Feeling the Moon, Inspiration and Updating

347134-adminHey lovelies, loving the freedom to just come and give quick, randomly-themed Sara-updates – how lovely!

So today, have felt a lot going on energetically, hinted at LARGELY by being on the verge of a headache all day. This to me says I am a) feeling the Full Moon on Tuesday, backed up by the emotional responses that have been coming through as the day has gone on, and b) feeling yet another huge up-shift in the intensity of the energy because if I am close to a headache, it means I am reeeeally pushing the edge of my frequency capacity. Read: HUGE AND HIGH. Haha.

The thing is, this full moon is very close to my Moon, and even closer to opposing my Venus (yep, lovely Libra-Aries Moon-Venus opposition for Sara 😉 ) so the fact that I have been ultra-sensitive today, especially to mother-related things, tells me this is all part of the build-up.

I have also been feeling very foggy and body-cranky for a lot of today. I have days (a lot this year) where I feel like this body is expressing such an old way of being to me that the gap between my physical expression and my internal feeling is so big it’s actually just depressing. That feels like another Moon-Venus thing for me, so am watching that roll through too. Being free of minding how I look, AND having a physical expression that feels perfectly aligned with me is a desire most definitely worth the process…which is why I am feeling mostly gratitude for it all coming up and out along with the associated weariness and surrender… ❤

I have also had a great afternoon updating the Channelling section by moving things about a bit and writing a little bit about how I feel each energy I channel, which I have wanted to do for a while. I will be writing more on the actual channelling page (and doing a bit more organising), because I feel like I am really getting a very clear and simple view of how it works for me, and I’d love for it to be more informative and involving for people to read if they like. Joy.

The other Channelling-related thing that happened today was suddenly to be inspired to give energetic transmissions with different fields of focus. I felt like they would be called LOVE transmissions. Hee hee I like. If any of you have ever experienced the Legion of Light, it felt very much like how Meredith works with Michael, but it came from me thinking a lot lately about how much of my joy is in just being me and emitting/transmitting energy through my field. Then this week I have working with Serapis Bey – which is new and hopefully a channelling will follow shortly – and suddenly today I thought ‘Oh! That is something I think I could really do well – energetic transmissions!’

I have no precisely clear idea if/how it would actually work yet, but what I was seeing was having a weekly time where I would tune in to receive and transmit an energy transmission to whoever felt to receive. So I would do it through the blog and anyone who wanted to be part of it could just state their presence on the comments for each post (like just grounding the intention to receive), then I would transmit it, and channel what the energy was for, and post it after. It felt awesome to me because I know how varied my channelling abilities are, and I know how powerfully I transmit what I am focused on and the vibration I hold. And, most importantly, I love to do sacred and powerful things with a whole lot of joy and fun, as anyone who knows me has probably noticed!

It felt to me like it would be really delightful because it would be totally different each week (or whenever it happened), according to what was happening in the embodiment process, who felt to join, and so what the collective desire/intention was for that moment. And it could be really fun to see what people feel before they know what the details were. And yet, it would be a powerful experience and really supportive to our joy and embodiment. And it would be free if people liked – I felt like it would just be donations if joyful. Since it’s me! I love this too. Maybe it could simply be people would say ‘Yep I’m in’ and then I would just post whenever I felt – that feels good. Hmm I love inspirations!

So if anyone likes that idea, feel free to say and then we’ll see what happens – I love not being attached to these ideas and just feeling the joy potential and carrying on! Delicious.

So there you are, another Sara day of variety, integration and LOTS OF WORDS…off for tea and toast and some switching-off-mind relaxing… :mrgreen:

I love you 


7 thoughts on “Feeling the Moon, Inspiration and Updating

  1. Ooooh, so much going on, so much going on! I feel like a hyper maniac hyper active child going about all things and more! And yet such exhilaration in the process.
    I’d love to participate in your energetic transmissions, Sara. But you already knew that, didn’t you? hee hee

    Love and tea and toast with jam for you if that fits better for your mood today! ♡♡♡♡

    1. Hahahaha YES!!! Oh my god yesterday was INCREDIBLE, mainly becauseI have never felt so much, so big, so fast and it DIDN’T knock me offand I didn’t crash and I’m not in clearing mode, it was just a big surge of NEW and know we know we can ride it! Wooohooo!

      Tea and toast on our rocket ship to joy, darling! Transmission to come later…it’s AMAZING! I’ve been feeling it since Sunday night ♡♡♡♡

  2. Sara,I love your talk and your posts so much – have just been too flattened to resond .. YES to the surge of the NEW – whew, woooohooo – I am also not in processing mode but riding the joy 😀
    Can’t wait for transmissions 😉
    LOVE to you and Ivy and big grape 😆

    1. I have thought about you often, sweetheart and been sending happy love, knowing you are flowing along perfectly.

      I put it down to my powerful Geminian/Uranian state that I am able to write so much amid so much flattened state myself in the last month!

      It’s SOOOO good to feel so much NEW! Something in me just keeps going it’s HERE, it’s HERE, THIS IS IT WOOHOOOOO!!! Hahaha.

      I LOVE YOU!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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