LOVElight Transmission: Full Libra Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse – Freedom to experience FULLY ♡

* This is an energy transmission, which the words below help to translate for our minds. It is  available to you, no matter when you are reading it. So you can receive the energy of this at any time, simply by intending to and opening your heart to receive it… *

♡     ~      ♡     ~      ♡     ~      ♡     ~      ♡     ~      ♡     ~      ♡

sunset_mountains_clouds_1280x800_8300SELENE, GODDESS OF THE MOON: This Total Lunar Eclipse transmits to you your innate freedom to experience yourselves – and so all of life – FULLY

Beloveds, welcome! I am Selene, Goddess of the moon, and I come to facilitate this energy transmission, and to co-create these words for you and with you.

Yes, with you beloveds! With you. And this we, in the light realms, wish to begin with. Because we wish to say thank you! Thank you for being here, thank you for receiving this, thank you for being part of this and co-creating, whether you are aware of this or not. For, dear ones, this is not some random idea that Sara thought up and decided to share, though that is certainly one way of perceiving it! My beloveds, this, as with everything, is a co-creation.

All of you are experiencing your own journey of remembrance at this time, are coming into greater and greater conscious union with your essence, your full selves, within your bodies. And each of you, in your collective desire for awakening have called forth this energy – together – in this form. This is what you have manifested as the harmonious and graceful way for you to continue on this journey together, to receive the energy of this moon, easily and gracefully and with fun. And, within the collective of all of you here, it just happens that it is most joyful for Sara to do as she has done, and create this mode of sharing, and make it consciously available to you all.

That’s all, beloveds! It’s just fun, an adventure, a sacred fun adventure, and this will now become your waking reality more and more. You, together, are experiencing an awakening, an ascending experience here on the earth, and you are each creating your own unique expression of it, your individual path to full remembrance and integration, which harmonise wondrously together and create collective experiences. And this is just one of the ways that is adding to your joy. What a wondrous co-creation! So easy. And we are so delighted to be part of it, as are you, we know! Dear ones, it does not matter whether you are aware of this, or how, because you are all beings of LOVE having an experience, and you will come to know this, because that is why you are here!

Yes, dear hearts, that is why you are here. Beings of LOVE having an experience. Let us give you an example. Earlier this year, Sara was closing a cycle within a very powerful connection. She knew the rightness of this for her and she was navigating it openly with her heart. She was also experiencing intense emotions through this closing, but she had opened to enough of herself to trust and open to these emotions, and to allow them to come through her, informing her. So she was sitting there, allowing the intensity and listening to what she was feeling, when she suddenly became aware that, as well as the intensity, as well as all the emotion that was flooding her, as she allowed it to flow freely she could also sense this powerful, joyful exhilaration. This shocked her, but being her curious self, as she listened to it, opened to it, and allowed it through, she became aware that, as she was experiencing this incredibly intense love and emotion, she was also experiencing the exhilaration; exhilaration AT the intensity of the experience, FROM it, exhilaration simply for HAVING the experience.

As quickly became apparent to Sara, and is her normal experience now, this wasn’t simply a random oddity! This was her essential self, her fuller self, her higher self, to use the traditional phrase. This was her essence, absolutely marvelling and in awe at the majesty of this experience, at the sheer intensity of the feeling, at the contrast of BEing LOVE and yet feeling so much pain. And my dear ones, this is who you are. You are LOVE beings having a human experience! You see, beloveds, in your full selves, in your essence, you are creating these experiences in full awareness; you are choosing them because they are how you wish to KNOW MORE OF YOURSELVES, how you wish to expand, to grow to explore.

And why was this higher self so exhilarated? When Sara was feeling pain? For we know this is what the mind often to responds to this with – but why must I feel pain? This isn’t a nice experience! Beloveds, this is why we wished to share with you today, because this is what this moon offers to you. The reason your essential nature feels exhilaration, bliss, ecstasy, unbridled joy, wonder, awe, at every single moment of your human experience, no matter how you as human selves experience it, it because your essence is completely and utterly free of any belief about the experience whatsoever. There is no structure, no story, no restriction, no judgement in your essential nature, there is only LOVE, being LOVE, experiencing LOVE, no matter what form that may take. Your essence simply desires THE EXPERIENCE, because in the experience, your essence knows it self better, more, in different ways. And this is the ONLY reason for ALL experiences. LOVE knowing itself more.

And as these energies accelerate the process of awakening, of fuller embodiment of your LOVE, of remembrance of your own wholeness, this is what is being offered. To you, by you, FROM YOU. Consider, in your day-to-day experience, when you have a knowing or a dream of something that makes your heart sing – something that you desire so strongly to have, to feel or experience. What happens in your mind, my dear ones? To that pure spark of LOVE wanting its next adventure? I can tell you what happens – your mind filters that pure potential, that divine inspiration from your essence to your conscious awareness, and it filters it through all the myriad beliefs and structures you have absorbed in your human life upon the planet. From parents, friends, societal norms and structures, all the fears and restrictions held in the collective.

Your minds immediately judge the projected experience of this inspiration: ‘Oh I would love this but I don’t have the money’, ‘Oh I love the idea of that but it would be too much work’, ‘Oh I love the thought but I am not brave/strong/clever enough to do that’, ‘Oh I would love that but everyone will think I am showing off and really I don’t deserve that when everyone else has so little’, ‘Oh I would love that but it just doesn’t fit with my life right now, I don’t have the time.’ Do you see my beloveds? However subtle, however normal it may feel to you, this is what happens in every moment of your conscious existence whilst you are still in these restrictive structures you have absorbed. When in fact, this is not the TRUTH of the moment, this is simply the result of that truth filtered through a system of beliefs, and restricted accordingly.

And my beloveds, this is called being human! This has been the human experience for a very long time, and it is completely ‘normal’ for you, as humans, to function within. But I tell you, my dearly beloved friends, THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE. This is not your natural state. Your natural state is FREE. Completely and utterly FREE. Your natural state simply creates and experiences and creates and experiences because it is free from any belief that either restricts the LOVE of it, or that the experience somehow is or DEFINES who you are. Because, dear ones, your experiences only define who you are if you believe it. Beyond belief, they are simply experiences! Ways to know yourself better!

Once you begin to free yourself from the judgement of an experience – such as ‘this hurts so it is bad’ or ‘this isn’t what I want because I don’t enjoy it’ – once you allow all your feelings about that experience to just flow through you, you allow that naturally free state to come in more, and your experiences start reflecting the pure expression of the potential here. And that, my friends, is soaring, ecstatic JOY. Bliss. Utter and infinite freedom. Full, sovereign, conscious creatorship. Because that is what you want and that is what you have made available with your courage and your incredible perseverance. All that remains is your conscious alignment with it, and this WILL unfold, my dear ones, because this is what you desire.

And you are now remembering this freedom, and you are calling forth the experiences that will bring you consciously into alignment with it. The neutral, exhilarating alignment with it. Beloveds, the world does not need to change for you to be free – your freedom waits within you, and as you discover this, THEN how the world will change! This is why we are here, co-creating this transmission and this message. It is time, my dears! For you say so with your presence here. This is what is now available on this planet, as the NEW human experience. Exquisite. You have made this available with your diligence, your courage and your incredible love, and now this experience comes knocking at your conscious door…

And how do you let it in? Well, dear ones, it is simple: you notice it. That is all that is required; you do not have to go looking for it, or try to change any of your experiences into what you think it means. Although of course you may if you wish! Beloveds, this energy is simply YOU in your LOVE form starting to come into your experience, because this now the time for it to do so. And so, all you need to do is pay attention to you. When you find yourself having an emotional experience, notice it. Acknowledge it. Allow what ever you feel about it. Because by doing this, you become the observer of it, the experiencer of it, and it no longer controls you. Even if you then find yourself submerged in it again! Dear ones, for every moment you notice what you are feeling, you are paying attention to you. For every moment you are paying attention to you, you are letting more of your fuller self into your conscious experience. For every moment you let yourself in, you are creating a greater capacity for that, and so it grows in your experience. Wherever you focus, so your experience grows, and when you pay attention to you, you let the LOVE that you are come into your experience.

And this is the magic ingredient, beloveds! LOVE. You are LOVE. So paying attention to you means you are loving you, and loving you means you are allowing you to be you, more. And allowing you to be you more, means you make space for more you, more LOVE, and so your experience becomes more and more full of LOVE. It becomes more and more full of your natural state, which is FREE, beyond restrictions, beyond beliefs, beyond stories. The FULL experience is here for you now, my dear ones. Some of you are experiencing this already, some of you are beginning to, but wherever you all are in your awareness of this, is exactly where YOU want to be and you are ALL wanting this, and so it will be. So IT IS.

Consider the symbol of this Full Moon/Total Eclipse. The sun – the core of your conscious experience – opposes and fuses with the moon – your felt experience of your self. Then the earth, your human, physical experience enters into that fusion at the centre point, completely blocking out the light of the felt experience from your conscious gaze, the transmitted experience of the moon. Beloveds, many have used these words and we will use them again, for they are so apt: this is like a reset button. A reset button that enables you, in your every moment, to come into a freer and freer experience of yourselves, consciously. Complete freedom of experience, beloveds, is what you have called forth from this moon, and so it shall be, and begins to unfold now, and now, and now. And each of you knows, in your hearts, what you wish to experience and receive on your journey to FULLY FREE experience of yourselves, as humans, on the earth. And so it shall be, and all you need to do to align yourself consciously with the experience, is gently – whenever you remember, whenever you are nudged – NOTICE. Acknowledge. Allow. Know this is YOU experiencing yourself. See what happens! And continue to listen to what feels most joyful to you in response, love yourselves through this, however you can, however feels most peaceful and joyous to YOU.

You are coming into a time where your experience becomes free of restriction, pain and fear. This is your natural state. Therefore you simply need to allow it through! And the more you can notice yourself unfolding, the experiences you are having, and love yourself through them by focusing upon you – your needs, your desires, your joy – the more you will enjoy the ride. Can you trust this, my dear ones? Can you trust yourselves, as LOVE?

I AM Selene, beloveds, and it is my pleasure to be with you in this beautiful co-creation. I would be delighted to continue to work with you in any way you wish – simply call upon me and open your hearts to my essence, and we shall create together!

In great and shared LOVE, I salute you! I am yours, and we are ONE ♡



Hello beloveds! Phew that was a lot of words! Even for me…but then, this is me! And they are just the added extra…♡

So I took myself off down to the riverbank for this one, and transmitted to you from the incredible peace and beauty of the place and the day…consider this transmission laced with beautiful Somerset springtime peace, sunshine and song, from here in the UK…

This was so yummy to feel, and helped me realise a great deal about the nature of this. The main thing, which I wanted to mention here, was that I could clearly feel that I am literally downloading and inviting the energy of this transmission in, not just to transmit it, but to become it fully and continually. I am now constantly being and transmitting this energy, and everyone who opens to it will be doing the same in their own way. And it’s all because – however much we are aware of it – that’s what we want! I really feel this collective creating going on now…

Physically, I felt this first of all in my sacral area. It was such delicious energy, as if the gooddess energy of the oceans were teeming and brimming and sparkling with magical newness just waiting to come forth through us all, magical and womb-like. As I continued, I felt this energy strongly in my crown and throat as huge expansion and after a while, my heart felt so wide and huge that it felt a bit like having a tyre on my chest!

So wherever you are in this process of remembering your own wholeness, this energy meets you there, because you are calling it forth for yourself, and the freedom will continue to be more and more conscious, and more and more felt. If anyone wants to know more, just ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to translate more!

I recommend having a bit of relaxation time to open to it, if you feel, just because it’s easier to sense what’s being received. Thank you so much for joining and being part of this! This is so yummy…hope you enjoy, and if anyone feels to share any experiences they have as this energy unfolds in our experience, do share in the comments below.

Much, much love… ❤



8 thoughts on “LOVElight Transmission: Full Libra Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse – Freedom to experience FULLY ♡

    1. Dearest Heaven,

      Thank you so much and it is SUCH a pleasure to share with you! And I can still hear your bliss-giggles from the show in my mind too…glowin’ on with you!

      Sara ♡♡♡

  1. Well, isn’t the timing of this transmission just perfect? Today my husband and I went to visit a birthing center and after a conversation with their representative, I was filled with all kinds of emotion and judgment. What did I do? Just observed the whole movement. I allowed the emotion to just pass through me and after that I could regroup and recenter, being me in full power again. So there you have it, my own experience of this message! 🙂

    Much love to you, Sara!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡ (And cookies!)

    1. Woohoo! This is amazing, Ivy! But then, as we know, you are amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this – how awesome, especially in such a sensitive moment – you are one wise mama!

      I’m feeling like this energy has just speeded the process up massively for anything that’s left – just had a little moment myself – just small, but surprisingly strong, especially since it threatened to ruin my enjoyment of the first time having my most favourite meal in ages…but I let it through, and so it didn’t! It was just fine.

      People seem to be having VERY big movements after that moon! Magical…

      Thank you lovely one…ooh and thank you for the cookies! Hee hee ♥♥♥♥♥♥

      1. I agree, Sara, it has speeded up the process. I’m exhausted right now, so can barely think straight… hee hee…. But joyful!!
        Thank YOU, sweet Sara, Love you! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

      2. Yes – I am definitely having a post-moon wave of stuff passing through – sadness and things. But it feels graceful and easy and perfectly right. I am just aware of how incredible this time is and how we are glowing into freedom in every conscious moment now…beautiful!

        So I’m with you, lovely Ivy! Rest, tea and cookies (Easter ones – I made them yesterday – spices and currants!) ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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