LOVElight Transmission: Ares – The Cardinal Grand Cross, Dissolving, Harmony and the Joy of Contrast ♡


* This is an energy transmission, which the words below help to translate for our minds. It is constantly available to you, no matter when you are reading this, and you don’t even have to read the words. You can receive the energy of this at any time, simply by intending to and opening your heart to receive it… *

♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡

ARES, GOD OF CONTRAST: The Cardinal Grand Cross – Dissolving Distortion and Opening to the Freedom of Experiencing Harmonious Contrast

Beloved friends! Intrepid creators! Greetings! I AM Ares, often known in your consciousness as the God of War. Yet, as your Sun, your conscious light, moves through my astrological sign of Aries, so the conscious understanding of existence is reinspired…and so although the God of War may well be the most accurate way to describe the energies I represent within a paradigm and experience of duality and masculine distortion, from a unified perspective it is perhaps more accurate to describe what I represent as the God of Contrast. Let me take you on a journey of exploration into this theme, as you open your hearts to receive what YOU are are desiring from this transmission. Let me bring you more of your joyfully adventurous and loving selves! That which desires so deeply all that you are calling forth in this transmission and into your collective reality on this beautiful planet.

Beloveds, I come forth today to illuminate and assist in transmitting what you as a collective are calling forth, what you are desiring to come into more conscious awareness of, and that is the freedom to experience ALL as innately, naturally harmonious, to become more and more aware of your natural BEing of harmonious, unified LOVE. This Cardinal Grand Cross you have collectively harmonised into being in your skies tells you much of what you are summoning in this accelerating times, and what I wish to impart is some of how the symbol of the Grand Cross is assisting your ability to remember your sovereign, centred neutrality in the essence of your BEing.

Let me illuminate for your minds the concept of contrast, and how an expanded perspective of harmony may serve to uplift and free your conscious awareness even further, opening you to an even greater freedom of self, knowing of self, on this gloriously creative melting-pot of a planet! For this, my dear friends, is why you are here.

For many ages of humanity, contrast has been experienced through the construct of duality. Because you have increasingly forgotten, as a collective, your innate wholeness and creative connection to all things, survival has become the normal human way of existence on Gaia. This means that your conscious judgement became fixed in ‘good and bad’ in order to avoid bad and allow good – pain and fear and unpredictability became bad, because you had forgotten you had a choice, and had forgotten it really was all YOU, and so you felt persecuted by an unsafe and restrictive world. Safety, comfort, peace and material abundance of any kind became good, because they allowed you to survive and avoid the bad, and have something stable to rely on. So difference, newness, became a threat, because your forgetting meant that you could not trust that it would be good, as the world consistently proved to your restricted awareness that you were not innately loved and cared for and in fact the only things you could rely on were physical absolutes and death.

Consider now though, my beloveds, as you breathe and allow your experience of this perceived separation to soften, how you are remembering that ALL is LOVE. That there is nothing that is not LOVE, that everything is exactly perfect. Now how does this fit with the painful, fearful experiences of lack and separation you have had on this planet, and which you yearn to resolve? Beloveds, this all revolves around what you perceive as harmony, and the beliefs and stories related to this. Most minds consider harmony to be an experience of that which feels good – being at peace with everything, experiencing beautiful sounds together, different elements flowing beautifully together. This is exactly what harmony is, my friends! But your perception of it has been so very limited. Because you have been experiencing duality, of course everything that did not feel good was bad, and so you also have the understanding of an opposite of harmony – dissonance, or when things do not work nicely together.

Now then, beloveds, how does this fit with a harmonious, unified ONE of LOVE? Well, this is all about belief. As has been described, felt, lived and experienced in infinite ways throughout Earth’s collective experiences, EVERYTHING, the ALL-THAT-IS, is simply LOVE wanting to know more of itself, BEing LOVE, LOVING LOVE. Breathe this into your hearts, my beloveds, for this is YOU. Now consider that there are no stories within this, there are only ways to know more LOVE, to experience self MORE. And how is this achieved? How does LOVE go about knowing more of LOVE when it is simply LOVE? It creates new, different CONTRASTING experiences through the illusion of individuality, in order to learn more about LOVE through what is new, different, contrasting, other. There can be no expansion without reflection, without perceived ‘otherness’, there can be no new without contrast, of greater or lesser intensity. And what could be a greater contrast to BEing LOVE than to forget YOU ARE LOVE? To feel separate from LOVE? And create from that belief?

Do you see my beloveds? Although you are still expanding and remembering your way out of this huge and fathomless experience of separation, as this cycle of creation – of INCREDIBLE CONTRAST – comes to a close and a new one of remembered innate harmony in physicality begins, you are beginning to remember the truth of this. EVERYTHING is LOVE, and every single experience on this planet, in this universe, in all the multiverses, all of it is LOVE, in harmonious creation of contrasting experiences. It is simply your perception that has allowed for the whole cycle of experienced duality, and it is simply your beliefs and stories created through this perception that are beginning to dissolve and once again make way for the infinite space which is the understanding of the harmony of LOVE.

Beloveds, consider how perfectly the universe has created every single experience that you may have considered as bad or dissonant. All the painful, fearful, destructive experiences of humanity throughout all these ages. There have been no glitches – the illusion has never stuttered or cut out. No, you have all been able to create and fully believe in this experience of duality to every extreme, because the universe has been innately in HARMONY with what you created through your belief systems, providing every particle of what you needed to experience this particular realm of contrast. The harmony of ONE simply shapes itself effortlessly to what is called forth, no judgements, no beliefs, no restrictions. LOVE is unconditional, and now you begin to remember this once again, and taste the incredible freedom this brings. Harmony is innate – it is simply LOVE shaping itself continuously and seamlessly in all the myriad forms of contrast LOVE desires to experience now and now and now. There is nothing outside of it, there is nothing exempt from it, and the only thing restricting your ability to KNOW the innate peace of this neutral, unconditional harmony is your beliefs and stories around what you do and do not want, and the judgements of what unfolds in your experiences in every moment.

Consider my friends, when you can accept EVERYTHING as LOVE, everything as innately harmonious, what freedom this gives you? Not only do you have no NEED to change it because you are no longer resisting it, and you know it is perfectly you in that moment, whatever it is, you are also able to create anew with LOVE, with your pure essence, by vibrating the frequency of whatever YOU would like next. And through the innate harmony of LOVE, the universe shapes itself to that frequency, and you experience it purely, because you do not resist the flow of that harmony bringing forth whatever you are resonating. Do you see, my friends, the importance now of allowing, of noticing, of loving you? This allows everything you have been creating from restricted beliefs and distortion of your essence to flow through you unhindered, transformed back into LOVE unconditional, and for your conscious creations to become more purely that which is innate within you – LOVE. Peaceful, harmonious LOVE, whatever unfolds – unconditional, beyond judgement, beyond restriction, simply open to whatever brings you most joy and delight now and now and now. Because that is truly who YOU ARE. BEing the New Earth…

My friends, do not concern yourselves if you do not feel this, or if you cannot receive it consciously now, for this is simply an energetic transmission that you will all receive in your hearts in perfect alignment with you. This is why all the focus of this time is about allowing, noticing, loving yourselves and just letting yourselves unfold, because this places you more and more naturally, easily, in the experience of your essential self, the ONE who knows the neutral, unconditional harmony of LOVE, and knows that EVERYTHING in your experience is simply bringing you more YOU to LOVE, no matter what you may think about it. Feel everything you feel about your experience, allow it, and know that any resistance you feel to these words is simply that which restricts your freedom currently, and allow that too! There is nothing wrong, nothing bad, nothing in need of fixing. There is only the process of consciously vibrating yourself back into your pure LOVE essence.

My beloveds, this is not a new way of being for you all – you are simply remembering and refamiliarising yourselves with the LOVE that you are, and as such there is nothing to be done but to stay open to YOU, to the LOVElight flooding the experience of all on this planet. You will know more and more and more of what I have described here, and these words simply serve to loosen up your minds to notice that which is arriving. For, beloveds, this is why you are here on this planet. Gaia holds the greatest potential of contrast, the grandest spectrum of difference in the whole of creation; the experience of LOVE expands magnificently as you expand and lift the spectrum of LOVE through your transcendence and ascending consciousness.

Beloveds, your greatest gift to the whole is remembering the innate harmony of your essence, the still peace of LOVE within your hearts, for this enables you to look upon every moment, every version of experience on this planet as perfect, as LOVE, without judgement, without restriction. As the world wakes up to this remembrance, your authentic BEing of this innate truth allows for all to remember their own sovereign creatorship, and begin to move into this new era of LOVE-remembered. Not because everything is not innately in harmony and needs to be healed, but simply because you now collectively desire to move beyond a separative, distorted experience of LOVE, and into a fully conscious experience of innate harmony, freedom and co-creation with the whole spectrum of contrast this planet offers available to you.

This is part of what this Cardinal Grand Cross brings to you. Consider the eye of a storm – the still, centre point amidst tremendous power and change. This is what you are familiarising yourselves with once again – the sovereign neutrality of every divine spark, of every unique focus of LOVE. The energies of this Cross are powerfully transformative, and as you allow and notice and love yourselves with more and more ease, what the energies of this Cross allow for is the dissolving of all that no longer serves your experience of LOVE. Think of the centre of this Cross as a crosshair, upon which any belief or story of restriction and lack and fear is dissolved with utter ease and grace, and as you allow, you remain at the centre of this crosshair, becoming purified by its tremendously powerful and focused light.

This time delivers the greatest light and energy for change your planet has ever known, because YOU are now capable of being the channels for this New Age of LOVE. And your allowing, loving attention creates an experience of ease and grace that ushers in the profound changes available to you in the most consciously peaceful way for you, and so for ALL. By allowing, by simply BEing yourself, you centre yourself in this flow, you allow the profound energy of this formation to flow through your clear, open channel, transforming and dissolving everything you are releasing, amplifying everything new you are ready to manifest, and grounding this astonishing light into Gaia to permeate your physical, collective reality with ease and grace..

And, my dear hearts, what you will discover, what many of you are discovering, is that within your hearts is the passionate, joyful desire for this experience. There is within you LOVE that is ecstatically exhilarated by EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of your experience, the painful and the blissful, the fearful and the peaceful. This essential self of YOU is powerfully expanded by being in a body, by experiencing every moment of conscious change, by the potential of contrast and so a greater knowing of itself that is becoming more and more avaible in the conscious awareness of each of you. This YOU is beyond belief, beyond restriction, beyond story – this IS YOU and is already and always present within – this has always been so, and every potential, every manifestation, every way of experiencing more LOVE is already present within you, beloveds, and by allowing and loving your flow, you are simply remembering this and aligning your consciousness with that which is LOVE within and KNOWS ALL.

For when you allow the neutral, harmonious awareness that is YOU to come into your awareness, you begin to see how it is in the moments of greatest contrast that you offer yourself the greatest expansion. When you allow YOU to flow without judgement, the space for learning and noticing WHO YOU ARE in the contrast, in the moment of newness, becomes available, and you begin to remember WHY you created all of this in the first place, and WHAT your essential self is showing you…allow allow allow everything, beloveds, and come to know the great space that opens up when you stop resisting life, within which you meet yourself and know more of LOVE…for the more you open, the more you allow, the more you notice, not only are you allowing all you no longer wish to experience to dissolve – collectively and personally – you are also BEing the newness, the LOVE as it manifests through you more and more purely. The more YOU you can relax into, the more powerful the gift to the whole, my courageous friends. Relax, and expand, and LOVE. It’s a great ‘job’ description, is it not…?

My beloveds friends, I AM Ares, in the joy of contrast, of newness, of inspired action and passion, and it is my pleasure to represent that which you desire to know more of at this time. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to create with you, and if any of you feel the joyful desire to experience more of my energies, or the energies of this transmission, of YOU, more deeply in your awareness, open your hearts to me and we shall create more together!

In deepest LOVE, and in greatest excitement for all that is unfolding in this collective focus on Gaia, I am with you and I AM Ares ♡



This was so clear and joyful to receive, my friends, especially compared to the Easter one, which felt so much immersed in the intensity of unfolding that was the Easter weekend!

Little astrological interlude for anyone who’s interested: I have been feeling this energy so strongly today and I realised that part of why this was so easy for me to translate for you all is because, opposing my Libra Moon that got activated into a new level by that last Full Moon, I have Venus in Aries in the fifth. As I was thinking about this today I had a total aha moment, because it felt suddenly like this was activating the other end of that opposition by merging the masculine Aries (ruled by Mars/Ares) energy with the Venus energy and tapping me into the tremendously joyful creativity that Mars (Aries) and Venus have going on when they meet…(my favourite 😉 )

So this illuminated and intensified the excitement as I tuned into you all and asked for what we were wanting to receive and work with, and have felt this coming and being experienced by me in order to translate for the last couple of days. This seems to be how it works for me! That’s my favourite bit too – opening myself to all of YOU and finding out what we are all creating together in LOVE. It’s so exciting…

So what I have been feeling today is this powerful, joyful, excited, passionate light like a sun in my heart that is like anticipation in light form. It is simply in my body, emanating from my heart, though as the day goes on it is becoming more obvious in my mental energy as well. The main feeling is the absolute truth of how MUCH our essential selves are ESTATIC at every moment of this process, however we are humanly feeling. Even as we are so tired and fed-up to differing degrees, and as we have different reactions to what turns up, the more I allow and the more I interact by listening and feeling and dialoguing with this LOVE I feel as ME, the more obvious this innate sense of BEing becomes, and the easier it gets to trust what unfolds as being absolutely for my bliss, my joy, my expansion, my loving knowing of myself as LOVE. It’s so amazing. I want more! Sometimes, when I am not just allowing the e n d l e s s n e s s of this process, I feel like I am running into the intensity of these times with open arms shouting ecstatically ‘YES!!! Bring more light! I want to remember I’m FREEEEEE!!’ Haha.

And I adore what that means for us on this planet. To be peaceful, loving, unconditional lights powerfully allowing the LOVE of everyone’s essential self to begin to become collectively experienced, however they unfold it. How magical.

So thank you, my lovelies! For being so courageous and allowing so so much new to come into our experiences, lifting all the restrictions and ushering in a whole new way of being together on Gaia. Incredible! And thank you for calling this transmission forth – such blessings for whatever you receive from it and I look forward to the next one! (I am feeling it will be the New Moon next week, and it feels Devic, but we shall find out!)

LOVE and cookies and blimey this time is intense! Bring on NEW!

Sara ♡

P.S. Ares as God of Contrast beyond God of War – how COOL is that?? Thanks guys! Love this adventure…♡

P.P.S. As I was thinking about this afterwards, and thinking about the concept from the beginning of consciousness being reinspired as we go through the astrological sign of Aries (and how we are now in Taurus, as of Easter Sunday – timings again!), I suddenly saw how the Spring Equinox this year opened up a new reimagining of each collective area of experience through the signs – like each sign will be a new version of itself as the Sun passes through it – our consciousness being opened to the new version of the area each sign represents. Aries reinspires the collective awareness first…I wonder what Taurus might bring! This felt very exciting and I might have to write more about that! ♡


7 thoughts on “LOVElight Transmission: Ares – The Cardinal Grand Cross, Dissolving, Harmony and the Joy of Contrast ♡

      1. Hey, Sara dearest… Where have you been? Hope you’re doing ok…. I’m resurfacing from a profound changing period. Fernando was born and my life changed completely! lol Sending you much love!! ♡♡♡♡

      2. Hello darling Ivy! How lovely lovely lovely! I have been thinking of you and sending so much love ~

        I have also been finding this summer has been deeply profound ~ many adventures both inward and outward and I have been feeling so much I would love to write but the energy has not been there and I have been trusting that ~

        I am feeling a bit of resurfacing energy but still feel pretty immersed in transformation ~ at the climax of my Saturn return ~ finding the most core essence of me being exposed and freed and it’s so challenging and yet so simple ~ 😉

        Hopefully I’ll be writing again soon but in the meantime oooooh Auntie~love to beautiful Fernando and such deep blessings to all of you ~ so so happy for you!

        Here’s to life ever~changed by LOVE… 😉 ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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