In the magic…

onRAUtYHello my sweet and beautiful friends…

Although it has been so long since I have written anything, I have actually been here a lot, sending love and waiting for the nudge to write ~

I have had such amazing Sara adventures this summer, both internal and external ~ I have been sharing life with a beloved new friend and the perfection of what this time has brought is still unfolding ~ there is nothing in me that has not been illuminated, challenged, reevaluated and expanded by it, and I am still amazed by how profoundly I have moved and been moved in such a comparatively short time ~

It’s funny because, as with most of the deep change I have lived through in this process, it feels seamless in so many ways, and as if I am changing from the inside out, so it takes a while to realise how much has changed ~ yet changed I have, deeply, and as we go through this Eclipse/Mercury retrograde period the reasons for and the effects of this summer of experiences are flowing in and through every day and becoming clearer and clearer in the most weirdly normal and yet mysterious ways ~

I have wanted to share so much here over the last 3 months, yet either it hasn’t felt flowing, or I have been moving so rapidly that by the time I could write anything I have already expanded again, or both…♡

I would love to write more fully soon ~ needless to say I have never felt such intense joy, or such intense confusion, or such intense openness, or such intense frustration, or intense trust…haha yep alchemical intensity has been the name of my game this summer ~ yet now I am seeing so much of what is being delivered from these experiences, and feeling what they have readied me to receive and expand into, that I am spending most of my time in really deep contemplation and observation, and a kind of energetic conversation with myself, which mainly involves intense ‘listening’ to what is flowing in my field and feeling what it is telling me about who and how I am on all levels and beyond…and of course, all the expanding and deepening that is happening constantly…

Mostly, what I feel is love ~ as my very self ~ expanding more and more, and so much more desire and freedom to express and experience it ~ love for this beloved soul who has single~handedly taken me through everything I needed to review and everything I needed to experience this summer, love for all the potentials that just seem to keep growing and shifting 😉 , love for myself, love for life, love for everything, and it’s so very very normal ~ the peace and the relaxation from the trust in the flow is more and more profound, and I feel stronger, clearer, more coherent each day, so naturally ~

So I just wanted to come and blow kisses really, and say I am here, and I have been loving you all without words all summer and growing with you, and although I feel deep in the magic and mystery of this transformational time which is absorbing so much of my focus right now (Saturn return exact on Halloween too, then over my Ascendent in November ~ ending and beginning of cycles really doesn’t cover what I am feeling!) I am hoping to share so many things here ~ but if I’m quiet for a while longer you know why…

Oh it has been so full~on (Lord, that Equinox was the mother of intense purging!) across the whole spectrum, yet I feel so clearly how different this process is now from how it has been for so many years, and this feels really quite wondrous, if more mysterious every day…it is so strange to feel that the ‘further’ I go, the less I know, and the more I am just being the unfolding…

Oh yes, I have also been having an immense love~affair with Matt Kahn very recently 😉 In the last two weeks I have watched his latest three videos (Emotional Oneness, Understanding Ego and Finding Safety) and the energetic and consciousness shifts that happened each time (especially the last) were truly amazing ~ I felt them happening ~ so if you feel to watch, you can find them all on the True Divine Nature YouTube channel

So I hope this time is delivering treasures and revelations a~plenty for you all and as ever, I send cookies to add to the joy 😉 … All love, light and sparkles, and see you all again as soon as the joy brings me here… ♡♡♡♡♡


6 thoughts on “In the magic…

  1. “…the ‘further’ I go, the less I know

    …..being the unfolding…”

    What come to mind is the unfolding lotus flower – somehow continuously unfolding – expanding – this seems to me to symbolize LOVE. As soon as I have a doubt or enter fear, the lotus flower stops unfolding and begins folding up – contracting….

    Thank you Shara for your opening up – your sharing……xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much Rob* ~ such a powerful image, beautifully put and perfectly synchronised as usual ~ especially about the doubt/fear ~ have been pondering on that very energy in my thoughts since you wrote ~

      Ponderings and replyings to your latest are brewing over here btw ~ taking my time for maximum honouring, as usual 😉

      Love and tea…♡♡♡

    1. Haha yes I had also been wondering where I had got to 😉 Flowing with the joy in its mysterious twists and turns…

      Oooh yes it’s a pleasure to spread the Matt Kahn love ~ he is truly inspiring and wondrous to me right now!

      Lovely to ‘see’ you, Robert! Thank you ♡♡♡

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