LOVElight Transmission: Easter 2014 – Jeshua and The Authentic I AM ♡


* This is an energy transmission, which the words below help to translate for our minds. It is constantly available to you, no matter when you are reading it. So you can receive the energy of this at any time, simply by intending to and opening your heart to receive it… *


♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡


Beloveds, you are my lovers-in-light, and we create the conscious dawning of the New Age of Earth with the love that we share and weave together. I adore each and every one of you as the pure and shining lights that you are, and come to speak of what we together are now unfolding. Beloveds, I speak with and as and for the collective of the I AM presences of all on the Earth, and most strongly with yours – each and every one of you connected to these beautiful co-creations – these transmissions – whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It is YOU who are making this infinite freedom available, it is YOU who are embodying this wholeness. Beloveds, your essence, your I AM presence greets you in these words, for YOU ARE the words, just as you are the LOVE that called them into existence. The LOVElight that flows through this experience is your own beautiful glow intertwined and harmonising in glory with all others’ who wish to co-create this with you.

Beloveds, can you feel this? Can you open even further to this? Can you greet yourself in this transmission, meeting your essence as the long-lost lover returning home from the journey of an age? Can you open your arms to yourself with the passion of reconnection, with the relief of remembered familiarity, with the hunger of desired reunion? Can you allow all of life to become fluid, all beliefs to drop away, to become freely a meeting of your very self in each moment of life that presents to you? Can you let your authentic experience inform you of your own LOVElight, your own unique expression?

Beloveds, you have cleared the path within you to the core of remembrance, of reconnection, of reuniting. You have undergone the most rigorous and challenging of processes, and you have risen as the phoenix from the ashes, to reignite again the flame of LOVE within your hearts. I ask you now, are you ready to apply the radical trust you have forged within yourself as you have travelled this path of light? Are you ready to welcome yourself home through your authentic, allowing, trusting presence?

Consider what this means, my dearest and brightest hearts. A clear channel means a clear channel. To be yourself means to be wholly yourself. I do not mean to express what you think is clear and pure, to be what you believe to be loving and light-filled. To be authentic, to express yourself fully, means to open yourself up fully, infinitely for your essential self flow through you. However that may present, however contradictory, unpleasant or confusing that might be.

Beloveds, let me pour love into this for you. When I express the words written above, did something in you sink in weariness, or tighten in worry or fear? Did you feel the contraction of ‘I don’t know how’ or ‘What if…?’ ‘Or how do I do this’? The thing is, my dear ones, that is the mind attempting to fulfill the task of ‘BEing LOVE’ set before it, attempting to control and box up its understanding of what expressing your essential self authentically is. It says ‘Oh well, to be my authentic essential self of the new means to be loving and kind, and to be always peaceful and abundant and patient nd joyful and happy and all these qualities which harmonise so perfectly with everything’. Oh yes my beloveds, this is your whole and natural state, and yet, with all the mind’s attempts to fulfill this, to control and hone your expression into this apparently perfect version of you, this is not yet your complete experience, is it? Even though you can touch it, taste it, know it in your cells and in your bursting, overflowing heart that knows the truth of your peaceful, abundantly loving being.

Oh my loves, I hear the minds cry! ‘So how then! How do we do this? We have tried so hard for so long! Why are we not there yet?’ And therein lies your answer. It is not in the doing, my dears, there is nothing to be done. This has been said so many times, but we will say it again, the mind does not know how to be this transformation. Your mind is a wonderful experiencing and receiving and translating tool, but it cannot lead you where you want to go, and no matter how deeply you already know this, at this time, your experience of this will become absolute, for that is the final stage of this transition, this transformation, that will make all else infinitely possible.

My beautiful beloveds, this is where your radical trust comes in. Can you become the open channel for ALL of your experiences, your feelings, your sensations? How widely can you open to ALL of yourself? How deeply can you fall in love with ALL of yourself? How fully can you trust what your universe turns up for you? Not just the ‘nice bits’ – the peaceful, love-filled, joyful bits – but the pain, the frustration, the weariness, the not-knowing, the confusion, the desperation. How much can you let go of any judgement of your experiences that don’t match up to your mind’s criteria of what BEing LOVE really means?

Hear YOUR love in these words my beloveds, your loving presence whispering to you of the freedom of just BEing, and hear what YOU ask of you. Total trust. Total LOVE. Total surrender. For you know in your hearts it is the only way. My dear ones, you have undergone a mighty transformation, one that has had many effects and many distortions. Your mind can no longer assist you in unpicking them from the outside in, only in understanding them once they emerge. And the only way to let them emerge is to allow your essential self, your naturally LOVE self, your I AM presence, to unravel everything that is left in the way of your resurrection, your full union, from the inside out. And that, my dear friends, requires your open channel of allowing. Your radical trust. Your passionate love. Your handing over of this process to your I AM, and the flow of unfolding, ascending, purifying LOVE that is the perfectly tailored and unique path to your infinite freedom.

Do you see? At this point, you are both experiencing your own wholeness – in your moments of wondrous reconnection and peace – and your own ‘brokenness’ – in your weariness and frustration and pain. If you are to be authentically YOU in every moment, WHATEVER ARISES MUST BE ALLOWED, ACKNOWLEDGED AND LOVED in order to release any distortion and emerge in its pure LOVE form. All contradictions, all harmonies. Just pause and examine more closely just how often and how subtly you judge what comes through your mind, through your conscious experience. Say you find yourself what you consider to be irrationally irritated by someone. Do you simply notice this feeling and allow it to pass through you, trusting it’s appearance as part of your reunion with SELF and loving yourself in it? Or does your mind immediately jump on it, judging it for being ‘not loving’ and resist it in some measure? Or trying to justify or explain away this occurrence? And if it does do that, do you then notice and allow that response or do you judge the response and get frustrated with yourself? And so on…

My beloveds, this is not about tasking you with more – quite the opposite – this is about showing you what a TREMENDOUS gift you give yourselves in every moment you allow YOU to express authentically anything and everything that comes up in your conscious awareness. And we do not necessary mean telling anyone else, unless that feels peaceful and joyful to you. We simply mean, in yourself, with yourself, allowing the stream of you to flow through you simply observed, unhindered and uncorrected. Do you see the radical trust that this requires? This requires you to trust that you are perfect as you are. That every moment – whether difficult or wonderful – is leading you to your complete freedom. That this can naturally unfold in complete ease and grace without any conscious effort from you whatsoever. After all the work and diligence you have shown, do you see what a huge amount of self-love this takes? To fully relax and let go?

Consider how, when you were feeling most alone and submerged in the most difficult parts of your process, if someone you respected as a being further along the path than you had been authentic enough to say ‘Well yes I am feeling so angry and sad today and I have all this pain coming up so I am trusting it and allowing it to come through me, but sometimes I just don’t know if this is all true and if I’m even doing it right.’ Do you see what an incredible gift to the collective your authentic loving presence is, when you can own and love and BE every single thing that comes through you, knowing it is YOU and YOU are perfect? Can you see the permission that gives for the authentic expression of others, and the speed at which they can allow their essence to shine through them? Can you see that anything else is done to give others what you think they want, or what you think will look better? Let the collective cross of restriction and distortion fall, my friends, and free the whole of humanity through the simple act of loving yourself unconditionally, by being that most radical of changes.

Because, my loves, this radical trust extends to the whole, as it must if you apply it to yourself. This means letting go of any caretaking or support of anyone else that feels anything less than completely peaceful and joyful in the moment. And it means leaving behind any beliefs around roles and service and anything other than just being. It means trusting every other being on this planet to find their own path with ease and grace, their own remembrance, now matter how impossible that might look to you. It means allowing any and all challenges this might bring up in you too. There is a reason this trust, this love, is radical, beloveds and there is a reason it is YOU who has chosen to BE this now.

Feel, my beloveds, the incredible, infinite freedom of simply relaxing into you. Of knowing that the Now moment holds the only YOU you need to focus upon. Simply turning up to each moment with peaceful curiosity for what is coming next. Imagine the exhilaration and immensity of experiencing everything in every moment without judgement or restrictions, but in the full wonder of receiving yourself, in whatever form, as perfect and wondrous. Imagine the astounding clarity of knowing everything you need to know, having your whole self available to you in every moment because you are open and neutral and passionately loving of yourself. Because you trust that YOU LOVES YOU and is delivering your freedom in every experience, in every feeling, in every sensation. That YOU ARE LOVE and LOVE as this collective experience on Gaia is interested in infinite freedom and so that is the alchemy that each moment brings, if you can open yourselves wide with that radical trust and open your hearts to the infinite wonder of receiving yourself.

When you open to you, when you are truly LISTENING with all of your attention to find out who you are, when you turn to yourself as the lover you have always yearned to find once more and open your arms to yourself, miracles become normal and you become the open receiver of all the magnificence your universe has to offer. In your own perfect timing. With complete ease and grace. As you open, as you relax into you, as you allow EVERYTHING, your essence becomes clearer and purer and the LOVE that you are can become reflected wholly in your world. Set yourselves free, beloveds. Here your song singing of rest and freedom to you in these words. Find yourself waiting in every moment, whatever it holds. Let go and BE YOU.

I AM your ever-loving Jeshua, and I AM with you in every one of your moments, loving them with you ♡



Oh my beloveds, I love you so much! I am SO tired. I have very much been the embodiment of these words in the last four days, as I felt a constant stream of weariness, sadness, frustration and irritation flow through me and found myself able to simply allow it. And so it has been intense and I am so tired from the intensity, but I have been peaceful, and happy, and present with me, and I have found myself allowing it all, and amazed by the simple neutrality available. The freedom that comes from this allowing truly is incredible for me, as one who has spent so long rigorously ‘perfecting’ myself.

And most of what I have been feeling has felt very much a collective releasing. I have watched a tremendous intolerance and irritation and energetic allergy to the experience of male-related restriction and pain in my life, and this morning I felt suddenly clear that it was the collective masculine wounding – the distortion of power and control and ‘doing’ – that I have felt releasing this weekend. I have felt – and am still feeling these Grand Cross energies, which seems to require complete centredness in order to flow, and even then it feels like everything is a little resistant to getting done. Hence this just having to wait until now. The only thing that truly flows is ME, with ME…

At the same time I have been feeling INTENSELY finished with supporting people in any way as I have been, at the very least for now. I mean any and all contracts, agreements, everything that has felt right up until now. Everything feels as though it is truly ending and – especially on Friday, which I found tremendously symbolic – I found myself feeling an incredible desperation to leave everyone else’s journeys completely behind and be free to simply focus on me. Everyone that is still deep in their clearings and rememberings suddenly felt so tiring and unbearable to me – partly because they could not see, hear or support me – and the radical trust that allowed all those feelings through without judging them was incredibly applicable that day. Similarly the situations that have served as holding spaces for us to transform in became again so restrictive, mainly through the people within them. And yet I found myself completely allowing of all this, and began to experience myself quite literally as a clear channel for a torrent of collective distortion and weariness as well as the pure LOVE that is ME. I felt so clearly the symbol of having carried the collective cross for so long and finally feeling the time to let it go. And gone it has.

And so, my dear ones, I have been BEing this authenticity and radical self-trust with and for you this weekend, and been amazed at how peaceful and freeing it truly is. To be feeling the most tremendous irritation and frustration pass through me and stay present to my moment, the love, the joy available to me, not minding how it unfolds. Allowing all the feelings I have about all of it to flow right through too. The beauty of trusting me to unfold my infinite freedom perfectly for me, just through my open willingness to allow it through, whatever, however. No correcting, no restricting.

So I have been BEing and beaming and inviting you all into my heart with me as I have tramped up the Tor and lain in the Chalice Well on Friday, Saturday and Monday of Easter 2014. The energy of Glastonbury is shifting powerfully and I felt the merge of so many energies occurring. I have always felt the Tor and Tha Chalice to be like the masculine and feminine principles of the Glastonbury energy, but as I walked around them both on Sunday I felt them merge as one bright Glastonbury LOVE. I felt the energy of the two Guardian Yew Trees in the Chalice Well Gardens as one essence in two trees. I had a male and a female blackbird hop right up to me with food in their mouths completely independent of each other. I drank water from the White Spring and the Red Spring and let them merge within me. And everywhere I went there were pairs of birds flying together, couples walking and so many families.

I saw a golden Tree of Life bursting up from Glastonbury and connecting the whole of the Earth with golden LOVElight, and I saw how each of us is also a golden tree – a microcosm of a macrocosm. I felt how we are all walking, breathing living light, living LOVE, living prayer, and how at this symbolic and holy time, the whole of creation was honouring this tremendous pilgrimage we have all made into our own hearts, and the tremendous gift we have given to every being on this planet, and to ALL of creation. I felt us all breathing in the LOVE of ourselves in the freedom of expression and I loved you all so very much as we lay in the gardens, letting it all flow through us, trusting and loving and knowing we are our own freedom, and all we have to do is let go and let it unfold.

I felt the tremendous embodiment of the Christ symbol we have all been and we all are. We have carried the cross, we have taken the collective weight, we have felt forsaken and forgotten and we have allowed our authentic selves to cry out in the darkness of this process. And now we are being resurrected, we are BEcoming once again free. By allowing it to be so. And loving ourselves more and more in every moment.

And I think we are transcendent, incandescent, magnificent. And I love us all ♡


6 thoughts on “LOVElight Transmission: Easter 2014 – Jeshua and The Authentic I AM ♡

  1. Dearest Sara through which Taijnymph flows so brilliantly – Dearest Taijnymph through which Sara flows so brilliantly,

    Thank you with all my heart. Your words are like a “heart reading.” I feel in-line with your revelations of letting things flow through authentically without judgment of self or others – releasing. I have been in this boat – on this ship. I jumped off the ship, decided to swim and felt pulled under. Sinking deep into the sea of caring so deeply what others thought, how I was serving them, was I pleasing them? All so confusing.

    It is Transcendence that lifted my surrendered body through the water to the surface, and lovingly placed me not on the same ship I jumped from, but onto a different one – shimmering and golden firefly lights gracing the sails – this not in the water, but in the sky.

    Your heart speaks to mine in a most profound way. I pray that many, many hearts see, feel your messages, and find the sweetest of releases.

    So MUCH to learn.

    I thank you so very MUCH, dear sweet teacher.
    Much LOVE and Many Blessings,


    1. Darling Heaven,

      Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful love and light you are shining. This means so much to me.

      I am so loving these Transmissions and co-creating with everyone AND they are still challenging what’s left of my shy, sensitive Sara-bits that still don’t fully trust my worth and my abilities – I am loving them and trusting them and absolutely following the joy and letting this experience flow them through me, but having words and love like you have been pouring my way is SO uplifting and supportive to my total enjoyment of this!

      My heart is absolutely glowing now and my excitement for this has expanded again and it is SO WONDERFUL to share with your heart and be on this magical planet with you, Heaven! Thank you.

      So whatever next…I love playing like this! Thank you for playing with me…oh yes such sacred fun…

      Deepest blissings and love, and cookies for your tastebuds on your magical golden ship…(mine’s right with you!) ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  2. What a wonderful love light transmission! The last days have been challenging as I can certainly allow anger and sadness to pass through, but not at the cost of not running all the errands I need to in preparation for birth. Yesterday and today have been a very clear release of the past — in dreams, in memory flashes, in sounds. It is yet another goodbye to whom I was before. There is a little sadness to this goodbye that was not there the times before but, well, this too shall pass. Much love to you!

    1. My lovely Ivy, I hear you, and I’m with you. I have been finding myself feeling mainly allowing and really not very much new in my everyday awareness in the last few days – it feels very much like a collective intensity and release and although I have felt the LOVE there, it has felt very ‘human’ for a lot of it! Thank goodness for the Transmissions, which have tapped me into so much energetic new!

      I have noticed a lot in the last six months how often it is my moments of recognising the poignancy and intensity of being human and feeling so so much pain and exhaustion that are the most beautiful, because I feel the sweetness of my heart really wanting me to allow it so it can be loved back into ME. Like a grand nostalgia for the courage we have needed and shown. And then there are times when I just feel the tiredness and the busyness and the ongoing ‘normality’ of it all…

      So yes, this too shall pass, and I am really welcoming this Grand Cross energy because it feels like it’s so helpful in this, in boosting our experience into so much more of ourselves, and I am feeling so much yearning for that again…so it must be time!

      Plus, we are calling forth a LOT of transmissions, and it feels like that’s why I got inspired with it when I did, so I am fascinated to see what comes after the New Moon next week – I feel like we are in a brew right now, and I want to see what happens when the lid comes off.

      Much as I feel the total rightness, sometimes allowing all this in perfect timing just gets frustrating! Haha. Bless me and my speedy, freedom-loving nature! Phew lots of words for you, my lovely… 😉

      I love you dearest one! Love to you all from Auntie Cookie Fairy! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

      1. Auntie cookie fairy, thanks for the wordy response! 😉 I agree, I agree, I agree.
        Also looking forward to next week and what’s coming up. Sorry I didn’t see your reply before, I have been soooo tired! And processing. And clarig… Blargh, you know the drill. 😛 I love you, I love you! Little grape sends you a couple of loving “kicks” right from my belly!

      2. Thank you darling – of course I understand and it’s always fine whether or not you reply or how – personally have had no replying energy for the last week, and it has been tricky to allow it because I have wanted to respond, but there we have it, and we are perfect.

        I know the drill, I love the love and kicks, and I send love and cookies to you and active little grape from misty, sunny April here…love you! ♡♡♡♡♡

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