Celebration and divine flow…

autumn_forest_sunrise-2560x1600Hmm look, two posts in two days…something is afoot! Erm, or ahead?…or anew…? Well anyway, awesome!

So, after having had a joyous authenticity moment of cheerful gloom here yesterday, I had an interesting experience ~

I don’t know how many of you have watched Matt Kahn’s latest, but I watched it last week and, as usual it has had profound effects ~

Basically, what it came down to for me in summary, was celebrating every moment, everything in every moment, as the perfect manifestation of the divine ~ as Matt said (I think) ‘there is only God here’ ~ and that this was the way to move from transmuting for the collective (being a spiritual garbage man ~ love it!) to anchoring the new consciousness (i.e. actually enjoying life 😉 ) ~

I think what I have been enjoying most about Matt Kahn this year is how seamlessly each video or article has been fitting into my flow at each point ~ whenever I feel to watch one, it meets me spot on, whereas before they just used to mainly trigger me, and so he tuned up my self~authority immensely through that process ~ the way it’s all so confirming or supportive now is brilliant confirmation for me of my deepening self~trust~

With this latest it was beautiful because this feeling of celebration is one I have been noticing coming in more and more in the last year, in stages ~ so when I watched the video for a couple of days afterwards I felt so free and utterly enjoying the ability to celebrate everything, which made what would previously have been challenging/unenjoyable moments really very easy, graceful and joyful ~

Then, I started noticing something in me wasn’t liking it ~ suddenly it started to feel stressful ~ that old ‘oh God, I’m not celebrating enough! I’m going to be transmuting forever ahhh (rising panic)’ and trying to celebrate through clenched teeth ~ okay not quite that bad but definitely that feeling of stress ~ very amusing 😯

So I did what this year has tuned up IMMENSELY for me, and listened to the actual feeling…

So interesting! Firstly, it made it obvious that I am not Matt Kahn :mrgreen: and I go about that actual activity of celebration differently a lot of the time (and have already been noticing that for a while, though not in this clear way he describes) ~ for me, it is much much more about gently and peacefully feeling the essence of celebration, of knowing the divine perfection of every moment, in the vibration, the feeling of it, not the mental activity of confirming it ~ my mind then freely does what it’s best at, namely noticing and celebrating the feeling when it’s there, the absolute felt truth of it in that moment, not doing the ‘work’ of actual celebration ~

So during the last week, I noticed the stress that came in whenever my mind went into ‘Gaaah must be celebrating!’ and gave myself permission to stop and listen deeper 😉 which seemed to set off another round of releasing and mind~discomfort as the trust took me further in…

Which led to last night and very interesting experience/example of this process ~ after I had posted last night’s sharing and was going to bed, I suddenly had a moment of real despair ~ it came up out of nowhere and actually felt like panic ~ this is really unusual for me, as these things tend to build mentally and then get released, not ambush me in this way ~

My mind immediately went ‘Eeeek quick, celebrate, celebrate or else!’ Being slightly startled, I tried ~ no joy ~ so I gently felt for the feeling instead ~ nope ~ so I tried just loving it ~ nothing ~ it was weeeird! I couldn’t get any heart~response in that way at all, which has never happened ~ this, of course, increased the mind~panic…haha 😉

Immediately I remembered all I had been experiencing in the autumn when it was all about facing the meaninglessness of everything and knowing that all that was real was that I AM, and anything else was creative play ~ so amidst the quite acute discomfort (again so strangely out of the blue) I decided to just be this, stay with myself through it however long it lasted, and just go to sleep ~

And, within about 10 seconds, all panic had gone, total calm descended…AND THEN the most exquisite and blissful sweetness of being just arrived…it was astonishing, going from the panic, to surrendering, and then immediately feeling this deepening of that exact celebration sensation without effort or intention, and more than ever before ~ I would liken it to having gone from drinking water to putting a spoon of delicious, warm, heavenly honey in your mouth ~ that much deeper an experience!

So, from this experience, and then through today, I have been clearly shown that the second effect of this celebration process has been a powerfully upgraded capacity for feeling the divine flow perfection quite naturally ~ this keeps arising randomly today ~ it has no particular thought attached, no stimulus, it just comes, and I feel so sweetly, deeply, intensely in love with the moment…amazing! So many, many examples and experiences lately of new being present, gradually bubbling golden to the surface of this reality…

These moments feel so utterly natural, so deeply embodied and heavenly and effortless…So I had to come and share… :mrgreen:

Oh and also, I don’t know about you guys but I have been experiencing a rather impressively deep emergence of what feels like that divine masculine energy, that joyful urge to action, to do, to create, to move ~ I used to have this in short sharp surges of creativity mainly, like a rebalancing, but this one has been mostly present for the last 10 days (mainly in utterly joyous urges to do things like walking, wood~chopping, horse~riding, martial arts (!?), so many (sometimes bizarre) things) and feels wonderful after such deep cocooning ~

So much so that it actually manifested itself today in the most physically productive day I have had for a while! Early morning walking, fire~tending, wood~splitting…it’s been soooo great to be able to channel that need to move properly and usefully ~ wondrous ~

So there you are, darlings! Another (more joyful) Sara~update ~ always so much to share, great to be actually managing it!

Love and cookies and joy to you, and blessings to wherever you find your perfect selves right now…♡ ❤


4 thoughts on “Celebration and divine flow…

  1. Holy god, just happened to stumble on your reemergence. Loving you up down all around. What a freakin ride, right!?!? Who had a clue? For me the joy comes in the finest little, almost imperceptible waves, loves waves itsy bitzy sized. So perfect. My word for the year is innocence and man oh man does my daily focus on that word shift all. Meaning whatever arises I see myself as Innocent. So if I am a crappy parent, terrible light worker, just all around lousy human being, no problem, INNOCENT! but really. No matter what arises, if I do it “right or “wrong, all ok. The amazing thing is I truly no longer feel anything as right or wrong, good or bad, just getting to the isness through the innocence. So loving it. Screw it if I don’t feel like loving myself, celebrating whatever, it is all good. What a relief! Holy cow, the freedom is a love wave big time. Just had to pass on that juicy nugget and send you a giant smooch, loving you no matter what. Lovely to hear what is up in Sara land.

    1. Oh my god I LOVE your Savannah~love~bombs ~ they rock my world! Hahaha ahhh can’t describe how much I love this ~ ❤

      What a freakin' ride, right?!?! Could not have put it better myself ~ feel like am emerging from an entire era of heart~learning and Mercury is delivering me like some sort of golden wave of god~clarity…amazing!

      YES innocence YES it's all good YES FUCKING SCREW IT! Good god we are always so much more than enough! YES.

      Here's to juicy nuggets (hah!) and your wondrous light in the world ~ loving watching your beautiful sharing growing and blossoming in such Savannah fashion… (http://raisedinlove.com ~ Go visit, people!! It's magical authenticity in blossoming action) ~

      I'm feeling a renewing sense of creative action to get everything straight, aligned and clear now, on all fronts, including the blog ~ oh let the LOVE WAVE wash onto new shores in every moment ~ it's AMAZING…

      Loving you beloved and darling sister ~ you're the bomb! Right now what's hitting me straight in the heart from you is how I feel like the way you share and utterly BE your innocence gives mine the most perfect permission to BE just as it is and I am so grateful!!! Such a powerful thing and so beautifully informing for me as I learn my own…thank you!


  2. Beloved,
    Your words rock my world. I alway feel a spacious love wave wash over me when I read your words. Rock on! Honey, you’re the bomb! I love our mutual admiration society. I am truly touched to hear how my authenticity helps yours to blossom even though it is hard to believe it could flower even more. I am touched. Lovely to know you pop over to our love family and spread the joy.
    A very interesting time indeed. Unlike any other and cannot get ahold of the slippery energy. My forward motion has been brought almost to a stand still but this time I can just allow it and trust when it is time to go, the brakes will be released. I do feel the joy seeping back in especially for the joys of nature, my flowering cactus, the birds’ sweet song, the beauty of an oak’s bark. I also feel the flat lined, feel nothing for anything or anyone finally releasing thank you god. That was a bitch for sure. Now I can let energy arise and pass away generally without an accompanying shit fit. What else can you do, right!?!
    My sense is we are on the verge of a MASSIVE love wave that will sweep the planet and make all that has come before intelligible and worth while. Here’s another stop the press shift, finally feeling attracted to a man after years of being flat lined there too. Could I be being released from that time lock? How fun would that be? Whoo-hoo, what a ride!

    1. Darling, how utterly juicy~delicious! YES to that time~lock releasing!!! Oooooh that excites me greatly!!! :mrgreen:

      Mercury retro unlike any I have ever known, yet familiar in so many Sara~ways ~ feel like am becoming full~time, willing and ecstatic student of remebering and newness, at the same time as releasing continues…and because of it! Amazing…

      TOTALLY resonate on the LOVE wave sensation…feels incredible! Still feeling deep desire for movement, freedom, action and all things spacious whilst in the alchemical cauldron of internal growth, yet in the same way, feeling even more deeply the perfection of the timing and the focus!

      What an angel~presence of deep joy you are to me, to all ~ thank you, beloved! Huge love wrapped up in just a few words…as Mercury turns…how perfect…

      I love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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