Archangel Jophiel and the Time of Self-Harvest

636731-bigthumbnailAh my dearly beloved hearts – hello! I greet you in all the softness of love that your astounding hearts are unfolding in these Now moments, as the time of the Self truly begins to unfurl in conscious earnest for you all. Can you feel it? As if everything around you has some sort of magical quality to it, that your mind cannot quantify or even really describe, and yet it is tangible, and your heart and innate self is nourished by it, because, indeed, it seems to somehow be arising from within you…? *Smile*

We laugh, my dear hearts, with joy! Because this is exactly what is happening, exactly what is occurring, exactly what you are calling forth, exactly what you are manifesting. This is why everything suddenly seems to be slowing down, becoming still, even as time sometimes seems to be speeding up at incredible rates! This is why you suddenly feel so much more aware and present in such a clear and peaceful way. This is why you are experiencing a more intimate and personalised focus right now, and why, even if you consciously have not noticed any or all of these things as yet, you will recognise the feelings of them now we have spoken them, because this is the homecoming.

Beloveds, there is no prescribed way of this. This is new! This is why it is YOU that is unfolding this because there is no longer any guidebook or map to follow. This is why this all feels so mysterious in so many ways, because IT IS! *Laughs* And yet YOU KNOW, each of you, how to do this because you ARE this; and so we are working with you now so much more intimately, so much more consciously from your perspective, because so much more of YOU is arriving in your physical presence and so the collaboration becomes so much more from within your conscious human presence. This is why you are feeling so different, in such subtle, indescribable ways. And yet they are also so completely all-consuming, so very normal, so very YOU.

Oh dear hearts, can you feel the jubilation that I, that we, are feeling for and with you and all of creation now, as this unfolds? We invite you to open you hearts even more to it if you feel to, for truly all that you have been working towards is arriving now. And this is why we come to speak specifically of harvest, for this is what is beginning in full flow to occur. This is the time you have all been waiting and preparing for, because this is when you receive yourselves in full joy, and remember all you have always intended to remember, and begin to create anew all that you and we and Gaia and Creation has dreamed of, and beyond.

This time of transition is truly magical, for this is when you, as human beings, in bodies, succeed in becoming more than ever before, succeed in becoming truly YOURSELVES in the physical. And this is the time when, from your human perspectives, you are able to experience that transition consciously. And beloveds, this is what excited you the most. For as much as what follows after will be blissful beyond any of your wildest dreams – and it will! – this time was the one this grand experiment was focused most intently upon, because it is so so very NEW and daring. And my beloveds, as THE MOST daring sparks of creation, this is, of course, why you were so excited to come and be the pioneers of this most amazing unfolding Creation has ever seen. That of becoming homo  luminous, the New Humans.

And so my beloveds, I come to offer you this most joyous and expansive LOVE perspective for our mutual excitement and celebration, but also to bring confirmation and reassurance for any of you that are reading this and thinking ‘oh my God, why am I not feeling this??’ *Smile* Because, most precious and beloved hearts, if you are wondering this, this is just perfect. And it brings me such joy to be able to expand upon why!

Beloveds. Open your hearts and receive my loving appreciation, for YOU ARE masters-in-form, and nothing occurring in your worlds right now is without perfectly-orchestrated purpose. This you know, and in many ways have been conscious of for a long time. And yet I say to you, with great respect and reverence, it is BECAUSE of this time of self-harvest that anything you might deem as unpleasant is still occurring, whether it be physical circumstances, emotional releases, mental confusion and resistance, relationship shifts or simply emptiness. This you also know, in theory, but let me expand more specifically for you, to support your conscious transition through this most intensely new time.

This time is about YOU. It has always been about you, and will continue to be about you. Yet this is the time when you return to the knowing that ALL IS YOU, literally and tangibly. Everything in your experience flows from and is created by you. Yet you have been freeing yourselves fom the constructs and restraints that told you otherwise. And so, this time of awakening, of remembering, has been very much like a wave being pulled back into the ocean, because you have needed to quite literally recalibrate your understandings FROM WITHIN these contructs and literally unravel them forward, through time, whilst experiencing them as linear humans. Thus this time has been a most astounding one of welcoming more and more of your true non-linear nature into the spaces you have most impressively and diligently created with your clearings and purifications, so that your pure YOUness could assist this shift from external feedback and unconscious creation to self-unfoldment from internal knowing of self as ALL.

At this time, you are in the final stages of this de-externalisation, if you will; the point where the wave gets pulled back into the source from which it ventured out in order to begin anew. This is why things have intensified in some areas; indeed, in any areas where these structures have still been manifesting themselves. Know beloveds, that this is why we have been pouring so much love, encouragement and praise upon you, for you have done the seeming impossible, and remembered your TRUE SELVES from within the structures that had been based upon your very forgetting.

So, at this time, what is occurring becomes completely and utterly personal to you. Because as this collective movement becomes more unified by your continued ability to receive more LOVE – that which is and always has been in union with all-that-is – so those places that still manifest from the structures of separation become acutely felt and obvious in the ways unique to you by the very fact that they are being surrounded and overwhelmed by the unified LOVE nature of YOU that is filling up your human perspective and birthing you all into a very New Earth experience.

And yet this is not just a consequence of the process, beloveds! You know this by now! This particular part of the process has a most unique beauty to it, because it hands back to you that which you created separation from in the process, by literally holding you under the proverbial separation water until you can truly see what you have created. As each of you arrive at the point where you are rebirthed into a new platform of interaction, it is YOU that you become more aware of. And at these moments where you quite literally feel like you cannot go on, that you have nothing left, that you do not, cannot understand why this continues to happen, that you have given up and do not know if you will ever reach the other side, that you cannot believe there is yet more to worth through or wait for, this is when the alchemy of this last stage happens.

Beloveds, as you are all discovering now, this is about trust. Not trust in the divine, not trust in the earth, not trust in something greater or more wise than you. This is about TRUST IN YOURSELVES. And in these moments of final exposure to that belief in separation that has held you captive for so so very long, this is what you come to know. Whatever it is that persists, whatever it is that you cannot seem to shift, will push you beyond the edges of what you think is reasonable or acceptable with this very purpose in mind. Because at these moments, beloveds, you offer yourself a choice, a sacred opportunity.

At these moments, you are so vulnerable to the pain and confusion that has always arisen from feeling so trapped and helpless and unable to consciously create and be all these things we have been telling you about for so long. Those tantalising things that have made all this work worthwhile. At these moments you can feel so alone and helpless and as if you have never had any kind of say in any of this, even as you have changed so dramatically and continue to do so. How can this still be happening?

And so, it is at these moments, your beautiful loving selves whisper to you a question, and that question is: ‘Can you trust yourself?’ When it seems as though you have failed, have been unable to achieve that which everyone else seems to be achieving, when you seem to be completely incapable of moving beyond these circumstance, when you seem to  be completely unable to maintain any semblance of peace or joy when you feel by now that you really should, can you trust yourself as the creator YOU KNOW YOU ARE, and let go?

This, my beloveds, is why this is the time of self-harvest, because it brings you back to you through the final illusion; that no matter how much you focus upon this journey of remembrance, your physical life – in which circumstances just happen to you no matter what you do – is the real one and will always get in the way of your ability to come home to yourself because you are not capable of changing it. This is the barrier of separation that you all set up for yourself all those eons ago when you chose to enter into this grand experiment, and forgot your creative powers, and this is how you will return to them; by letting go of the need for those creative powers to control what is happening for you and trusting yourself to be perfect just as you are.

Trusting that, in these moments of complete stuckness, this is not about somehow remembering how to have conscious control over your life, to keep choosing from a need to have things a certain way; this is about trusting your own LOVE to flow you into the new – which has no needs whatsoever – with ease and grace, to return those very powers to you from within, from the centre of who you are: from TRUST, from complete SELF-LOVE, from full permission to just BE YOU.

Not by trying, not by intending, not by pushing or forcing, but just by BEING and allowing whatever arises to be what is, to be loved by your courageous hearts, and knowing that, however these moments arrive, it is your self-trust that is being returned to you BY YOU through these circumstances, by this opportunity to surrender to YOURSELF, and this is where you will truly begin to CONSCIOUSLY create the new from. By trusting that the mind does not and cannot know how to reach the new that you are arriving in, and therefore only by surrendering to whatever is left to pass through will you allow your heart to carry you to the LOVE that awaits you on the other side of this final stage. Not because you should, because Archangel Jophiel tells you so (wink), but because YOU are creating it, and trusting in the perfection of that will set you free.

And this does not require thought my beloveds! It only requires full allowing. Love whatever comes, beloveds! Love it as yourselves manifesting your freedom! Acknowledge its perfection, and above all, acknowledge ALL your feelings about it, whatever they may be! Allow and allow and allow and let the peace come. For this is already occurring, and will continue to do so, because you have created such a flow of expanding light, that you are carrying yourselves over this last threshold with ease and with grace, however it may seem to your still-human minds right now. And as such, my most brave and beloved hearts, this is why there is nothing to be DONE. Start right now by trusting in that, and if that feels impossible, you will know why! Allow that! And you will come to know these moments when they arrive.

And if they have already arrived, you have already begun to know the freedom they bring.

So wherever you are, and wherever this process is revealing yourself to you right now, I say to you that it is PERFECT. And that we are in SUCH admiration for what you are achieving, my dearest humans! For this is the final ingredient, the last barrier to your total freedom. And you have set it up so that you will be carried by your own self-love across the threshold in to your newly-divinely-married life! Where your divine masculine and feminine balance and merge, where your humanity and divinity balance and merge, and where you bring all the LOVE of the all-that-is to bear upon the planet that is known as Earth, as Gaia, and you together begin to create that which has been dreamed of for so long. And which is now ASSURED. By YOU, beloved and bravest creators, by YOU.

And that is why we continue to express love beyond description to you in your magnificence, for words can never describe or convey the mastery with which you are unfolding and creating this transition. It is truly magnificent, and we will continue to shower our loving joy upon you as we work with you to support and facilitate and amplify the wonder that you are all creating. For you will come to know, as you bring yourselves across this ‘finish line’ – which, as with all endings, is only ever a beginning –  just what it is you have achieved and are achieving. And so effortlessly, so peacefully, so beautifully and with such aplomb, you will carry yourselves into the new in the perfectly unique way that is right for you.

Dear hearts, feel the permission that is coming forth from within you now to be all that you are, to be perfect as you are, to trust whatever presents in each and every moment as your perfect vehicle for freedom, for it is so. And in every moment you can gently and lovingly choose this, you consciously allow this transition to emerge with more ease, with more grace, with more joy and more love than the last. And it is your self-trust that you are cultivating with this allowing, and your self-trust that will finally open wide the floodgates of your freedom to be YOU; to be NEW. And this is why we wanted so much to bring you this message today, to support this clarity and understanding so that you can consciously align ever more with your beautiful and masterful unfoldings, and receive and harvest every last joy-drop of nectar from this, truly the most wondrous event ever beheld upon this planet.

This is yours to enjoy, my beloved hearts, as are we. Merge with us through your hearts, dear ones; ask for anything you feel to, receive our love in every way you can open to. We are with you and we remain ever so, and I AM Archangel Jophiel ♥

4 thoughts on “Archangel Jophiel and the Time of Self-Harvest

  1. Sara,

    I have traced you to leave this, my simple comment, on hearing this, your channel message of Time of Self Harvest, on YouTube. Thank You Dear Heart!

    Much Hope and Harmony to You


    1. Dearest Robert,

      Thank you so much – how beautiful. I so appreciate you finding me here and leaving your comment – it’s lovely to have you!

      And I so enjoying channelling Jophiel so I love that you enjoyed that message too!

      Deep love and joy to you…

      Sara ♡

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