Freedom to Be Qualified

wallpaper-for-desktop-free-butterflyRestrictions of the Qualification System

This is something I have given a HUGE amount of thought to because – as with any from of rule or restriction – I have never been comfortable with the paradigm that says you must be qualified in this prescribed manner and have this kind of proof in order to be deemed worthy to practice in this way. This is why I have done so little ‘official’ training, because although I have been drawn to so so many disciplines and methods, I have always been so repelled by the constraints and restrictions I would have to submit myself to in order to ‘prove’ I was safe and worthy to whoever was training me. No matter how much I would tell myself that I just had to do this and then I would be qualified, something much deeper in me would ask, ‘Why is this necessary? Why should I compromise?’

Things like insurance, like mandatory first aid courses, like health and safety modules, like not using certain wording or claims in your advertising of what you offer. Of course if people want these then that’s fine by me! But to me, all these things say, ‘there is something to worry about, so we must make it safe’. Insurance to me says, ‘Something will go wrong eventually’ and ‘We can’t trust clients not to try to sue us’; how can it say anything but ‘I’m scared’ at a fundamental level? For me, the whole system reflects the societal fear-based structures, and I really don’t live there any more. I can’t even compromise on it by thinking ‘Oh well I’ll do it for now but I don’t believe in it’. That’s why I don’t know if I will ever finish my crystal qualification, for example, because – at the moment – it would require me to take courses, work within restrictions and practice on people in a way that doesn’t resonate with me. Of course, if the joy takes me, I will, but the whole experience has given me a very deep understanding of how and why ‘the way things are’ just doesn’t work for me, and so has also been a really gorgeous window into how it does flow in my world.

Beyond Fear

sky butterflyI completely understand how imperative it may seem to make sure those people who wish to provide services are trustworthy and competent, even if for me I would rather just trust my own sense of rightness. And for me this disinterest in restriction has nothing to do with the value of learning, of expanding yourself with knowledge and experience, with affiliating yourself with a system you resonate with or having a way that makes what you do more accessible to those you wish to work with. I completely agree that – at the moment – having a qualification makes it a great deal easier for many people to come for your particular therapy, as it makes it easier for human minds in general to find it acceptable if you have a certificate. That’s fine! Of course. And if people feel joyful in having qualifications anyway, fantastic! In my world, people’s freedom to follow their joy is the important thing, not how they go about it. And, of course, currently, undergoing training is the only way to learn how to practice many of these methods!

What I find unacceptable for myself is the restriction in the other direction which is; if you do not resonate with the restrictions, if you don’t feel to practice in the way in which you are being taught, if you are not drawn to aspects of the training or the structure you are supposed to practice within, the current system does not allow for flexibility to just follow your joy and be trusted to express yourself appropriately just by being for all in each moment. All of the restrictions for me feel fear-based, and essentially say we are all innately untrustworthy and need to prove ourselves otherwise.

free-desktop-Wallpaper-beautiful-superb-super-cool-wallpapers-wide-screen-download-hd-Butterfly-Insects-Depth-Field-2560X1600Freedom to Be Qualified

For me, when you allow people to remember that our innate nature is loving, harmonious, infinitely abundant and peaceful, and when you live your life in the intention to be an ever-expanding embodiment of that, all the reasons for the rules and restrictions fall away. Because what ever level of awareness you are working within, the ‘system’, the LOVE way of being, works on the principle that everyone is always working in divine alignment all the time, whether they ‘resist’ it or not. There is no random occurrence or coincidence or bad luck. It’s all one big glorious LOVE experience, however it actually feels, and however consciously epople are participating.

The more deeply I consciously embrace this, the easier it is for me to quite literally give myself the permission to be me in whatever ways feel most joyful – including a healing/wholing practice – no matter how it looks to everyone else, or how different it might be to the prevailing system of consciousness. My joy here is that, by feeling and embracing the freedom and giving myself the permission to just be me, I make it so much easier for everyone to do so, whether they resonate with how I go about it or not, whether they are aware of me being this or not. When you live in fear it takes a tremendous amount of courage to go against what you have been taught, and that’s why it’s been so delightful for me to feel myself rise away from all the voices that kept trying to convince me that I could compromise, and that it wasn’t safe not to. It didn’t work. I have to be authentically me, with full integrity.


white butterflyAnd that’s why being your own sovereignty with authenticity is so crucial for me, and with that comes the highest level of integrity possible in every moment. Because it’s never about proving you are trustworthy to others (though it is undoubtedly one of the results!), it is about coming to trust yourself as a loving, aligned, beautiful being expressing itself in total freedom. To know my sovereign and loving intention through feeling and trust, and to be always expanding my awareness from the heart, means that I can always trust that what I receive and what I transmit is for the highest good, regardless of what anyone else believes. And if, for example, I am not working verbally with someone – i.e. they are receiving forms of energy therapy that don’t involve their conscious participation – then I know that whatever feels joyful and peaceful for me to be in that session, whatever I receive or feel to transmit, is what they are requesting, however I am tuning into them.

So qualified, not qualified, public, private, therapist, client; it’s all about just being ourselves – for me – and trusting it as perfectly beautiful and uniquely ME, uniquely YOU. Because for me, freedom to just be me however I feel is imperative to my joy, and that goes for how I feel to facilitate this remembering for others too! That is why I have given so much thought and focus to this area of my experience, and why I choose to trust that however I express myself in this way is in perfect harmony with me, and so with everyone involved, and so ALL ♡


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