Facilitating Wholeness

wallpaper-for-desktop-free-butterflyEase and Grace

The way I feel it, everyone has their own path to remembering wholeness that they orchestrate in order to learn/complete everything they want to on their journey to remembering. And yes, it feels to me like it’s fluid and it involves free will, yet it has a central intention palette, if you will. To me this feels like an amazing and completely unique love affair for each person, even if it is not experienced like that for the most part! I so respect the strength and courage it takes to come to this planet, and this makes it simple for me to completely trust people’s ability to navigate themselves through all the potentials that present for how they follow this intention palette.

So many times I have felt – or someone has said – ‘I don’t know how I could have done this without you’ and for ages, although I could feel the love-truth in that, it didn’t fit with my sense of sovereignty that each person has. I couldn’t feel a coherent understanding of how you could need a specific someone to be a part of your awakening when everything felt so potential and fluid, and we are all so strong and expert at this human stuff (however we feel about that!). I paid attention whilst I pondered this because I couldn’t get clear on how, when you are intending ease and grace and highest good, why you would need someone elses ‘healing’ assistance when you ‘should’ be able to do it all yourself. (By the way, this is from someone who has needed to do most of it herself, in her own head! So you can see why this was a great lesson for me in itself…)

The way I feel it now, it’s all about ease and grace. If someone asks for my support, it’s because my being vibrates the easiest and most graceful way of them learning what they are wanting to learn next. There is something about my essence expression, the uniqueness I bring, that enables me to be that which unlocks the remembering each person is looking for. And it’s the same for me with all my experiences. And the further on you go, the more you are consciously aligned with this ease and grace experience and so the more it is felt that way. Beautiful. And I love it so much because it means that every person I connect with is being exactly that for me as I am for them, and that every person who asks for my therapeutic approach is doing so because of that. And that is so precious to me!


twobutterfliesFor me, and for all the people I have resonated with on this subject, what has traditionally been known as healing feels much more like facilitation. The way I see it, everyone is sovereign, whole, self-responsible and divinely creating their entire experience, it’s just everyone is at different levels of remembering of this, different levels of awareness of it. So for me, to be a healer is never about ‘fixing’ anyone, or telling them what to do or how to be, it is simply about supporting their process of remembering of their own wholeness, their own sovereignty, and every healer/facilitator has their own unique way of going about this.

For me, any attempt to actually tell someone who they are or how they should be is restrictive; it restricts their sovereignty, and it would restrict my openness to their own unique path to remembering, and so their unique beauty! It involves a lots of effort in comparison to facilitating in the way I have experienced it, and for me feels fear-based and connected to needing to control and have other people give security by confirming your own sense of self as ‘right’. Sometimes it feels very clearly that there is information or advice that wants to be given, and so the beauty of this intention of wholeness for me is that I can always offer what I perceive with the clear intention that its appropriateness is discerned by the person receiving your offering. That’s probably why my most frequently-used phrases in all my communication are ‘for me..’ and ‘what I’m feeling is…’!

blue butterflySelf-Responsibility

The sovereignty and self-responsibility of each person means it can only be them that knows exactly what is right for them. Yes, I might have a wider awareness, or a more refined ability to perceive energy, or a very accurate ability to sense where they are energetically, but I can only offer any of this as my perspective. For me this doesn’t restrict my ability to facilitate because it’s about intention – sometimes I just have to trust my sense of things, sometimes working with the higher self of whoever I’m ‘healing’, etc. – but always knowing that I am offering to their own wholeness my support in whatever form I’m guided, and trusting them to receive in the way that’s right for them.

And self-responsibility for me doesn’t mean telling someone to just get on with it because they should be able to do it themselves! I feel sometimes people really, really need to let go and be held. The point for me is the trust that my feeling will tell me whether or not that is appropriate and how long for. And that nothing can ‘go wrong’ because it’s all LOVE however it may seem, and the more you trust that, the more it turns up that way consciously and so the less dense or apparently unpleasant your experience tends to be. That kind of trust means that you can openly enter into any connection and trust where it leads, knowing your own heart will navigate you just perfectly for everyone involved.


butterfly-cornfield-1600x900Ultimately, as I see it, conscious and full self-responsibility is total freedom. This is why there seems no point in trying to control anyone else’s experience (or your own for that matter!) because everyone eventually has to discover their own unique way of doing things, of being themselves. Yes, it’s often completely appropriate to adopt a teaching or viewpoint one might resonate with, and yet it will only feel good as long as it supports your freedom, and I feel like we are rapidly moving out of a time where that is appropriate in the same way anyway. For me, embodying the new and being the change means that people will come to their own sense of self-expression rapidly because that is vibration we are all emitting, and those facilitating will have no interest in being ‘followed’ or ‘needed’ at all, whatsoever. Right now that feels really clear to me.

Because freedom is so joyful! I want that for everyone, because the more infinite mine gets, the more I understand how much fun this all is! To create, to grow, to move into a fully conscious, love-based heart-centred way of life is just ecstatic, and everyone has their own way of getting there. And I am simply making it easier by being all of this however feels joyful for me, be it ‘healing’ or not! Delicious. Since I suspect all of this will rapidly become obsolete or unrecognisable to us now anyway…and that feels SO good to me! ♡


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