Festive Love

IMG_0065Hello beautiful beloveds!

I have been whizzing about doing lots of yummy Christmas visiting and such, so have been away for a while. So just wanted to write a lickle note to you all now as we head into festive times…yummy!

Firstly, Happy Soulstice everyone! Must have been such powerful light coming in since – as well as feeling the awesome power of it – has reeeeeally pushed deep and subtle stuff up for me, quite intensely, and actually hit me strongest today. Don’t really even have a sense of what it is, just what it sets off in me and the general distress of it. My sense is that it’s the Venus retro as well, and it’s been interesting because it shows me just how easy and graceful my time has been for the last couple of months, as I have gotten so centred into my heart that even as waves pass through I have been able to flow with them, acknowledging my dislike and loving myself! Which is so lovely. So it’s been interesting how the last 24 hours has seen me experience an intensity of emotional/mental clearing that has shocked me in its strength.

Though it’s making so much sense to me that it’s happening now, and acknowledging it even briefly out loud just got me straight back into the centre of it and now I’m happily flowing with it. Plus, immediately got really excited about what’s going to follow it as something this quick and intense suggests major movement after weeks of pulsing expansion and clearance. So ready for that.

Absolutely adoring the levels of self-love flowing for me now. Amazing how easy it is getting to process unknown depths without the pain and fear and doubt that used to accompany them. Being able to love myself so naturally and deeply means it’s just the discomfort and tiredness from relentless ascensioning that needs my attention.

And so I wanted to say how much I love you all. This blog has been a source of such joy and growth and expansion and delight for me in just the two months it’s been existing, and it’s amazed me how quickly and easily it has grown, and the channelling side of things especially too. Wondrous…and I am so happy. So thank you from the depths of my being and with the full love of my heart to everyone who has ever visited or will visit, because I am adoring co-creating with you in any and every way we do and be. And just to everyone I know and am connected to in any way at all, being on this planet, in this form, at this time, is exquisitely exciting, and as this time lifts us all in exponentially amazing ways, I AM LOVE for each and everyone of you with such gratitude.

So have a fantastic festive time, whatever you are all being and doing, and if I don’t make it back here before, see you in 2014. Wow what a ride 2013 has been…no words can express…! ♥

Loving you, in such joy and reverence, and with such joy for what we are creating…♥

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Deep festive love for whatever you are enjoying. Love and light and hugs and yumminess to all.

I love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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