable and even more air/fire than I already was…

        So now, we have my Saturn-Mars-Venus yod (which has governed my entire process) finishing its switch on ~ Mars goes direct today ON my apex Saturn, while Uranus (and Eris) inexorably closes on my Aries Venus (1/3 degree to go!); Mercury went over my Gemini Mars over the weekend (explains the astrology download) after retrograding off the exact midpoint of the yod back in April ~

        This is coupled (thank God/dess) with Saturn, who having literally just finished returning me, retrograded in the next cycle opposing my Sun/Chiron, and now has retrograded off my Uranus back towards my Sun, grounding all this immensity and definitely stopping me from exploding into tiny, crazy sparkles…

        If I remember right, Mars also retrograded off my Sun/Chiron, and this plus all the various Full/Moons and other activations off various yod and other points over the last 3 years and I am basically in the mother of all creative transformations…

        Oh and lets not forget the Neptune-square-Sun/Chiron I also have going on during this time…think that is also helping if not just plain weird at times…:)

        I suspect you will now forgive me for being a) excitable, b) potentially a bit inaccurate in my memory with these details and c) writing soooo much…thank god I have a Taurus Mercury!!

        I so hope you don’t mind me sharing all this, I just don’t get to have astro conversations with fellow astrologers at the moment and I miss it! I know you’ll appreciate the craziness of these transits…

        This is what all the training and processing was for! I am actually riding it rather well (as in, I am largely enjoying it AND can function most of the time 😉 ) ~ I am now officially a master sparkle fairy methinks 😉

        And lastly but I should have written this first ~ oh my goodness your work matters! What a generous and amazing resource you create and build there ~ and no matter what the responses, if it brings you joy, thats plenty enough for me, and I am so glad to connect with you, so thank you for all you do, and for inspiring me (this is so how it works for me, I am so mutable that whenever I connect with anyone their energies create a beautiful merging with mine and I get a whole different flow of movement and inspiration…didn’t even realise that was how it worked til I wrote that…;) Us creatives are leading the way into a whole new era of freedom and I love it ❤

        Will stop now, though know you will understand why the overflow!

        Much love and deep, calming breaths…

        Sara ❤

      4. You already know this, but I will state it again: it is critically important for you to capture as much of this as you can. You will likely want to revisit some of these ideas again later (and will be amazed at what came to you). Something tells me that you can produce a great work at this time. You may have to focus on “completion” or at least on “milestones” to bring this fully to fruition. I, too, seem to be having a productive time currently, and I want to take it to the next level. So, we are on the same page!

      5. Yes you are so right ~ you know its funny though, but I feel the great work is actually me, on the deepest and most encompassing possible level! My life, my entire self is being reborn, remade and launched right now ~ it’s an amazing feeling ~ all the outward physical creativity feels to be supporting that, and be the result of that essentially, and I have been given so many inspirations and focuses and directions this year already its quite mind~blowing! (Honestly, I am going to have to master time bending!)

        I have absolutely drawn, written and logged what I get when I feel and when I can, and it all feels like filling up a painters toolbox ready for use ~ as right now they all feel, everything feels like streams and streams of creation and energy flowing into the huge central whirlpool of transformation that is me…

        Oh my that is GOOD to write down! That helped me get so clear on that feeling ~ As Mars turns I am being productive but I am also having to watch it as will all this immensity I could so easily burn out or spin off, so self-care is coming first (which I think is why I am actually productive! Haha) ~ I feel Saturn absolutely stretching and shaping all this into a coherent flow with milestones on it, yes! Home first, then expanding service, then we’ll see…and the milestones feel joyous, to have a focus for the crazy air-fire of me…

        I SO appreciate your input and senses, thank you so much ~ so lovely to connect and share productive times ~ I love our same page! It rocks and I wish you much joy of it ~

        Ah time for a cup of tea I think 🙂 You are totally welcome to join me :mrgreen:

      6. Thank you! Maybe we can carry each other along. Here is one more thing that I think you might can find to be useful: And if you need a software tool that might help, try this one (but don’t get lost in it if you do not understand it): If that is too complex, and if you have a Mac, you might try this: I tend to have a fairly good box of tools, so let me know what you are working on and I help if I can.

      7. Wow such great tools! Immediately found myself wishing I had more Virgo in me (missing that MC!) but actually, I am an extremely good organiser when I have my environment right, and these might be fabulous when I have more life space to settle into my working rhythm ~ at the moment I am living on a sofa and literally letting my life recreate itself, so not much stillness in any way! Looking forward to some, hopefully by the end of the year :mrgreen:

        I will totally let you know if I suddenly have a need for a very cool tool, especially after such awesome first recommendations! I have so much to do, write, create and plan, so thank you ~ and if I have any tools of any kind (including less obvious ones!) you think might be of help to you, just say and I will be here!

        In the meantime, I’m right with you! To be fair, I shall be probably skipping, humming, thinking and talking a lot, but if you can cope with that, consider me a companion fairy of serious creation mode 🙂 ❤

      8. That works for me! If you have internet access, you might try Evernote as a tool. A number of other good tools are emerging also. Some of it depends on whether you are running Windows, Mac, or a Linux variant. And then there are crescent wrenches and hammers and such. Are you painting or drawing?

      9. I’m drawing! And dreaming c o n t i n u o u s l y …When I am not lying on a sofa attempting to breathe and stay in the middle of it all, or jumping up and down and dancing to ground the energy 😉 Ah yes Evernote, I remember that one ~ great reminder thanks lovely ❤ (Just doing my very first official chart reading btw ~ didn't even get the site sorted fully yet! Love life ❤ )

      10. Also ToDoIst and this newcomer: Asana I am percolating many ideas also. What about Zentangles -> printing (like silkscreen) -> ceramic tile? Or (1) drawing (pencil) (2) scan with scanner and print to a good quality paper then (3) watercolor or chalk (or a mix?) Stuff like that “coming in” for me.

      11. Oooh I love those, specifically because, having so little Virgo energy now I just don’t have that kind of patience…mind you I say that, but I would challenge a full on Virgo to have full patience under my transits :mrgreen:

        Zentangles how amazing….wow everything is getting my juices flowing right now! Often I feel like I am never going to be this purely creative again…amazing!

        What’s most interesting to me is how all my creation for creations sake (normally huge for me, such as knitting and drawing, pottery, sewing and ALL this side of things as I continually want to learn ALL the skills) has totally gone, and all my creative energy is being directed solely at service and life-sorting stuff, like getting the services up on the website, letting my body and mind transform, dreaming and intending about so many practical things like learning to drive, and using the full beam of my self to get me up and running in a physical way ~ honestly LOVING it as have never been this way before and its heaven ~

        Also, suspect this is to give me a foundation that will allow each and every way I could possibly want to create in the future, to flow abundantly from there…love that too…

        Are you getting the energy to implement your inspirations or is it very much in ‘receiving’ mode at the mo? I am so very much in percolating mode too, with a few physically emerging bits and pieces, and I am really enjoying that…(don’t feel capable of much more just now!) ❤

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