LOVElight Transmission: Taurus New Moon – The Devic Kingdom: The Seeds of the New


* This is an energy transmission, which the words below help to translate for our minds. It is constantly available to you, no matter when you are reading this, and you don’t even have to read the words. You can receive the energy of this at any time, simply by intending to and opening your heart to receive it… *

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THE DEVIC KINGDOM: Taurus New Moon – You carry the seeds of the New; know that all is perfect and allow your presence to unfold the highest good in every moment

Greetings beloved friends and courageous pioneers!

We of the Devic Kingdom are with you today to enlighten, enliven and interweave our essence with yours through this transmission, and so add our light and love to yours in support of all that we are together creating. This is truly a beautiful time, beloveds, a beautiful now, and we are honoured to join you within it.

Beloved friends, we create with you today in the energies of this Taurus New Moon, and with it, to shine the light of a new dawn upon the seeds of the new that are ready to sprout and blossom from within you, and from within and upon our beloved mother Gaia. Friends, we of the Devic Kingdom bring the deepest joy and the lightest of heart blessings to you, for although we know that your experiences may well feel oh so very different from this currently, we see the joyous heart in every one of you, creating and receiving and beaming your light in wondrous harmony with All-That-Is, and we wish to sing a little of your unique songs to each of you through this transmission, and explain a little through these words of what you and we are crafting together with these New Moon energies.

Dearest hearts, we wish to speak to you of both the personal and the collective experience at this time, for as many of you have noticed, it is becoming more and more difficult to discern between them, even for those of you who are highly attuned to the subtlties of this journey. Beloved friends, this is because the vibration of this planet is ascending at such a speed that the hearts of your brothers and sisters are opening faster than any of us could have dreamed possible in the initial visions of the New Earth that we have nurtured. This is because of you, and the intrepid nature of all who have incarnated here on Earth throughout the eons that this process has been perceived from in this dimension. It is so far beyond description, and to witness this opening is truly an honour.

Yet, as all you brave pioneers know, as you open, so that which was repressed must be released, and so you are all collectively now releasing wave after wave of accumulated restriction and structure from the entire collective. Beloveds, this is different to the tremendous service you have all lovingly undertaken for your human family, where you allowed much of the darkest, most stuck energy to be released through each of your personal holograms and created space for the light to penetrate the deepest places. That was indeed only for the most expert among you – which is simply that which you are, for each soul upon this planet has their own special piece of this infinite puzzle and this was yours – and you have achieved it with success that defies description, and continue to do so.

And so, through your courage and love, the entire collective focused upon this planet is now awakening to the light of their hearts, to their infinite freedom, and so the releasing becomes en masse. This is why it feels different for any of you experiencing the heaviness or the distress of this – it is not personal, and yet it is each of your individual human stories that is reflected as the old passes through you. Indeed this is why your bright and shining hearts are now supporting most deeply, for you are able to allow this strongest of waves to be transformed through you, and you will very quickly adjust beyond the pain of the collective experience as these waves take with them all that still restricts you from receiving the full LOVE in your hearts.

Remember, beloveds, this is unfolding moment by moment, and it is your self-focus and love that allows for your easiest and most graceful part of the whole to unfold your infinite freedom and so vibrate that most precious of earthly experiences throughout the whole. You have more support and personalised assistance in the light realms than you could possibly envisage at this juncture, and we simply wish you remind you that all you need do and be is LOVE, however the joy and the peace leads. All is unfolding in perfection, dearest hearts. And we wish now to offer you some suggestions as to how to place yourselves more and more sovereignly in the centre of your infinitely free, abundant and most natural flow.

Sweet friends, as you open your hearts to all that you are, and your LOVE essence comes more and more purely through you, your compassion and love for your fellow incarnates grows with it. We recognise how difficult it can be – no matter how well you now know and trust in the highest good and the LOVE operating upon and with Gaia at this time – to witness all that is most painful and difficult as the light sweeps through the collective and brings all that is ready to leave to the surface. We see how many of you feel heart-bruised by the sheer weight of suffering when it comes to your attention, and we wish to share suggestions with you that may help you continue to realign with the peace and love in your heart that knows beyond all doubt that all is well.

Beloveds, you have come to know the LOVE that resides in the core of everything that YOU ARE. In that infinite BEingness, all is simply peace and LOVE. To even describe it creates ripples of movement that are not truly of this BEingness, that is the silence behind the silence. Beloveds, take a moment to feel the utter harmony of LOVE. All is one, all is connected, all flows and moves as a whole, throughout everything, in every moment. Beautiful sweet hearts, as you begin to truly let go of all the restrictions that have kept you small and afraid on this planet, as you come to know the LOVE of YOU, you come to recognise the intrinsic perfection of all. And in this you come to know that you are ONE, you hold all within you, just as you are a microcosm of the macrocosm of LOVE, and that all potential and possibility is held in the BEing core of your awareness. Truly all is YOU in form and unformed.

And so we say to you, friends, you hold within your hearts the perfect, consciously-harmonious potential for every single moment of existence upon this planet throughout all the dimensions, throught all of time and space, beyond form, beyond restriction of any kind. All of eternity and beyond is within YOU, and you align consciously with this more in every moment. So we say to you, this is the time when you can consciously BE the full trust and faith in LOVE, the living embodiment of LOVE, which knows that within every single being, every single particle, there is also this infinite potential, this every possibility of LOVE. Beloveds, when you look upon something in your collective experience – or indeed within any moment of your personal life – the easiest and most graceful way to assist that which is transforming from restricted to free, from fear to love, is to LOVE it. Love it and bless it and extend to it your implicit, unconditional trust. One way you can do this is to simply say – in your minds or out loud – ‘I love you and I trust you’ to whatever presents that you feel as painful or fearful, feeling your hearts open and flowing with the knowledge of highest good.

Dearest ones, this is why you have worked so hard to find the self-love and trust that guides you impeccably – you can extend this to everything in your universe with your loving awareness. You do not have to know that highest good outcome, you do not need to imagine it – indeed we suggest it would be most peaceful for you to know that is infinitely more so than your minds could create. All you need do is BE the LOVE for whatever you witness, however quietly, however privately you wish. LOVE shapes itself through all of you, and for every moment you are BEing your authentic, loving self, you allow a purer and purer LOVE essence to shine from your hearts and transform all that is ready to be transformed through the light that floods your planet. As you have been mastering, allow all that you feel – allowing yourself to feel the pain and honouring it and so blessing it with your trust and love is a gift beyond measure, and the purest and most powerful you can bestow. For every moment you allow yourself to BE LOVE with everything that presents – including in what you perceive as the outer world – you transform the collective experience effortlessly and automatically with your inner alchemy.

So if your focus is simply upon yourself, with yourself, and you do not experience consciously the collective experience as we have just described, well that is just perfect also! Being yourselves, however you are, is always transforming the whole with complete ease and grace, and this is indeed why all is unfolding at such speed now! And remember, dear hearts, everything that presents is an opportunity from YOU to you – so if something comes to your attention then it is meant to do so, so bless it with your unconditional attention by your authentic allowing and LOVE! There is no situation, no experience distorted beyond remembrance, beyond resurrection of pure LOVE, and your blessing through your presence and heart-knowing of this automatically brings that potential more available to whatever you witness.

Yet we do have another suggestion for those of you who feel inspired, and that is in connection to those seeds we spoke of earlier…(smiling) Beloveds, have you noticed the proliferation of seed metaphors springing to life all over your channels and communities this week…? Well this is also what this New Moon brings. For just as your loving witnessing and blessing of all that presents allows for the highest good to unfold with ease and grace, so does your immense creativity and infinite nature bring forth that which is potential from within you. And within each of you, beloved and precious friends, are all the seeds for the New Earth that are waiting to be germinated, planted and nurtured into full bloom, as well as those that are already bursting through! Each of you holds those seeds that your essence most desires to bring forth into form on this beloved planet, and as your LOVE nature bursts forth from within you, so do these seeds begin to see the light…

Beloveds, we see how difficult it can be to exist as you currently do between such intensely different realities, and this is why we take such care to show and share more of your beauty with you, so that that which is beautiful, sweet, joyful and blissful may continue to unfold from within you with as much consciously harmonious grace as possible for each of you. And so, from each of YOU, with us, we are transmitting that which will best support your blossoming awareness of the beauty and harmonious newness that awakens and begins to manifest from within your hearts. For we see you clearly, beloveds, and your hearts are treasure chests of glorious joy and abundant, effervescent beauty.

Yes, dear friends! You are the ones seeding and alchemising the wonderful newness and profound LOVE experience that is the New Earth, and this New Moon transmits abundant and powerful support for these seeds to begin to push their way through the collective surface. Beloveds, this New Moon brings powerful assistance for your deeper light embodiment, and so the collective light embodiment. It brings powerful assistance in awareness, remembering and inspiration that allows for new knowledge and resolution to become available in the transformation of the many physical distortions affecting this global community of beings. And most importantly, it transmits a new level of remembered WHOLENESS, of conscious harmony, to each of you, allowing an ever-deepening peace, confidence and sovereignty that continues to move you beyond any personal incoherence and into the full heart-centred remembrance of your infinite freedom, divine abundance, and sovereign creatorship, all in your own unique and perfect timing.

And we, dear friends, are working with each of you, bringing the sparkling LOVE-gifts of this moon – from YOU to you – whispering to your hearts and inspiring your minds into the relief, renewal and replenishment that ultimately brings your resurrection to the Christed Consciousness, the living, embodied LOVElight, bringing that divine remembrance into collective awareness. Can you gently and softly open to these gifts, like awaiting presents of treasure long-anticipated…? For we bring them to each of you in this transmission, adding our light to your LOVE for you, in the perfect timing for each individual…and only your hearts know how these gifts of YOU will manifest, so listen into your hearts…

And so beloveds, we say to you, as well as allowing all that you feel of the old, allow all that you feel of the new also! As your experience continues to simultaneously dissolve and shift and expand and renew, can you allow whatever is leaving to exist concurrently with what is arriving? Can you continue to know that the light, joy and abundant LOVE that is constantly inspiring and uplifting you – whether you can feel it or not – is what is flowing all that is changing so radically out into the light of day? Can you, as well as loving everything that comes, allow the magical seeds that are uniquely, exquisitely yours to sing to you, to whisper to you of your deepest Earth dreams? And, as you observe and love the new that begins to subtly, quietly make itself known to you, can you let it grow itself, nourishing it with your joy and attention, your natural gratitude when it flows, and your loving focus? Can you know that whatever presents is only ever a beginning, and that your neutral, passionate, loving presence is the perfect soil in which each of these precious plants will continue to flourish for as long as is joyous to ALL?

You hold the magical seeds, dear hearts. And we remind you that this requires absolutely no effort, for it all arises naturally within. As each of you learn to make less effort and so BE more LOVE, so your natural and abundant creativity and light rises from within to see the light of the sun, and all you need do is ENJOY IT. Enjoy this, dear hearts. Enjoy it when you are sad, enjoy it when you are happy. Enjoy it when you are feeling despair, enjoy it when the bliss transports you. Not by forcing, simply by knowing it is all YOU. Your beautiful, exquisite, loving, abundant self. Your incredible self making love to you in every moment, beloved friends, no matter how the experience presents. Every moment carries more and more of your pure LOVE essence, and the more you soften and relax into wlecoming it – even if that means allowing yourselves to feel so far from joyful it takes your breath away – the more pure LOVElight you allow into your experience, and the faster, easier, more graceful and more harmonious this will all feel. Allow these waves, sweet hearts, for they bring freedom and relief in their wake and often in their midst, because they bring YOU.

We are with you, sweet and beloved hearts, in such sparkling joy, in such delighted co-creation, in such companionship and desire to assist and play joyously in the magic with you. We are supporting you as you LOVE this planet beyond all distortions and lift her and all upon her with your loving presence. We meet you most easily in nature, dear hearts, yet we are always present with you wherever you are…Notice our presence in moments of joy arising, in childlike delight and feelings of magic, and call us in further if you so wish. We SEE YOU, beloveds…now will you let us show YOU too…?

In deepest love, gratitude and continuous celebration of new growth, we are the Devic Kingdom, ever ONE with you 



Ah hello my beloved family! Firstly, I want to say how beautiful and joyful this transmission has been to feel. It has been coming in little waves for the last two weeks, and the last two days I felt the absolute magic of enchantment and wonder and new growth that this time holds, whilst simultaneously processing waves of heaviness beyond my ability to understand!

Most definitely I am feeling what I can only really describe as dissolving. And it continues to be fascinating, the sheer amount of different feelings and states I can be in at any one time, during any one day. This releasing wave over this last week has been so large, and so heart-contred. It has definitely been asking me to let go of everything – even that which previously had been so supportive. It seems that all that I am left to focus upon continuously is my heart, and what unfolds from there. Everything else, whilst absolutely in my awareness in different ways still, has been gently and firmly pulled away enough to show me that only not-knowing and self-love will be needed to go forward.

It hasn’t been in any way as dramatic or revelatory as that makes it sound! Simply quietly, subtly shifting and showing me where I can let go of more, more deeply, and trusting everything that arises, even when I don’t like it and don’t know how. That one is themost fun! :mrgreen: But then I feel that is why we are where and who we are right now.

So this transmission feels full of new growth, of new potential, of new physical and manifest magic gradually making its way to the surface, and of a stronger, more grounded knowing of ourselves, that allows for us to become even clearer, purer and more sovereign channels for this amazing light that’s flowing in. And I am amazed at how much of me has been subtly resisting this – very human and very result-related and very, very understandable. But I have just let go of wondering how there can possibly be more and just trusting that if it comes through me, it wants to come through me, and it’s really irrelevant whether it’s personally Sara’s or not, it must be for my highest good, and so for all.

That’s not to say I enjoy it. No, authentically, I am discovering a new kind of ‘I have had enough’ that is abundantly peaceful and despairing and very human all at once. I’m allowing it, though sometimes it really doesn’t feel like it! But, I wanted to share all of this because I have been experiencing – at times – a deeper peace, a deeper knowing of the absolute magic and perfection of this process, no matter how bloody slow or endless it might feel. And this transmission feels so very much about coaxing our (or perhaps just my!) tired selves into receiving some gently sparkling treasure from ourselves and all our light family who I feel loving and supporting us so so powerfully (my god can you feel it?).

The magic and LOVE is all in you, my lovelies, I have felt it with this transmission, I know it, I knew it before, and I feel it even more now. May your days be filled with more and more LOVE-gifts of YOU.

It is taking me a l o n g time to do anything communication-wise at the moment, as many of you have probably noticed! I have been reading and loving you all with joy, and am intending to reply asap, I am just authentically following the joy on it! I guess you can always trust me on that one… :mrgreen:

So, from my heart to yours, thank you for all the magic and the joy, and I so look forward to seeing what unfolds. And the next Transmission! I have no idea when that will be, but then I love that even more…so we shall see!

Love and a great deal of cookies to each and every lovely one of you…

Sara ♡


5 thoughts on “LOVElight Transmission: Taurus New Moon – The Devic Kingdom: The Seeds of the New

  1. I send you many cookies – coconut macaroons – cherry chip – and white chocolate chip. Thank you for this most brilliant transmission of LOVE. I am feeling the quickening of resolution. Challenge, new perspective, resolve – dissolve. Yes. I am with you in this. Thank you for channeling the ONE heart to all hearts making this huge heart-shaped puzzle picture. Maybe it’s a waterfall at dusk, flowing, rushing, tumbling down as the night comes. The stars come, the moon comes – and we all have a party. I hope there is more laughter than tears. Much more laughter… and DANCING! Glow on and on beautiful Star Baby. xoxoxox

    1. Oooh delish and heavenly, of course! Mmm I love anything involving cherry or almonds…and white chocolate! Thank you!! ♡

      Oh party on, I say, when I am feeling it, it is the best, most magical, infinite party ever. I love your waterfall at dusk – oh goddess that speaks to my heart. I am such a faerie, Avalon, magical creature and I love your faerie heart…

      I am being the trust that there is experience now FULLY available on earth beyond any tears but those of joy, and laughter and DANCING (YES) and infinite exploration of LOVE in a body free of all restriction and fear – that is why I feel I am here and I am trusting and loving and dreaming and BEing it in to being…

      Glowing on with you Star Baby Sister! Thank you so much ♡♡♡♡♡

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