Healing/Wholing – How I Feel It


What do I mean by healing/wholing? For a long time I have been working with the concept that everything we would have previously understood as healing is simply consciously remembering and re-embodying our own wholeness. The reason this distinction feels so important to me is because the traditional concept of healing works on the premise that something needs fixing. For me, this perpetuates the idea that we are fundamentally not whole and need something (healing) to make us so, and manifests an endless creation loop where the highly-obliging universe simply creates more things for ‘healing’ so you can keep experiencing that which you are focusing on! Since it only follows our instructions, whether they are conscious or not….Joy.

So what about healing?

I have come to think of the idea of healing energy in the sense of an energy that soothes, that brings comfort – fundamentally an energy that brings loving support to the parts of ourselves that have forgotten we are whole. After I awoke to the concept of wholeness, I spent a long time pondering how to go about describing it without using ‘healing’, as the terms ‘healer’ and ‘healing’ are so well-known and used. So this version of ‘healing’ is now how I feel it, and how I go about explaining that is really about the moment most of the time. I would still describe myself as a healer if I felt like that was the most graceful way to explain that part of how I express myself, and I would always take the opportunity to explain how I feel the concept of wholing if it presents. Plus, ‘wholer’ as a term doesn’t really cover it, or feel flowing to me! Haha. I’m open to a word that describes the energy of this in a way I like…

Essentially for me, as with all things, it’s about intention. I don’t really use the term healing in my own thoughts, but I am happy to use it in the ways I have described and whenever it feels right. I think the word carries a great deal of lovely, soft energy and sending healing energy, for example, for me means sending loving, supportive energy with the intention of helping the remembering become easier and more graceful in whatever way is loveliest for whoever receives it, if they want to receive it. Neutral sending of love whenever the joy takes me! And anyway, I’m really not about restriction AT ALL (in case you haven’t noticed!), so I simply wanted to define more clearly my intention behind using these terms and the energy I apply them with.

Freedom For All

One of the reasons I love facilitating people’s remembering processes – as well as just being so joyful for me!- is because I can feel very strongly the amazing love and beauty of a world where everyone remembers who they are – whole and sovereign and LOVE-filled and FREE to just BE themselves. This is what I AM, what I am always being and allowing to unfold more and more expansively from within my heart. A world based on LOVE-remembered – beyond fear or lack. And so by intending to be all that a human can be, beyond anything we have understood or not thus far on this incredible planet – by being wholeness to the best of my joyful ability in each moment – I make this energetic potential continually available for everyone, and more so in each moment. And so I can trust that those who find me and resonate with my world in whatever way, are those who wish to remember with the addition of my particular essence in their experience, whatever form the connection takes. And I receive whatever I am intending – consciously or not – from them! Perfect.

This is why I have enjoyed putting these butterflies here – for me they resonate so strongly with my own sense of being freely, wholly vulnerable to all of life, moment-to-moment, by being fully you. So beautifully. And I just love them…

Being the Change

I have written a lot more specifically on this topic of healing/wholing in this section, as this whole area of my life has been such an expanding focus for me over the last six years, so feel free to explore this section if you like! Here though, I just want to add that for me, the most important aspect of everything – which includes being a therapist – is to embody the change you feel joyful about, in whatever way feels most joyful for you, because facilitating it for others is then effortless and joyful in itself (and you simply create joy with your focus). For not only am I literally joyfully communicating the wholeness I AM energetically to anyone I’m in connection with – without any conscious effort – but I am also able to translate my experience of it for whoever wishes to know more consciously, joyfully tailored to what I feel of them, trusting them to receive what they wish to. All with joy, all with total ease and grace, all just by existing how I feel to. Because I am just being me. Joyfully. In case that hadn’t come across… :mrgreen:

And that, my beautiful friends, is what this is all about for me! ♡



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