Intense light and loving touch…♡

48b3642cfbf49cb6698f1418f5328754Good morning my loves!

Don’t know about you but I am feeling such intensity of light and energy coming through my head ~ for the most part it’s fine, and when I tune in it looks like the most beautiful lavalight, not thick exactly but rich and flowing and soooo intense ~ excited for what it’s bringing!

I noticed yesterday especially, but it’s been increasing all week, that these energies are so strong since we entered Feb that my upper body is actually struggling to let it in ~ I have really quite intense aching and tension all across my shoulders and into my upper back, and yesterday I had some amazing sinus activity going on and my whole head and face felt so FULL (still does now) and like all it wanted was a huge massage just to let it all flow through more easily…I did my best! 🙂 I have gotten very good at just allowing my cells to open and gently letting energy flow into my whole body for integration (I had to get good at this because I have always had sooo much energy above and around my head that it used to give me migraines) (anyone who has met me could probably tell that, energetically senstive or not 😉 ), so it really is unusual for my body to get so tense in that area, and that’s why it’s exciting! :mrgreen:

What’s been lovely about it though, aside from enjoying the physical symptoms increasing (I know that sounds bizarre but I have almost entirely been doing this process in the energetic/emotional levels with just a tonne of lethargy, sensations of light and feeling, and bouts of aching and/or flueyness to show on the physical, so I always feel such joy when the process shows up in my body so explicitly because it’s an indicator of how strong and bright the incoming energies are), is how much energy I have now for self~care, be it doing lots of stretching or just letting my body move as she needs to get everything flowing more easily (my favourite, usually some sort of wild gyrating~type dance, which I find intensely entertaining!), or, most powerfully, the full and loving permission to really go in deeper, with more love and more attention and integrate and allow whatever my body is telling me ~

This morning was particularly lovely as the aching is more intense today, but when I woke up this morning and just gently tuned in to me, I was reminded of a truly beautiful sharing I read yesterday from Amant (I receive their beautiful updates and it has been sooo yummy to enjoy all the devoted and adoring words and love they put into their sharings) featuring their first muse ~ in the interview they were speaking about loving touch with the body and I realised that while I have cultivated a truly loving touch with myself energetically and with my internal voice and intention, speaking and bringing my attention to whatever is calling for it in the most gentle and caring ways (and I will just keep cultivating that because it’s so magical!), I actually don’t truly use my physical touch in the same way ~

So this morning I just spent some time really tuning in to all the achiness and energies in my body and just gently placing my hands and fingers over my head and shoulders and chatting softly to myself while listening and seeing what was happening and assuring my body how much I trust her in this amazing endeavour and how much I know she is doing AMAZING things and she has my full permission to do whatever she needs to, ache as much as she needs to, but I am here to help and love her whatever…

It was so magical! Not only did most of the aching subside, but the sense of love and companionship I felt growing with myself and my body was just exquisite ~ I love how my attention and focus yields such inetense and immediate results now, and I love how every day brings in more and more experience of this beautiful newness we have grounded and opened in our experience and how easily it just flows in ~ I can’t describe how different this year feels ~ whatever processes and integrations we are still flowing through, the energy of a completely new era is so palpable and present and so running the show now, and it is just wondrous…

So just wanting to send you all hugs and sparkles of love and gentleness and joy as we go through our days, co~creating such beauty with such courage and devotion ~ thanks for being here and being YOU!



5 thoughts on “Intense light and loving touch…♡

  1. lovely to “see” you again most beloved; great idea about the physical touch, will play with that. And oh yea to the incoming energy, one day I thought my head would blow off. I will take a page from you and do my best to be more excited (sometimes I truly am) by the intensity; something new in the air for sure. Will post your lovely blog on my page. kisses and hugs with sprakles too

    1. Hahaha yes yes yes to head blowing off!! Is so intense I can’t help but be very proud of my/our capacity to keep expanding into it ~ feeling like life is just continually surprising and fascinating at the moment, even when it’s intense in odd ways!

      Always sending you the most loving excited sparkles, partly because I just cannot help it! :mrgreen:

      Thank you so much darling, loving sharing on here again with you! ❤

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