LOVElight Transmission: Easter Sunday – The Authentic I AM



Just to let you know I have just come back from the transmission which comes to you from Glastonbury Tor and the Chalice Well Gardens…it felt much more like a inviting you all into my heart and BEing this transmission with you, rather than beaming anything out intentionally…

I just wanted you to know that the LOVE of the transmission is there and present now, so tune into it whenever you feel, and I will be back to describe and translate for you later – possibly today, maybe tomorrow. I’m incredibly peacefully tired and having a very relaxing family time today, so I shall just keep feeling out for the right moment to bring words to this and be back whenever that arrives.

Loving you all so much, wherever you are, however you feel, and going to rest deeply in that now,

Easter Blessings!


♡ Update! Am off to Glastonbury again today and it feels like there’s actually more for the transmission – so I will be being that again in the Chalice Well and will be back here to tell you all about it this afternoon/evening. So come hang out with me in Glastonbury in your hearts and I’ll update this post fully later…big big love and hope your Easter wekkend has been blessed with more and more of YOU…


6 thoughts on “LOVElight Transmission: Easter Sunday – The Authentic I AM

  1. Thank you, blessings and Happy Easter, Sara! LOVE ❤️❤️❤️ Easter bunnies 🐇 and chocolate 😉 💋

    1. Thank you darling Christine – Happy Easter to you too, blessings and chocolate and all yummy things….back with the post this afternoon/evening…♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Christine! So lovely to see you here, thank you.

      Wonderful to know…I’ll be posting this afternoon/evening now as I am off to Glastonbury AGAIN and it feels like the final part of the transmission…so symbolic, Good Friday – Easter Monday…♡


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