LOVElight Transmissions – We’re ON!


Haha darlings, what a perfect example of what the NEW is really like – instant, creative, expansive, POWERFUL! And this is such a tiny little example. Oh my god. Just an inspiration from a friend in the week, that little musing to you yesterday grounded in words, a beautiful little conversation with a beloved about it all and by the time I went to bed, I was getting a ridiculous steam train of inspiration, information, energies, ideas, perceptions and where else it could go through my mind. Woah. I swear I lay there for about 3 hours, trying to sleep…in the end I had to get up and do 26 frogs (for all you kundalini yoga enthusiasts out there, I know you’ll understand…;) )

I have to say, I find myself slightly stunned by the sheer speed and size of this unfolding, even for me. I mean, NEWness or what??? And we haven’t even gotten to the Full Moon yet… 😯 I’m just about catching my breath, but then something in me is going ‘but oh my god this SUITS us so well…when it’s joyful it can be rocket-speed!’ :mrgreen: I’m not afraid to ride it now, because I know that if/when there’s integrating and resting that’s necessary, the joy will lead me there too.

So, you know what? Here it is! I’m just going to bloody well do it, be it, for me, for all of you, for EVERYONE, for LOVE. Because the joy is so big! Why on earth not! I really don’t mind if anyone joins in, I just LOVE the idea that they might, and that I can support the collective LOVE experience in this way just by being joyfully me. Oh man, thank goodness I am now so good at spontaneous, sudden, huge change, because I’m riding it and it is FUN. Because it doesn’t matter, it’s just an experience…so we’ll see. I’m following the joy…and this is just a beginning…

And, the other reason I have been massively paying attention to this is it feels to me like the literal embodied emergence of my Moon-Venus opposition, in its first physical New Earth manifestation. The timing is impeccable – this full moon is on it! – and it is weirdly perfect for the symbol (it’s a Libra Moon in the 11th opposite an Aries Venus in the fifth, for any of you curious astrologers out there…) It’s SO me, freely, expansively, lovingly ME. I am also feeling that part of this timing is because I am wanting so much to support the intensity this Eclipse cycle/Grand Cross is bringing in the next two weeks, and beyond, so we’ll see where this all flows after that.

So darlings, I am kicking this off with a Full Moon LOVElight Transmission tomorrow: so watch this space for the Full Moon Transmission post that will be coming tomorrow…see if you feel like joining the LOVE experience…

Oh joy, I have no idea where this is going to lead me, if anywhere, I am just going to go there, ecstatically excited to see what ME has in store…and it’s the perfect way of actually practicing and cultivating and experiencing everything I have been writing about in the Healing/Wholing section…brilliant! See you there, if you fancy receiving some Sara-style LOVE in an effortless fashion! No need to do anything but receive…

If anyone from TWYH feels to spread the word over there (I’m not there myself to do it) it would be so gorgeous for my family there to join and receive too if they want, and any spreading of the word anywhere by anyone who feels the joy is totally fine by me…I’ll be spreading the word at the Pond and in the Band of Light later…

I LOVE you all so much, let’s ride this amazing wave of LOVE and light, and this is my way of offering and sharing my heart with you all in support for the magic we are creating together!



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