Following the Ascension Joy…♡

autumn_forest_sunrise-2560x1600Hello darlings…all this ME coming in is having fantastic effects, and it all feels SO integrated and normal and just simply like me expanding, and today feels like this latest little Sara-upgrade of the last week has r e a l l y arrived…and here’s one of me lickle expansion effects…

Lately, I have been feeling like this blog is a most amazing Sara-expression-portal, but somehow it wasn’t quite clicked in fully to my (joy) centre, so every time I posted I had this strange sensation of not quite flowing or would find myself worrying about whether people enjoyed it, or if it made sense, of if it was useful etc etc, even though I had so much joy for what I was writing…odd…! So I’ve been paying attention… 😉 I don’t think it is really anything to with the words somehow, more like the energetic context of ME expressing – that gives me such soaring joy whenever I feel to write and it all shapes up and flows out and fits perfectly together (I LOVE that so much) – was wanting something to happen to move more fully into alignment again. There have been several factors that have been bringing my attention to it but today I finally clicked into what would get it flowing again fully, and so I’ve started making changes….(yay! I love changes!)

So, I’ve really been embracing lately (as you’ve probably noticed) that at the moment my joy context is basically ascension/embodiment, and in this context, describing and pondering my experience of it. And although I can at any given time be joyfully enjoying or writing about anything without even mentioning it (infrequent I know but there we go), this really is my focus (more on that in my next Joy post I think). And I was feeling like I wanted there to be a way I could clearly publish information and perceptions I was experiencing about that specifically, so it was easily accessible and obviously about this whole process so many of us are focused on. And when I woke up, I was like ‘Oooh yes, like Ascension Updates! Sara-style!’

So I have created a new category (and put all my ascension-related posts from 2014 in there as well as in their normal places), and it feels so spacious! Mainly because it means that I can frame what feels like my joyful gift as part of the consciously-ascending community really clearly in my own way, and this leaves space for me to enjoy myself even more in all the other different ways I have already created here – Sara musings, channellings, Joy posts etc – because the Ascension/Embodiment category means I can really channel all that awesome perception I have going on into a clearly defined space, and muse about it in other ways elsewhere. I’m not really turned on by being an ‘Ascension Update’ gal in that classic way, even if it kind of ends up looking like it; I’m just aware that my joy is leading me to share everything I am feeling ascension-wise as my part of all this, joyfully, informally, jumping about and sparkling whilst doing it (or lying on a sofa frustrated allowing it, on THOSE days 😉 ). Hah. And it means that it’s easier for people to pick and choose what they actually want to read if they aren’t so ascension-focused too…Yum. Love that too.

Also, it feels to me like one of my main excitements in the unfolding newness is sharing how it all happens as it happens – having a space to describe and detail the newness that arrives physically, and the general experience of being Human 2.0 that’s REALLY here now (squee!). I feel like this is rapidly becoming very, very tangible and present physically, becoming so integrated into human experience of life on earth, and this is TREMENDOUSLY exciting (hence, squee!). So while describing the process feels lovely, I’ll be doing that – and it feels so supportive to be sharing with everyone in our different, connected ways as we transform, because it has been SO challenging moving beyond the widely-accepted reality – and also with this focus upon the actual living expansion of the newness as it grounds here. And I’m saying this because today it really feels like I am living centrally, in my conscious awareness, from a whole new platform; like I have tangibly arrived at a new vista, at a central perspective, realised a operational level. Or something. It’s awesome. And I’d like to keep sharing my experience of it.

Mainly, I am loving the way that I can feel this really freeing up my expression again, because it means I can really splash about more. Funny how adding structure can help that; I find that particularly amusing and unusual because I am so much about fluid freedom generally. I love that. Yummy paradox that fits me perfectly right now…plus, I get to have a whole new picture/background picture system for that new category, which REALLY turns me on (and you can see here… :mrgreen: ). I swear there are some secret, underlying Gemini penchants for organisational compulsions/obsessions, because I’ve never read that kind of enjoyment being attributed to Gemini, and it’s definitely massively in there for me… 😉

Anyhoo, there you have it, my lovelies…a little blog update for you, and we’ll how it evolves from here. I’m just so loving you all for reading and exploring with me – it’s AWESOME and I’m generally showering you with cookies in appreciation… :mrgreen: 

Ooooh, AND I changed the actual blog tag-line…oooh! I like it! 


2 thoughts on “Following the Ascension Joy…♡

  1. Ha ha, a little organization made a big difference for you, lovely! I can feel your joy. Today, specifically today, I also feel like I’m stating on a new platform and have all this joy and love flowing through my being. I love that your ascension updates are matching mine, it makes me feel so good.


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