LOVElight Transmission Coming Soon: Scorpio Full Moon and Wesak Blessings


Hi my sweet friends…how are you finding yourselves?

I’m having a great deal of recalibration/shifting and little pockets of new all at once, mainly the former. The new is wondrously lovely, if small, and the recalibration is pretty much taking the entirety of my energy. Of course I’m just trusting this, even if my mind is releasing lots of stuff, and even if sometimes I can’t trust it fully! Mainly finding my ability to write has disappeared again for now – so much I would love to share, yet no energy or motivation to share it. So I am simply sending you love love love and thinking of you all and carrying on BEing with you!

The main thing I am feeling coming up is that kind of ultimate human belief in separation that the whole ‘old’ framework is based on. I have been struck by what a ‘perfect’ system this fear-based one is, because it is built upon the fundamental premise that we have lost own own internal LOVE compass, so until we build/remember our own inner light and trust in our unique guidance, everything that comes into our consciousness is subject to doubt, even at this point for me, subtly and pervasively. Very perfect way of making sure we don’t move beyond the consciously familiar.

It’s an odd experience! Because so much of me is so free from anything like it, yet I am hearing and loving parts of me that are saying ‘but Sara, how do we know any of this is real at all?’ Of course, I don’t know! Ultimate fear for 3D human mind. And that takes me into my favourite part of this whole process, because it is SO profound, which is being stripped right down to the NOW moment of being, where I have continually asked myself to face the question, without any belief and story and idea, who am I right now? And it helps to realise over and over that I don’t know, other than I AM! Beyond ascension, beyond human, beyond anything but BEing. So the only thing left is to BE ME and follow the joy, and trust the peace of allowing and being, simply because that feels right. And in these moments, that has not come from ‘an understanding of ascension’, though that is mostly tremendously helpful to my mind, it comes simply from the fact that if I don’t know anything in my mind for sure, then I might as well choose what feels peaceful and joyful, and allow it all to come, beyond any valuation or validation. And beyond that, because sometimes even that feels like effort, I let go completely into I DON’T KNOW, and just BE, not-knowing.

It’s interesting to me, because I have experienced so much knowing and certainty and LOVE consciousness, and in those moments the doubt is a small part. Yet I do feel that it is this kind of letting go I am guiding myself into, which relies upon nothing and simply IS. And it feels like it’s not because I am ultimately moving away from definition or focus in this body so much, more that it feels that my ability to be completely open in the moment makes whatever the transformation requires as easy and graceful as possible. And I let this go too sometimes. And this is what keeps turning up so I am trusting it and just being tired and weary and limboed most of the time! Haha. Knowing what I know when I know it, and letting it all go again and again…

So, darlings, if you feel, tune into YOU and see if there is anything you are feeling you would like to receive from this Transmission, and request it of yourselves, and we shall see what comes through. The Full Moon is this evening for me and I am assuming that the Transmission will come at some point today, possibly after the actual event. This moon is actually on my Saturn, whilst I am in the midst of my Saturn return (knowing this is SO helping me to trust the heavy weariness going on more!), and feels incredibly potent to this whole process of embodiment, so I imagine it might well have that flavour since it’s coming through me..we’ll see.

I LOVE to co-create like this, my darlings, so I am excited to see what we alchemise together, and what loveliness our I AM sings into our experience for us today…magic! Thank you and LOVE and cookies :mrgreen:  ♡


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