Readying for More Newness

347134-adminHello lovely ones…

Wow I have been so away in all senses. I have been in a seemingly endless process of what feels like purifying (see extremely confirming message from AA Jophiel I just posted…(love that I often have all these thought processes and intuitions and perceptions which then set me up to receive in that way) and has been intensely tiring and often very uncomfortable. It’s still ongoing, but I feel like I am getting back on my feet a little, confirmed by the urge to post (which has been just gone for ages!).

Have been sending so much love through here as I am loving myself through such deep change that is really such a frontier now. I feel like the waves have become almost indistinct as they have speeded up to such an extent that there’s little-to-no break between them. And they are different; purification in one area followed immediately by expansion in another, usually all in some way simultaneous too, just shifting focus continually as necessary.

In so many and very deep ways I feel like I am facing my ultimate human pains; actual expectation of failing or never quite measuring up, not actually being worthy of love, doubt that any of this is real (such a shocker but it’s there in some way so I just have to acknowledge it til it’s not any more!), the endlessness of this cycle of crazy ascension experience, and the ever-present exhaustion of having a mind that’s still bouncing about in the ‘old’ system in certain ways, like a echo. I consider all these to at root be about my perceived separation from source. Just don’t have the energy to do anything other than trust it will iron itself out if I just allow, acknowledge and love. Oh yes, and the ever-present challenge of feeling so at home in such subtle energies and having to find my ways of integrating that into form, as this material humanness is not yet matching what feels like home to me…

So I just wanted to say hi! I’m here and I’m loving you. I have had so so many lovely creative ideas and really like a growing of beautiful creative energy core as all this purifying has been going on. So we’ll see where that leads. And knowing you are all flowing along just perfectly. And getting better at knowing that for myself with each moment that brings more clarity on just who the hell this Sara is anyway.

Haha love you ♡


9 thoughts on “Readying for More Newness

    1. Thanks Ivy – God I know – always so lovely (and feels so necessary and so much the point too!) to have heart family working together and sharing experiences – one of the reasons I love the internet so much! How amazing. Loving you – it’s all shifting strongly now so hoping you are flowing along with greater peace. I’m excited to see what’s next, as that was one mother of a long process! Good lord I need cookies… 😉 LOVE to beautiful Ivy ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  1. Hello Sara,
    I have been out of circulation for nearly 4 years now and having decided to get on the horse through Spirit’s prodding,so to speak, within hours I have been led here to meet and greet you. For whatever reason I can indeed both acknowledge and confirm that the Trust and Joyousness that you have is a shining Light for so many to see. Keep up the great work and NEVER doubt what you are doing. Your message from Jophiel about Purity is right on queue and so accurate according to my own awareness of what is transpiring around the planet at this time. I would love to speak with you some time about your links to Spirit and the Service you have come to Earth to share and Honour Humanity with.

    I am sorry I am not familiar with these blog sites and get confused very easily on how to work with them. And so, sometimes the easiest thing for me to do is just fall away from them. I am not that computer savy sorry! But I know when I am meant to be linked and I know that it always comes with a Higher Purpose. The ones I connect to, more times than not, will relate to more expansive matters than just the exchange of pleasantries. Your connection to the Elemental and Devic Kingdoms is of great interest to me and I shall be looking out for any further channels or communiques as I call them, have to say! Can you tell me how to follow you to get any posts that you care to share. My time is fairly limited so a one button operation would be fantastic if that is possible?

    I know the vein of this reply is somewhat out of the square of general responses, however you have posed a question with a lot of emotional energy attached to it. Where shall that lead you indeed?
    God Bless you Dear Soul
    Until we next share

    1. Hello dear Peter!

      How lovely to connect with you…thank you so much for your wonderfully affirming, confirming and encouraging words! I so appreciate your generosity and your reaching out to connect…what exciting times we are in! And I love your comment – and its tone – for its very own loveliness, of course…♡

      This blog is my own beginning to venture forth from ‘out of circulation’, and I have been loving how it has grown. I myself am fascinated with my Devic/Elemental connection, as so far I can feel its joy and strength, yet is not developed as my angelic connections…more fun to explore! And I have had some interesting developments in the last couple of days so your timing is impeccably synchronistic… 😉

      So, as far as I am aware (this blogging thing is very new to me!), if you have a WordPress blog/page, you can use the ‘Follow’ button on the black bar at the top to get notifications that way (these show up in your WordPress reader I think). Or, if you just want an email every time I post something, I have a Follow button on the left just under my big picture which you can click – it’s very easy I think! I hope this helps – do let me know if not or if you’d like more detail.

      Thank you again for writing – such a pleasure to receive and it would be lovely to connect with you again whenever we are so called!

      Love, light and divine bliss-expanding to you, dear one!

      Sara ♡

      1. Hello There Sara,
        Thank you for your kind words. I believe that I have pushed the right buttons (smiling). I am sure I will find out soon enough. I did start my own blog today, but it got so confusing as to what was what that I deleted everything. Oh well, back to the drawing board.LOL!

        Ah the Law of Synchronicity, what an amazing flow of Right Action. Thank you for the confirmation that my feelings were correct to write to you. I would still like to discuss more aspects of the Elemental Kingdoms at some time. Maybe if you feel the draw you could connect with me on my email
        I would like to stay in touch regardless if that is okay with you.
        God Bless
        In Love and Light

      2. Hello Peter!

        I just wanted to say I have been intending to email you for the last 3 days and I am – my communication energy is somewhat stop-start and specific and mysterious to me at the moment so I am just going with the flow of it. Amazingly subtle, normal and transformational all at once at the moment I find!

        So thank you so much again for all your wonderful gifts here – they have been such a pleasure to receive and read, and I will be emailing as soon as the joy takes me there!

        Much much love and blessings upon each of your moments,

        Sara ♡

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