heart_light-t2Awwww don’t know about you guys but energy is weeeird today ~

Think another level of sensitivity is coming in ~ weight of the journey very present ~ feeling oddly unsettled and knowing it’s nothing particular I need, just care from me and whatever else my world turns up 😉

Think sometimes, these processes are so deep and fast, so strange, it can all feel so messy somedays, like how did this even happen? Why was it like that? Some days it feels like our innocence is so battered by the process and each other and it can feel so difficult to resolve, even though I know it is doing just that 🙂 ~

So I am totally sending out the biggest, squidgiest, most comforting and peaceful cuddles today for me, and for anyone else who would like some at this point 😉

Feel like we are in such powerful momentum right now ~ hoping you guys are all flowing heartfully along too…

Loving you! Deepest New Moon blessings… ♡♡♡♡♡


4 thoughts on “Cuddles…♡

  1. Beloved,
    Yes, ouch, definitely something up in the ethers. Sorry you are feeling it powerfully too yet happy to know there are like hearted sensitives like me. Otherwise would be too lonely and scary. Love waves all around with oodles of comfort wrapped in sparkling packages.

    1. I’m totally with you, darling!!! It’s so intense right now, even if it is in an infinitely more loving, conscious, involved way ~ so much unknown and yet so much trust and faith ~ what an epic adventure…oooh I love your LOVE~packages….yummmmmmy! Thank you! And so so much of my own sparkling, joyful LOVE~cuddles back your way, of course! ♡♡♡♡♡

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