Big LOVE Wave…

347134-adminMy beautiful, beloved friends and awesome light~companions! Hello…

I just wanted to come and say, I am having totally delicious Sara~emerging~time which feels completely natural to just be with and experience sovereignly ~ I did feel for a while that I wanted to come and share it and was sort of expecting that, but instead it feels like this from Emmanuel’s June Forecast ~

Craving Silence 

Around graduation day, there is usually a period of time when we desire to be more introspective. Listening and being still in the silence balms the soul, by replenishing and nourishing us at the very deepest core level. 

If you are craving silence, give yourself permission to be at One with it. There’s no need to rush. This is your time to breathe.

And anyway, I don’t think I could put it into words because I resonate so strongly with Meredith in her latest blog post when she writes this ~

Being at a loss for words.

We’re in an expansive, void-state lately. But it’s different from before.

I’ve realized, that as my consciousness expands, encompassing more and more of all that I am, that I am increasingly experiencing awareness beyond concepts. Thus, being at a loss for stories, or making meaning out of what’s taking place. Perhaps you’ve noticed this too?

Interestingly, despite this, in any given moment, it’s quite easy to participate when another person or situation presents, which is a wonderful confirmation that we do indeed have access to everything that we need. A reminder that all we need is what we need, now.

You can rest assured that the moment more words or LOVElight Transmission inspirations or anything arrive in my now, I’ll be here. Since, you know how I like words… 😉

Until then I am adoring and loving you all with my complete LOVE, by honouring me and where I am and what I feel and what is bringing me joy, and beaming that out into our amazing collective with every particle…

Without any effort whatsoever…haha JOY.

I love you ♡


7 thoughts on “Big LOVE Wave…

  1. Yea – this does seem to be a good summary of the collective ‘more conscious’ experience at the moment. Having just had a weeks retreat and still being ‘in it’ to a large degree. Letting go of all attempts to ‘achieve’ or complete ‘to do’ lists that I might write each morning! Just being with my being and sensing the rightness of this gentle ‘flow’. It feels like something huge is birthing and just needs presence and letting go to.

    1. Aho! Well you know you have a heart~pal for that in me, bruv ♡ Lovely to touch in with you here…unintentional carrots…haha…so loving the resting and deepening relax ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Ah SO GOOD to hear from you, sweet~sister ~ thank you ~ loving your stillness and silence as perfect and thinking of you all so often as we get nearer to Solstice ~ so excited for you all!

      Also WOW how much has changed since September…!!

      LOVE YOU beautiful~one! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Hello my lovely Ivy! All is so well, thank you! ~ I am actually having an adventure in Germany and loving being so immersed and floating freely! Have been feeling to write more about it but it hasn’t come yet ~ trusting the transformative waves to float me onto new shores and just following the joy as it comes 😉

      Have been thinking about you so much too and wondering how everything is with you and little one…? Been sending so much love and joy ~

      Thank you for asking, my sweet ~ lets have a cookie party right now and jump about in joy 😉 Hahaha ♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡

      1. Wow, my sweet friend, Germany? When it’s time to share, share it with us! ♡♡
        I, too, have been trusting the waves… Everything is good with me and little Grape. He’s now Fernando in the flesh! lol Such a lovely baby, but adaptation to a physical body is so hard. I’m trying my best to facilitate his transition to being a fully grounded being. He has moments of pure joy where I get completely lost and happy. A child is like having a new lover — I fall in love with him every morning when I wake up and see that he is finally here with me!

        Yay, cookie party! Here’s to jumping about in joy every time that’s possible!
        I’d love to share some pix with you but I wouldn’t know where to send them. You’re no longer at TWYH, right? If you feel so inclined, email me at ivyft1 at yahoo dot com. Much love to you, dear Sara! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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