You are PERFECT ♡ ~ individual journeys and some physical sensations!

autumn_forest_sunrise-2560x1600Good morning, my beautiful friends ♡

Firstly, anyone really feeling pulled under by this wave of light, I am cuddling you so deeply ~ this is such an interesting time for me as I can feel very deeply how intense and not easy this energy is, and yet, finally, my focus seems to have fully shifted from the rollercoaster of up and down to just being in the centre, adjusting and riding the wave, and this is truly wonderful for me ~

Partly because, having spent almost the entirety of the autumn, Christmas and this year right under it, in full~on transmutation mode with barely a breather, reading so many wonderful, blissful reports (and often the attending ‘if you are not feeling this way you are out of alignment’ niceties), I just want to say, for me, anything that makes me (or you) feel like we’ve slipped out of alignment, that there is work to do, that somehow you are wrong, not managing it, just can’t find that apparently easy ‘sweet spot’ that you should be able to find, I say this on all our behalves ~

BOLLOCKS :mrgreen:

Why not… 😉 Let’s spiritually misbehave :mrgreen:

Just don’t take it, darlings! How could we ever be ‘out of alignment’??? We ARE alignment ~ sure, there’s the process of focus, perspective, awareness and all these wonderful flows that continually bring us into wider vistas and understandings of what is happening for each of us, but this is not something we are making happen with our minds, nor something that is incumbent upon us to create ~ this is just what’s happening and we are simply remembering ourselves and coming into greater awareness with this in our consciousness here ~ or whatever!

For me, if there is an conscious alignment process, it’s allowing myself to BE me fully, and when the joyful peaceful urge arises from the heart, engaging with it and applying my focus, which is what’s been happening recently ~ I can categorically say that trying to get myself into alignment, keeping my vibration high and all that ridiculousness, has only made my journey more unpleasant, and the more I have relaxed into listening and allowing and loving mode, the more I have simply be able to let it all flow and just attended with love to the bits of me that THOUGHT they should be doing something, making things happen etc. ~

And so when the moment comes to ACTUALLY direct the flow, create, focus, be divine masculine light~in~action, it arises with JOY in divine timing, not because I should be doing things ~

And, beloveds, as ALWAYS, this is just me!! This can never be me saying, this is how it works, this is me saying we each of us have our utterly beautiful and unique way of remembering ourselves and embodying our LOVE, and this is mine so far, and letting myself be bashed by shoulds and someone else’s version of how this should be only forced me into more love for my self because it felt so wrong and awful ~ we all have our beautiful ways ~

So it is all perfect, yes ~ whether it aligns with what I say, whatever has been and will be is perfect, whatever! ~ and also I feel we have moved WAY beyond a time where this is about continuous work and into a time of genuine adventure, moment~to~moment shift, unique pathways, individual confidence and astounding self~trust ~

Here’s an example ~

I have experienced a really deep journey around food which I think I will have to write more about because it’s been fascinating and very different to most of what’s out there, but for now, in a nutshell…

Most of you who have connected with me know that I LOVE food ~ I have also always instinctively HATED all the perceived wisdom out there around spirituality, diet and right and wrong foods ~ again, each to their individual own, but I have never ever been guided down the path of changing my diet to raise my vibration (quite the opposite) ~

My mum is deeply into natural nutrition, and she has always had a majorly strong influence on what I was allowed to eat and my attitude towards food ~ namely, because my relationship to food is utterly different to hers, I have had a HUGE guilt complex around my desires and joy in eating so many ‘bad’ things 😉

I have spent most of this ascension journey seriously doubting my own wisdom around this, even as I have stuck with it and kept listening to what my joy asked of me ~ I doubted it, was terrified by it, got so angry about it, desperately wished I could change it, occasionally even tried to ~ but I never got more than a day through trying to follow the ‘healthy’ route before heading back to the joy…unless my heart was guiding me that way ~

Until recently, when suddenly this long and apparently contradictory journey has started resolving into a truly empowered and sovereign right to love all food just as it is, as I have instinctively always known and yet doubted ~ I can feel how this whole journey has been about dissolving these BELIEFS about what food does in our bodies, what affects it has, and realising that there is a whole experience beyond these belief systems, which I can now FEEL happening after so long knowing the theory and doubting myself (i.e. clearing the belief system!) ~

The reason I am writing this now is because of this being confirmed to me, firstly by Matt Kahn as usual, talking recently about loving the body to take what it wanted from whatever food we are drawn to and leaving the rest (but I can’t remember where) and inspiring my trust in my own version of this (more another time!) ~ secondly by my body, which is moving out of my old, inherited ‘3D’ physical expression in waves, releasing miasms in DIRECT relation to how closely I follow the joy in my food (not the spiritual ‘rules’ around it) ~

And thirdly, after really feeling this whole process clearing lately and finding myself just wanting to eat the most outrageous amount of refined foods and sugar along with my mum’s homegrown veg (both feel awesome), and starting to feel all the doubts about this finally leaving, reading this from Karen Dover, in which she explicitly says this ~

Within the old 3d earth created construct denser frequencies the information was the same information a multitude of different ways, so the human logical mind would process this relatively quickly and easily. Now the information is expansive and is out with what was available previously, therefore the human logical mind is processing at a different level. This uses up energy, many of you may be eating or drinking more highly refined foods and drinks to obtain the necessary energy to fuel this process, this is one of the reasons that sugar is so useful in this process. Many of you may still be trying to deny yourself sugar, holding fast to the belief structures taught within the old 3d earth created construct that sugar is “bad” for the human vehicle.

Sugar is a requirement at certain levels of the transition process due to the fast action of sugar in relation to energy. Again this may be a challenge to your human logical mind and challenge any belief structures still in place.  You may assume that drinking vast amounts of sugary drinks will somehow overload your human vehicle, especially if you are not drinking these drinks and then running 10 miles to “burn off” the sugar rush. But the sugar rush IS being put to use, you are using vast amounts of energy in the processing of the higher dimensional frequencies, all is unseen to the naked human eyes and this must be acknowledged and worked with.

Erm, AWESOME. This is exactly how I have FELT it ~ not the specifics, but in the absolute trust that I know what I am doing, my body knows what she is doing, and that I must follow that joy and faith that the rules are not rules, but just beliefs to choose or not…

This is ME ~ this resonates with me, so I claim it! ♡

And on another physical note, just briefly, the lovelight moving in my body is getting sooo wondrous and strong ~ I got really excited yesterday because, although I have been feeling it moving throughout my body at different intensities for a long time now, chakra~wise it has been focused upon the heart (and also feeling the kundalini rising up and flowing around my brain ~ yum!), and lately deeply on the solar plexus ~ but last night I felt it surging directly through my sacral and base chakras for the first time, after months of intense energetic happenings in this area (read: digestive shenanigans 😉 ) ~

This is exciting because I seem to remember this coming up in Shanta’s latest ~ yes here it is ~

When you can allow this truth to permeate the lower chakras and anchor guidance within your being, the Pillar of Golden Light is activated. This will gift you with the ability to expand and enfold the higher frequencies while directing them into your world to attract the qualities of consciousness you are asking to receive in your life.

Yet another beautiful synchronicity!!! Magical…because this is exactly what’s happening for me now tangibly, in my own sweet way ~ which I would LOVE to share with you more soon, as it becomes more solid for me ~ it’s so yummy!

For now though, I am off to cook delicious food with my mum for our kundalini yoga retreat! So I will be sending you all love and hugs from there and will see you very soon…



3 thoughts on “You are PERFECT ♡ ~ individual journeys and some physical sensations!

  1. Oh darling, what a kick, you are a godsend from across the pond this moment for several reasons. I just “happened” to see you posted as I was searching my old blog for something. Loving it for several reasons. First SUGAR. Been so drawn to sugar and doing the bad girl as I ate it. Even my super clean friend has been diving into sugar. So done with food rules which can’t even agree. I have changed my diet for the “rules” only to find it now “bad.” I switched to soy milk and used soy formula, oops, bad. I ate grains, oh no, grains bad, juice yes/no meat good oops no good, milk for calcium no now no good. Nobody agrees for heaven sakes! But ironically being of your mother’s generation I have guilt tripped myself for feeding my 14 year process/bad food or letting her eat sugar. I just literally told her yesterday I am cutting back from feeding her processed soy sausages and she was not a happy camper. I have so many rules for her, feel bad I go back and forth, feel guilty I am killing her, worry she is killing herself, pass on crazy beliefs about work, food, money even watching myself do it.
    Enough to make a girl crazy right!?!?! ENOUGH. YEA, and hold the high vibration thought or straight to hell with you. OUCH! I LOVE SPIRITUAL disobedience. Would have loved to have heard Matt dish on food, oh well.
    Somebody said Adyashanti said the purpose of spiritual practices is rot exhaust the seeker, sounds so right. Yes, a few dunks in the spiritual cesspool of perfection is enough to say hey this stinks. Now getting dunked myself off and on but the last dunking was a GAME CHANGER still sorting out the resulting dust. Your post is a lovely breath of fresh air and my daughter will thank you as I slowly allow myself to lay off the food/ spiritual rules and say damn it time to freaking enjoy ourselves. Please send care package of COOKIES! loving you hugely xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

      1. Yay!!! Darling this is so wondrous ~ cookie care packages in abundance winging their way to you both! Haha ~ Really loving to write more about this soon as have had such a journey with it and think it is so important for those of us hyper~aware, spiritually exacting bunnies! :mrgreen: Hope that energy for writing comes up ~ we’ll see! ❤

        You inspired the spiritual disobedience comment, of course! And I adore your blog post ~ is soooo pertinent to the beautiful weekend I just shared with a delicious group of women ~ so much love and a huge step deeper into love with myself ~ highlighted in just this way you write about ~ I can feel how this flow is bringing in so much permission to see life up until now more and more accurately, without judgement, but supporting the absolute allowing of myself to CHOOSE differently now ~ purely for myself ~ on all levels ~ subtle and massively powerful!

        Hahaha yes my god we are fully exhausted seekers! That boat has sooooo sailed! :mrgreen:

        So I am cookies, cuddles, love and deepest devotion to our innocence, our right to be HOME and FREE in our love, in our shining, and in being cherished as we cherish ourselves…in joy! ❤

        I love you! LOVE sharing with you always, darling ~ thank you so much! Big grins and waves and sparkles across the pond from me! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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