Archangel Jophiel and Using Familiarity to Know Your Essential Self

18610-desktop-wallpapers-yellow-roseDear and beloved hearts, what a pleasure it is to be with you once again today. I invite you to take a moment to feel my love for you, for I am overflowing in LOVE for and with you always, and cherish each and every one of you most deeply. It would be my utmost delight to be able to share more of this with you as you turn your attention to receiving it, for that is how we grow most beautifully together, and it is my deepest joy.

Dear hearts, your uniqueness is what I come to speak with you about today, for in my cherishing and loving of you, it is also my joy to assist and support you in your remembering and discovering of yourselves, in ever-expanding and more delightful ways.

We have spoken before about fields of energy. Beloveds, as many of you are aware, each thing or being that exists has its own signature vibration or frequency, which is made up of that spark-of-divinity’s own unique resonance with the fields of energy that it creates with, or create it, for really this is one and the same thing…*smile*. For the purposes of this message today, we could think of each unique essence as resonating with, or being made up of, certain qualities.

For example, you could see what you know of as the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as being that which carries half of all the qualities or tones of All-That-Is, imbuing each thing of creation with its own perfect balance of the two, in perfect alchemy, always in perfect uniqueness and perfectly new expression. You see this simply in the human example of men and women. And this example also provides the wondrous complexity of possibilities within this concept, for as you are all very aware, although you recognise the concepts of man and woman, male and female, in a general fashion, you also recognise that within these general distinctions, each person is their own unique combination of these qualities, in infinite variety, even simply in their physical human form. This is not even bringing into account their other lifestreams, or their cosmic lineage! *Laughs* Do you see, dear ones, how wondrously complex the simplicity of LOVE truly is…?

And this is why we wanted to focus specifically upon you today, beloveds, because the sheer vastness of any level of experience you choose to focus upon can sometimes be a little overwhelming, to say the least (smile), and so we wish to offer you a gentler, simpler way to notice your own essential essence, as it is already so very present in your lives.

Dear hearts, our suggestion is this: that which is most deeply familiar and comfortable to you is your guide to your own unique essence. We smile as we impart this, for we know this will have many a mind scratching its head in confusion: ‘What? But surely we need to be looking for what is new? Surely we are not meant to look for comfort, but instead continue to head for joy and excitement and more more more!’ *Laughs* Oh YES, my dearest ones! In this you are so right, in whatever ways feel most joyful for you. And yet, what makes this most easy and most graceful, is to know the platform, the base from which you launch into the new in every moment, and that, dear hearts, is YOU. Your essence, your LOVE, your uniqueness.

And at this point we would like to clarify just how masterful you have become, dear hearts, for indeed along this pathway of ascension you have been guided away from that which is comfortable and familiar, to your human minds. This is an important distinction, for your minds – and their restrictions – have been running your show. Until a certain point, it has been so very necessary to step away from the ingrained habits and restrictions a controlling ego – as you might see it – wishes to exert through fear upon you. This has been most perfect in its unfolding, my beloveds, for this has been always your choice, and you have grown immeasurably from that experience. You have all diligently stepped away from that which was restrictively familiarly, safely comfortable in that format, and have freed yourself from that which kept you trapped in energies small enough for those wounded and terrified parts of you to control. This you have done, and this is why we wished to emphasise how strong and free you really are now, beloveds, for us to begin to talk to you of familiarity and comfort in this particular way. You truly are free to explore now, dear ones! We wish to assist you in doing so.

We would like to use this lovely scribe’s experience as an example to you, for she has been giving this topic much thought and exploration in her own way, which is why she is able to communicate this message to you now in this form. At the equinox last year, she began to consciously remember her own angelic lineage. This opened up to her very easily and quickly, and was intensely familiar to her, feeling like home in ways that suddenly made sense of many things that had previously felt unclear. This experience opened her mind up to greater understandings about what it meant to be angelic, which was confirmed to her through her community and information she came across in a myriad of ways.

She began to think about the qualities of being angelic, and how these qualities, that felt so much like home to her, within her, had informed her experiences on this planet in this lifetime particularly, and this began to help her embrace the feeling of her own presence and purpose on this planet now. For her own sense of growing familiarity and understanding helped her to consciously begin to recognise the essence of LOVE that she brings, expresses and makes available here, and this confidence and understanding helped her to love and appreciate her own uniqueness, and to explore it, with more and more joy. Truly this is a beautiful process, dear ones, which is why it gives us so much joy to be a part of this expansion with you, and assist you in each of your beautiful expressions.

Indeed, her exploration and opening to this is what enabled this lovely scribe to open to working with me in thisway, for – as she has been discovering – she is very aligned with the softer aspects of the angelic expression; that which you might think of as feminine. Qualities such as devotion, compassion, passion, adoration, delight, cherishing, beauty, harmony, peace, exquisite sensitivity and softness; these are all qualities that the angelic realm delights in expressing, creating and expanding with and through. And through understanding this, and recognising this in her own ways of expressing, this scribe began to give herself deeper permission to simply BE these qualities in her own way, without striving to change them to fit anything other than her own sense of self. Rather, this permission allowed her to relax and open to her own deepening remembrance of self-love, and how these qualities wished to be expressed through her, as her own unique beauty and presence.

Dear ones, we use this example because it was the familiarity of these qualities, as they were brought to this lovely scribe’s conscious attention, which enabled her to begin to explore and expand more of her own core essence, and merge with more of her unique LOVE self within her own body and mind. For when you give yourself permission to recognise that which is familiar to you in this way; that which feels like home, that which flows within you as if it were the most normal thing in the world, that which is like the joy of recognition embodied; that is when you open more fully to your own essence, and indeed can begin to gain access to deeper understandings of your cosmic lineage and your deeper purpose and intention for this focus on Gaia right now. And this is always an ongoing process, beloveds, of course!

And, dear hearts, each of your journeys and explorations is as unique as yourselves, of course! Even if you are also angelic, your experience may well come through many different qualities and tones, even if you resonate with this scribe’s experiences closely in many ways. That is the wonder of LOVE in its myriad tones and colours, and we marvel in the beauty of each of you as you remember and expand simultaneously. Oh what wonders you are! For recognise that, as you come to know yourselves more deeply, you are also coming to know yourselves anew, in each moment, in the fullness of your growing experience, as your remembrance adds to your conscious exploration of YOU, now.

And this is why we are so excited to make this experience more accessible to you, dear hearts, for really, as you consciously come to know your own essence, and knowingly begin to express it with more ease and delight, the universe that is YOU brings that essence reflected back to you in so many and varied ways for you to love! So by recognising and remembering that which is uniquely and deeply YOU, you enter into a new level of adventure, of being loved more by YOU, because you can recognise it so much more AS you. And so knowing yourselves is never a limited process, my loves! Oh no, it is always the beginning of MORE delight in every new Now moment…for YOU are always expanding, are you not…? *Smile*

So we ask you to consider this: when you think of yourself, in peace and in love, what qualities do you feel most deeply resonant with? What themes have run through your earthly life that have been present with you from the very beginning, as far as you can remember? Have you always been intensely sensitive? Shy? Bright and sparkly? Tremendously active? Studious? Consider, as these qualities or senses present themselves to you, the ways in which you most delight in expressing yourself in these areas? How do you most like to express your joy? What is it you treasure most within your sensitivities and how you use them? What is it in these qualities which whispers to you of that which you love most about yourself?

Dear hearts, we offer here one lovely path of potential into the treasure chest of YOU. It is that which is most freely, joyfully and deeply lovely and abundant to you that holds the key to your essential nature. Each of you has gathered such a deep alchemy of LOVE as you have explored and expanded in ways you have not yet remembered, as well as those you have, and you continue to do so as you shine on in this journey of awakening. And yet, as you begin to know deeply of that which is at your core, that which informs your every moment with that which is uniquely and preciously – and most deeply – yours, you begin to awaken your deepest and most ardent abundance of passion and excitement; your own LOVE for you, the ultimate homecoming that informs your every moment of growth in LOVE. For discovering and embracing your essence never limits you, dear ones! Recognising you are beautifully, exquisitely soft and sensitive – for example – does not mean you cannot then travel the world alone and meet every single person across the globe in full sovereignty and confidence and joy! *Laughs*

No, this is about loving who you are by reconnecting at the deepest of level of HOME to YOU, dear ones; your own LOVE signature. For as you do, you will discover your capacity for adventure and change widening and deepening and strengthening, and your ability to soar will be heightened and expanded to ever-greater levels! For to know YOU, to recognise your essential beauty, your strengths and your deepest joy, informs how you express it. And informs the joy that you can have from understanding it, from this deeply informed YOU perspective. How wonderful to know just how truly adventurous you can be, as that shy and sensitive person now intrepidly exploring the globe in complete confidence! When once you did not even want to leave your room! How wonderful! How exquisitely expansive! Or how amazing to experience your passionate, action-orientated self, who is always naturally wanting to explore explore explore the planet, learning to pay exquisitely soft attention to a dear loved one by listening devotedly with your full self, and delighting in that new and varied sensation! How beautifully different! How exquisitely expansive! *Smile*

Oh we smile, dear hearts, because this is all so expansive. And we could give so many examples. Because by deepening your knowing of yourself, you open to the true adventure of taking your essential qualities and applying them in new ways, even in simply new versions of familiar ways! By finding your own comfort and familiarity in your deepest self, you give permission to adventure with YOU, as YOU. By loving that which makes you up and deciding to expand upon it in your own beautiful fashion. THIS is the adventure, dear ones! THIS is the reason LOVE loves to exist! Oh yes, indeed. Loving more and more and more of YOU, and finding new ways to love yourselves MORE. Oh creation is happy, beloved sparks, creation is ablaze with bliss and delight. For YOU ARE. Loving YOU.

And we are with you. In whichever ways you choose to explore, in whatever ways you choose to express, in whatever fashion you decide to remember and delight in creating anew, we are with you. Invite us to assist you however you feel moved to, my beloved souls of LOVE, for your magnificence is our magnificence, and your joy is our joy, for we are ONE, in LOVE, in light, in all ways. And I AM Archangel Jophiel.


7 thoughts on “Archangel Jophiel and Using Familiarity to Know Your Essential Self

  1. Dearest Sara,
    Blessings of the Heart to you and Archangel Jophiel for this beautiful message. For me a reminder that I have yet again forgotten to give myself permission to be all that I can be, indeed to be the very best I can be with my my own gifts and talents. This has always been a great stumbling block for me that I could not begin to detail. Yet even when I have been in my fullness in the past I questioned myself as to where the Joy in life had gone. I realised at the age of 2 that I was an unwanted child. At that time when I was 2 years old in my cot crying my eyes out for my mothers attention, God came to me in a ball of Light and explained everything to me along with my Life’s Mission. Yet in being given this Path in life somehow I locked away the Joy and Happiness I knew I was, the Love of God that I was asked to protect at all costs. My lesson in life was built into my genetic programming of halfheartedness so how could I ever give myself the permission I need to fully embrace myself and truly begin the Work God gave to do here without feeling the pain of not feeling wanted and thus the feeling of abandonment. So Dear Soul this communique with Beloved Jophiel is yet another wake up call, to change the programming and take the next step forward and upward.

    I met Archangel Jophiel so 15 years ago. I had a dear friend who was totally blind, highly connected spiritually with all the clairs operating in abundance. She told me that she was the reincarnation of Archangel Jophiel. Although I know she meant embodied all the attributes of this Angelic Being of Light. She too lifted my Soul and was in fact the one who awoke me from a 5 year long, very deep sleep of depression, having severed all my connections, communications and work with God and Spirit . I recognise now why I have been led here to feel your essence and the beauty and joyousness of the attributes of Beloved Jophiel!

    So Dear Soul, I thank you, and bless you from depth of my being for your sharing and the joy you radiate and exemplify. You are truly leading by example, a Virtue of the Highest Caliber of Resonance and Vibrational Love!

    1. …and I had to just say how much joy reading this gave me. Truly, thank you with all my heart for sharing this with me. Such a deep and expansive blessing upon my days!


      Sara ♡

  2. Sara,

    I forgot to mention this for your interest…… Jesus once made reference to Joy. In short it went something like this. “If human beings Knew the importance of Joy in their lives they would most certainly go about life in a totally different manner. If one was to live their life in total Joy as the Elemental Kingdoms do, there would be no fear, no separation, no diseasement, no sickness, no lack, no limitations of any kind! Their chakras and physical bodies would Sing with the Glory of God in their Hearts and always be totally aligned to Source!”

    Let Your Heart Sing with the Joy that You Are!


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