Sacred Annoyance Day ♡

yellow_butterfly_wallpapers-normal5-4.jpgMorning, darlings!

So, I woke up this morning into a interesting mix of energies ~ the ever~increasing Christ~LOVE~Light of ME yumminess which is soooooo beautiful and my god I love it and it’s like the most intimate wondrous secret experience in my heart and self which I just totally delight in every day now and totally bask in the endless gentle and powerful revelations and joy of BEing it brings whatever else I am feeling (yes, I am effusive in this experience :mrgreen: ) ~

And, also, a litany of annoyance around a conversation I had with an acquaintance over the weekend where I was deeply enjoying some truly quiet time to myself and literally thinking how much I was appreciating that whilst strolling along, when this beloved came in and just dumped a load of ‘well~meaning’ judgement and criticism on me in a nice, polite, helpful ‘I have more life experience than you and you need my advice even though you didn’t ask for it and I have made no attempt ask you or find out if it’s even appropriate’ way (my favourite ~ love humans) 😉

Oh this was fun to feel come up ~ see because before, there would have still been a little part of me that just thought ‘Oh my god why am I STILL experiencing these feelings!!?? This must mean x y z about my experience/progress/abilities/vibration etc…’ and believed it, even though I KNOW, and have known for ages, this isn’t true, like all of us perfectly~behaved and astoundingly ascension~talented spiritual bunnies do…. 😉


Not today, because today, all this deliciousness that is the LOVE filling my cells had something different to say about it ~

Firstly, I refuse to pretend ON ANY LEVEL that I don’t feel the whole spectrum of human emotions if I feel them ~ what a ridiculous exercise in futility ~ I have nothing to prove to myself or anyone else, and my own allegiance is far more valuable and important than any kind of comparison or judgement I direct at myself ~ for god’s sake, I KNOW this is a uniquely individual thing and there is NO POINT in measuring myself against anyone else’s version, unless it feels nice :mrgreen:

Apparently there are many layers for this knowing to fully permeate…;) PLus, for god’s sake, my experience of it is SOOOOOO different now and I STILL and DEFINITELY do not give myself enough credit for that 😉

Secondly, I thought, ye gods, I have no interest in ‘I shouldn’t be feeling this’ being my ACTUAL response to something that I am feeling ~ fuck no ~ so I did what I have been doing so much lately, tuned in to my yummy, delicious heart, and asked what the ACTUAL, LOVE, sacred Sara~reason for feeling this was (thank you Matt Kahn for inspiring this by the way), because whatever my heart comes up with is bound to be better (understatement of the era) than the old, tired, fear crap I’ve been lugging around in my system for all these eons (haha can you tell I’m embracing this energy today…?) ~

It was awesome ~ so simple and joyful and spiritually disobedient and all such magic things that are me ~

Because I know that today is the Mars~Uranus conjunction within this context of the final Uranus~Pluto square coming exact next week, and this trines and sextiles my Uranus in Sag in the first in the exact sextile to my Jupiter in Aquarius in the third ~ if there is anything around issues of injustice, infringement of personal freedom, unfair treatment that needs loving and easy perfect timing to arise in my flow, today is the day ~

And I know that this whole year so far has been deeply about divine masculine energy, accuracy, sovereignty, claiming my personal space/vibration/right to be HOME etc and really giving me permission to feel and be whatever I need to claim it, being so  r i d i c u l o u s l y  sensitive and overly~responsible for everyone else’s wellbeing (read: shit) as I have been (note PAST TENSE) :mrgreen:

So my heart said this ~ Sara, today is a Sacred Annoyance Day ~ this is the PERFECT day to allow everything that is ready to be loved right now around all the ways you have been treated that were so very much less than you deserve (and I love that there is no judgement there, just accuracy and whatever feelings need expressing…soooo relaxing!) ~ this is the PERFECT day to just let it all flow through you without worrying about it, without trying to change it, without rejecting it, and in fact, just enjoying it as you and your perfect ascension~alignment ~ you have always been so sensitive, so caring, so desperate to please either to survive or through the love that you are, this is the perfect way to balance some of that out by just feeling everything that needs it ~

So don’t judge it, trust it, because all it describes is the quality of your self~trust and love: UNCONDITIONAL ~

How fun is that!? 🙂

And this was accompanied with such powerful gratitude for ALL the feelings ~ I could feel my heart just whispering thank yous for everything I was feeling, just because they were there and so they were my perfect, Christed flow, carrying me into bliss~embodied…for someone that has been a bashed and devastated emotional sponge for all my life, and had a similar~sized exhaustion and resentment as a result, feeling that spontaneously arising today, in SUCH strong and powerful energies, and even the annoyance being really very light and amusing to experience in comparison to rest of this fucking mind~boggling journey, was EPIC ~

I am celebrating ❤ and enjoying being annoyed ❤

Because this love that is just pouring in is literally giving me permission to BE to levels I didn’t know I was resisting ~ it’s bringing me HOME in such a way that it’s making me realise I truly already was, and can now hug myself with delight that everything really is just where it needs to be, because I can FEEL it in my very cells more and more and more ~ it’s helping me know in my core that whatever I am feeling is just perfect, fuck the theory, fuck the spiritual wisdom ~ even when what I am feeling is literally the opposite of what everyone else is feeling or advocating or whatever, it just grows my trust ~


So many amazing things happened last week too that I would love to share, but today I wanted to share this, because you do not get more pokey, more difficult, more unpleasant energy potential than what we are reflecting in the sky right now, so anything goes, with total respect from me ~ and yet I am delighting in the way that having this knowledge is both helping me listen to my heart in the way I have today, giving myself deeper permission, but also the fact that all these experiences are now experienced by me in the context of this glowing, deepening love, this incredible peace, this bodily relax, now at THIS time ~ this blows my mind with appreciation for how amazing I am, how amazing we are, how deeply we have all changed and how our experiences really can be new, loving, peaceful and perfect under any circumstances, in any emotional flow…

This is wanted you to know from me today ~ because I know we are all this, this permission, this love, this personal, loving creativity, and wherever you are, really is just perfect, and you have my love and hugs for that with such respect and faith in you…even and especially on my Sacred Annoyance Day…

Let rip!!! *throwing cookies* ❤


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