LOVElight Transmission: Scorpio Full Moon – Archangel Jophiel and the I AM Collective: Receive the Treasure of YOU

sunset_mountains_clouds_1280x800_8300* This is an energy transmission, which the words below help to translate for our minds. It is constantly available to you, no matter when you are reading this, and you don’t even have to read the words. You can receive the energy of this at any time, simply by intending to and opening your heart to receive it… *

♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL AND THE I AM COLLECTIVE: Scorpio Full Moon and Wesak Blessings – Receive the precious treasure of you ♡

Beloved friends and companions in LOVE and in light – how blessed we are in these times with you. I AM Archangel Jophiel and I bring the full harmony of your collective I AM presence here on beloved Gaia into a few words for you to aid this beautiful Transmission.

Beloveds, as ever, this is about receiving YOU. Your LOVE, your expanded light, and bringing it in to your physical form, letting it transform and alchemise your experience with ease, with grace, and into ever more joyous, blissful and ecstatic alignment with your LOVE essence.

This moon, at the end of an intensely powerful portal of transformation – beginning with the March Equinox, containing both lunar and solar eclipses and a magnificent Grand Cross, as well as many many other alignments and reflections of your unfolding light up there in your skies – carries the seeds sown by her sister – the Taurus New Moon – into the very core of your being. This time of Wesak is infused with blessings upon blessings upon blessings, and this Full Moon supports the building momentum of emergence and manifestation of your light on this beautiful planet, my friends – can you feel how much light and LOVE are streaming into your experience?

Beloved hearts, we have spoken much of how this journey is so unique to you, and becoming more consciously so. Only you can know how your unique journey here unfolds – not primarily with your opening minds, but by listening and observing your loving hearts and letting that inform your conscious experience. They bring your selves to you, beloveds, and this moon assists that most deeply.

Beloveds, the Scorpio energies of this moon show to you the incredible depths that this journey has taken you on, no matter how it has been in the specifics for each of you. The energies of Scorpio go to the deepest of places to transform, and will leave no stone unturned in order to do so.

Yet, at this time, it is another beautiful essence of these energies that is most pertinent to you. And that is the element of hidden treasure. The Scorpio energies love secrets. Those hidden caves that hold untold treasure and the promise of them. And this is such a fundamental journey of life, my sweet friends, because in truth, although your minds would love you to think otherwise, you do not want to know it all at once. The mystery, the not-knowing, the anticipation and the discovery is all an intrinsic part of the bliss of consciousness, beloved masters, and receiving yourselves in each moment is no different.

Consider, at occasions such as birthdays when you receive gifts from your loved ones – the joy of this is intrinsically bound up in not-knowing what you are about to unwrap, is it not? And because you associate receiving gifts in these joyful moments as a desirable and lovely experience, you do not worry or need to know before hand what you will find. You do not call your loved ones to ask them what they are bringing or put contingency plans into action in case you might accidentally unwrap something dangerous or scary…? Do you?

And of course, sweet hearts, this is different for each of you and some of you may well have different views about opening presents! *Laughs* Yet you see our analogy here. In truth it is only your accumulated beliefs from your experiences that give you any cause to expect less than bliss, less than joy, less than peace in the unfolding of yourselves. And we understand this of course! This journey has been the ultimate challenge for all of you, and we honour this deeply.

Beloved friends, they may well be more to release, there may be more of what you feel as challenging times. And there may well not. But my beloveds, this is all part of the unwrapping of yourselves, the ultimate gift, and an unwrapping that you are creating. Can you know that beneath the layers, under all the wrappings of belief and story, there is the most precious, most divine gift of all? And can you know that this gift is being unwrapped right now, and now, and now, and that you really cannot derail this gift train of delivery that will arrive bringing your infinite freedom? There is no part of this journey that is not truly and in essence for your greater joy, your deeper bliss, your expanded knowing of LOVE, no matter how it may feel in the midst of this transformation. Because YOU create this for you. How much can you trust this, sweet friends, trust in yourselves, your own LOVE?

Beautiful ones, we have no interest in telling you to do this or that – you have worked so hard for so long to be here and now and never have you truly needed instruction. We have always been with you suggesting guidance and support, yet you are the ones who have created all that you are, and all that you experience, and all that you are now unfolding. And we honour that with all our might! This is why we have spoken so much for so long in your experience, of sovereignty, of self-love, of self-trust, of following your own guidance, no matter how different it may seem to the world you see and feel.

Because, our beloved friends, we know this is what you desire! You desire full freedom, Christed embodiment, a new age of LOVE-manifest upon this wonderful planet you call HOME. And so we assist you to our greatest capacity with our perspective and our LOVE, and our light and our unbounded appreciation and devotion to every single moment and particle of your existence. This is your show, beloveds, can you open to it all again and again, whatever it takes? By allowing it all?

Beautiful friends, you are no strangers to challenge, and we cannot tell you the details of what you may have left to do in the unwrapping of your star-selves in form. But we can tell you that the easiest, most graceful, most peaceful path is always open to you, and that all it requires is openness. Is allowing. As we have spoken about so many times. At this point, beloveds, can you let go of judging where you may find yourselves, of what seems to be a never-ending process, of feeling like perhaps you are not fully worthy yet, not being able to ‘work it out’, and just BE with your astounding, beautiful selves? Can you BE this, sweet friends, no matter what you are feeling?

This is the gift of this moon, my friends, the secret treasure of you. Because in every moment YOU are there with you. YOU are the one loving and supporting and unfolding yourselves into heaven on earth on every level, and you are starting to transform into experiences beyond your previous comprehension. And yet, we urge you with deepest love, the most precious gift is to be found in the meeting of yourselves in each moment – in the receiving of this moment-by-moment treasure that YOU want to experience – in the discovery and rediscovery that you are your own heroes, your own saviours, your own cheerleaders, your own best friends, your own beloveds, your own paradise-in-form. You are all there is. And no matter how fragmented and intangible this may seem at times, this is always so – you are always with you, in your love, in your light, in your essence, and the greatest comfort and possibility is always to be found there.

Can you meet yourselves here in the greatest possible intimacy? The truest reality of love? The one that knows that it is only ever about YOU? You are the love of your lives, my sweet friends, the ultimate beloved, and all the reassurance, comfort, support and highest good is to be found in that inward attention, that internal listening, that intimate communion with YOU.

So ask to receive this more, if you feel to. Talk with yourselves, make love to who you are with your attention and your intention, and discover more. Be your own best friend, your own perfect companion, and even when you are so tired of thinking, know that you are always there loving you, receiving you, and that you have never ever left. Not for one moment have you ever been alone. For YOU ARE HERE. In every cell, every moment, in every breath. Your love.

Can you open to the gifts that are streaming into your experience by opening more and more fully to you? By trusting your joy to show you the way, by being available to receive? For we are with you also, sweet friends, as YOU also. And the understanding or not of this is unimportant compared to the knowing, the feeling of the LOVE that WE ARE together, always.

So what treasures will you receive from the heart of this Full Moon? What does your I AM presence your LOVE bring you wrapped up in this transmission, this day, this journey, this continuous unfolding? Only you can find out, sweet friends, and it is our joy to support you in in this discovery in every moment. Call on us beloveds, for clarity, for support, for LOVE. And we are ever here.

I AM Archangel Jophiel, with the I AM collective presence of YOU on Earth, in deepest LOVE ♡



Ah beloveds, what incredible times. What I am feeling from this transmission is the reality of always being with me. When it all comes into the purest possible moment beyond any other knowing, and when your mind trusts nothing else, there you are. Beyond judgements about what experiences are preferable or right or desired – when you cannot know for sure and you cannot find clarity, there is you. With you. And that is all. And it doesn’t ever have to take challenging situations, and hopefully we are almost finished there (certainly feels like such a different process now, and hopefully this stage is almost done), yet often those times are the ones that bring you the most clarity through that intensity.

I was expecting this to come through last night, and it did in energetic terms, but it felt so clear that, at the time of the Full Moon and into the night, this transmission was meeting us all intimately and personally where we were, beyond whatever words came here, bringing us more of ourselves. And so I was gently with you all, knowing the precious treasure that each of you holds, and is unfolding, no matter where we all are, no matter whether feeling the new or the old or both, no matter how this is personally unfolding. We are just perfect. And if nothing else, we simply ARE. And I have found in the journey, that there is astounding grace to stand in the face of every possible uncertainty and not-knowing and doubt – built from eons of belief in separation – and to just stand there with me, letting that be ALL. Being with me. Knowing that all else is never certain. But I AM. And there is tremendous peace in that for me.

So, beautiful companions and friends in this incredible process, thank you for being you, wherever you are, whenever you read this, however you feel. I am with you in that quiet trust and presence. And of course I am excited to see what we continue to unfold, as ever. My heart is a prayerful light for new!

In LOVE with YOU…♡


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