Archangel Jophiel speaks to New Structure Alignment and Purification

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Greetings and our deepest love to you today as you shine your light and love in ever purer ways.

Yes, purity is the focus of this message today as we wish to support your consciousness more deeply as you integrate and continue to open to the energies streaming to you from the sun in this, the new year of 2014, and also in the wake of the new moon that was aligned with the beginning of what you know as the calendar year. These are powerful energies, dear ones, and the power and strength of them is ever-increasing, as you call forth ever-greater purity of Creator-light, and these exciting times are the result and continued potential of your expanding capacity to embrace and embody these increasingly impressive vibrations and frequencies.

Dear ones, you are beautiful powerhouses and we continue to be awed! But then you know this…*wink*.

My brave hearts, I wish to specifically address what many of you are noticing; although many of you are experiencing or have experienced what has felt like yet another round of clearing – and in many ways this is so – we would suggest it would be more accurate and supportive to you to consider this as purifying.

You see, over the Solstice period and into the New Year, you were able to make intensely new changes to the energetic structures that support the merge between your material presence and your non-material presence. This is truly exciting, as you know, and is why you are all here in this focus right now! *Laughs* This shift was made possible by the truly monumental effort and diligence you have all shown in clearing the space and the channels to receive what is an entirely new set of potentials for existing on this planet going forward, and you achieved this with such grace and ease, dear hearts, even if your humanness may feel otherwise…*smile*.

What is happening now, beloveds, is in fact as a result of this new download, if you will, which is a deep purifying of all that is now able to be purified. Understand that, as you already know in many ways, each structure that you operate within and through is vibrationally active. This means that that you are able to exist within and experience certain spectrums of density dependent upon the vibrational structure you inhabit or interface through. It also means that you can only clear or recalibrate to the level of density – or light to view it in the ‘other direction’ – that you are currently structurally operating in and with.

So, by clearing all that you did within your ‘previous’ structure or interface, you were able to bring in the beginnings, the foundations for, a whole new template of existence in physical form, as many of you are aware. And this now means that for all of you who were/are vibrationally ready – or matching – in accordance with your soul intentions (if you will), your energies are being brought fully into resonance through the entirety of your field, which could not happen to the level at which it is now occurring until the ‘shift up’ over the Solstice had been achieved.

You could think of it as climbing up a stair. As you start to climb the step, the lower leg takes your weight and pushes against the lower step, propelling you upward. Then, as the next step up is gained, the other, higher leg takes the weight, using the solidity of the higher step and the momentum gained from the lower leg’s efforts, to pull your weight up to the next step. Of course you do not necessarily need to think of yourself as   a weighty or a heavy thing to shift! *Laughs* And there are many, many ways to see and understand how this change occurs. This is just an easy analogy for you to feel how this works in a simple way.

So in effect, as you transition, you use the momentum of the previous structure and all you are leaving behind to give you the push up, and then you use the new height of the new structure to bring you into full alignment with your new place. Simple! Ah I just love language and all its possibilities! And, to continue with the analogy, as with all moments of transition, you continue to experience both structures, both sides of the experience until your ‘weight’ lands fully on the next step. We know and acknowledge that this can be very confusing and tiring, especially when it is all happening at such subtle levels, while you get some very physical and mental effects in your conscious experience. Continue to call upon us to assist you in this endeavour, my beloveds, for you really are doing and being most splendidly, however you each feel and perceive your own progress.

So dear hearts, I use this distinction between clearing and purification to bring greater clarity to what is happening for you at this moment in your growth. The shift in potential has been achieved; your clearing and recalibration work within the previous structure achieved the preparation and momentum for that. What is happening now is the purification necessary to get your energies fully attuned to the new structures, in order for full integration and then cultivation of manifest newness to begin. The high-vibrating frequencies of the new are literally ‘pushing out’ that which no longer resonates and which could not be gracefully dealt with before this point, and as such you are now being ‘tuned up’ to your ‘next step’ in the continuing mastery you always show…

Dear hearts, this is where your deep preparation in the ways and navigation of self-love comes into full effect, for you – and we! – are in truly new territory, and it is your loving heart and your ability to follow that which feels most joyful and peaceful to you that will enable your smooth transition into fuller and fuller embodiment of all you have and are achieving and creating. Allow, allow and love, love, love, my beloveds. Anything you may feel at any level of your being in response to this purification process is most natural and justified at this point especially, beloveds, for you are shifting in a most colossal fashion, and all effects you may be experiencing can simply be noticed and attended to in whatever way feels right. You are the masters, beloveds, listen to your hearts for your guidance. Call upon us, call upon LOVE, call upon all that you are and all that is in whatever way feels right to you, beloved masters, for the support and love for you has never been greater as you traverse such immense and new potentials.

This is truly your time – quite literally! – and it is our deepest joy and delight to be of service in whatever you feel called to invite us to support you in. Truly we are so in LOVE with you, most beautiful shiny-bright stars, and your every moment expands our capacity for this as well as yours. Of course! We are beyond blessed to be experiencing this amazingly transformative flow and focus with you, dear loves, and as such are always by your side, awaiting your invitation, your request, your joy.

I am always yours, in love and deepest support. I am Archangel Jophiel ♡


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