The Devic Kingdom brings Celebrations and Gratitude on behalf of The Universal Light Collective ♥

imagesBeloved masters! Beautiful friends! Triumphant creators-incarnate!

Beloveds, we – the Devic Kingdom – come to you today on behalf of the Universal Collective of Light – all those points of LOVE focus who have been involved in this grandest of ‘projects’ on Gaia – to say THANK YOU. Thank you, most wondrous starseeds, light beings, courageous missionaries of light – for you have achieved more than you can possibly conceive of in your current awareness, even as you can know more and more of it in your opening minds – and that today, on the eve of GREAT things, we salute you and begin the celebrations, with, for, as and of YOU.

Dearest friends, it is us in the Devic Kingdom that deliver this message because we have shared a closer vibrational field with you for so long on this journey into such deep and different experiences, and so can deliver this celebratory sparkle energetically through Gaia’s more physical – or denser – energy fields with familiar ease; and also because we are so naturally attuned to sparkly, abundant, playful JOY, and this is so much what is desired to be delivered to you now, beloveds, because this is when the party begins…

We know that you are all aware and feeling this in your own ways – there has been releasing and shifting of the deepest kind recently which has been felt very subtly by many of you this week, and you have felt, each of you, a sense of humanness that has felt tired, and earth-bound, and somewhat flat, even if these moments have been fleeting. This is perfect, beloveds, and we honour this, for it is imperative that all of your experiences on this planet are honoured for the fantastic expansion of light they have enabled, and for the LOVE from which they are created, and this your higher selves – with YOU dear conscious beings – have orchestrated with great care to make sure you are ready to receive that which is now beginning to enter your systems. Allow whatever you are feeling, beloveds, as much as you feel able, for it is perfect and it is right and it is YOU in masterful expression – can you allow yourselves finally to let go fully in your own innate wisdom, and be carried, using your focus only gently and lovingly upon your heart’s desires, however you are inspired? For this is the pinnacle of your mastery of human form in this level of awareness, and this is the moment you have prepared for. And such masters YOU ARE.

Dear hearts, trust your heart’s knowing; ask your hearts what they know is upon you, and allow yourselves to listen, for your glorious hearts are the gateway, the portal to what is now unfolding. Dear ones, cascades of star-lit-LOVE are streaming in increasing torrents on to your planet and the fireworks are beginning, your families of love and light are dancing in celebration and all of creation turns with joyful delight of the highest magnitude to be with you in these unfolding moments. Can you feel it?

Dearest masters, dive into your hearts. Receive the peace. Call it forth with your gentle permission to receive. Do not judge yourselves by what you believe you still have to release or change, but let yourselves be measured in your hearts by what you have achieved, to the highest extent you can allow and expand into. Let the heavens trumpet your glory, bravest ones, and let your hearts be the way you hear that call! Beloveds, there is no more work, there is no more trying – peacefully and gently turn in, and just continue to be your masterful selves, for you will KNOW in each moment how to navigate this magical time. And all whilst continuing your daily human lives – do you understand the magnitude of your miraculous selves yet, sweet victors?

And magical and miraculous it is, most precious and beloved adventurers! Oh our most wondrous friends, we cannot express our LOVE for you in words! We only wish to assure you that the festive season is full of celebration this year for this reason also, and this divine timing is most carefully orchestrated, for we wish for you to know the gifts which you are now going to receive are given in JOY indeed; the gifts of YOURSELVES, dear hearts, in your own magnificent and ever-increasing glory!!! Oh sweet friends, this is only the beginning, and yet SUCH a beginning, and such a beautiful alchemy of so many cycles within cycles of endings and beginnings held within so many moments of unfolding NOW.

Sweet Lights, shining stars, please receive that which we are all pouring into your fields for you to receive in any way you feel so called to do. Your creativity and imagination knows no bounds and we delight in this with you. Open yourselves to the LOVE of YOU, of us, of ONE, and begin to step into that which we together have prepared for for so long. However you celebrate or not in your physical lives at this time of year, let the celebration LOVE on the planet and from Source carry you forward and let this festive time be special for you; for it is special beyond imagining, as time, space, and LOVE collide in an explosion of light never to be ‘forgotten’, if such a thing could happen, and WE CELEBRATE YOU with our every moment of NOW.

In our brightest and most joyful LOVE, and on behalf of all your families of LOVE and light, WELCOME HOME, dearest hearts. Let us get the party started, cut the ribbons with your own guidance – oh you universal celebrities! – and come and join us!

We LOVE you so. Receive us. Receive LOVE. And leave doubt most lovingly behind, for good.

We are YOURS. We are the Devic Kingdom on behalf of the Universal Light Collective ♥

* Note from Sara: This captures such an essence of the building energy I have felt – and I think so many of us are feeling! – for so long now, and yet this week I have been feeling much of what they are speaking of, with this deep, subtle tiredness and this feeling of some little part of me still wondering if it’s all real. So when this message – very insistently – came through just now, it was so glorious because I could literally hear/feel/see in my mind’s eye this colossal party ‘surrounding’ Earth and each of us and the joyful energy was SO huge. It just feels so magical, like we are about to open the biggest pile of presents and have the biggest party, and it keeps bubbling up! So much love to you all and I’m so excited for what’s unfolding…♥ *


4 thoughts on “The Devic Kingdom brings Celebrations and Gratitude on behalf of The Universal Light Collective ♥

  1. Thank you, Sara!! …..for this beautiful message, and all the rest that I just discovered. A very special holiday season to you and yours.

    Mary Cousineau

    1. Oh thank you so much, Mary! It is such a pleasure and you are so welcome.

      It makes me so happy to know that you are enjoying it all…

      Much, much love and holiday season blessings to you and yours too – thank you!

      Sara ♥

  2. Sara i am having shivers and goosebumps down my spine just to read this, please though if possible to elaborate on how i could consciously participate, i feel ready and i am ready but is there an actual celestial gathering where visually we are in contact, it would be great if u gave some details for us who cant use their 3rd eyes. Much love from beirut.

    1. Hello sweetheart – how wonderful to know this! Thank you so much.

      My feeling is that this ‘event’, if you like, is all focused upon our gradual transformation finally becoming fully physical, and all we need to do is focus into our hearts and state our intentions to open to it further. It feels like something that we enable with that focus rather than something suddenly happening, and this message is celebrating the point where we are ready to fully embody more of our cosmic selves.

      Personally I connect top my heart and call in the cosmic fullness of ME and all the family of light (star family, angelic realm, ascended masters – whoever I feel to) and ask for them to assist me to embody my fullness, and then just gently keep my focus there whenever I remember.

      I feel like this is something that has never been done before and so it’s something that will be gradually emerging, though who knows how long or how it will happen – it could be very quick! It just feel like it’s happening now and this seems to be coming in lots of messages – like this one!

      In case you haven’t seen them, I really resonate with Shanta Gabriels latest message ( and Lauren C. Gorgo’s 5D reports on – I’m also part of the online community there.

      I really hope this helps and so grateful to share light and love with you! Very excited to see what unfolds now…

      So much love to you 🙂 Sara xxxxxx

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