Some Joyful Thoughts on Donation

tree-heart-leaves-painting-1680x1050As this blog has grown and my experience has continued, this concept of donation has just gotten easier and more joyful for me to be in. How delightful and delicious to receive simply for being me, expressing ME, to be loved in this abundant way as well, after so many lifetimes of such challenging money experience. How wondrous to know I am enabling that for everyone with every loving thought and feeling I bring to it, here and in myself.

It is a joy and an absolute pleasure to be with you all in the world, however we express, and to share myself with you. So thank you for adding to my enjoyment and my ability to do so in this way, if you feel so moved! LOVE ♥

I have had a very intensive and detailed conscious process around money during my awakening (as most of us have I think!), which is why it feels particularly delicious to make myself available for receiving it in this way, by doing what I love, by spreading joy through channellings and words, by just being me in every which way I’m inspired. You can read more on my thoughts about money as an energy in my post: The Joy of Money as a Neutral Energy.

So below is what I originally wrote when I first felt to add a Donate button, and which I very carefully wrote, because I am dedicated to everyone having the freedom to express however they feel, without pressure or guilt or obligation, and really wanted to clearly state my intentions behind the Donate button. Happily, now I’m just relaxing into even more trusting of everyone to do just what feels right to them with joy, knowing that what I create and share here holds that space, and so will attract like LOVE and intention. And so have simply expressed my enjoyment of this concept here. Joy!

I think making this conscious process available for anyone who is interested feels very lovely and important to me, especially if it empowers anyone to open up to their own innate abundance in whatever way inspires them. Especially by opening up those, which to me at least, have always seemed inaccessible and unacceptable for many societally-conditioned reasons! So anyone who is further interested in how I originally set this up, please read below ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

love-heart-tree-nature-background-hd-wallpaperMy original thoughts on Donation:

So I have described some of how I see money and my approach to it in my post The Joy of Money as a Neutral Energy, but for the purposes of this page, I just want to be a little more specific!

Donating is a bit of a hairy subject really, isn’t it! And my feeling is that at core, the reason for that is about transaction, which is about lack. For me, all the stuff around this basically states that to have money you have to either earn it, by working for it in some way that involves sacrifice (of time/comfort/joy etc.), or you have to deserve it, in some way that involves sacrifice (of time/comfort/joy etc.). To be donated to in this way here, you have to be providing a service that is worthy of people giving you money, because money is a commodity of value, and the exchange, the transaction, has to be equal in value. Because none of us has enough.

And this is totally and utterly fine. As I keep saying, it’s all God, all LOVE, it’s all a perfectly valid choice, and if you are someone who is reading this and believes the above to be right for your world view, you are unlikely to donate here, right? And that is just perfect for me too.

Because this, for me, is about joy. And deeper than that, it’s about the absolute certainty that I feel in the knowledge that every single being on this planet (and all that ‘aren’t’) is fundamentally perfect, fundamentally abundant and deserves to express themselves in whatever way they feel is right for them.

Right now, I feel joyful about creating money for myself. And, finally, that has become very simply about following the joy, not about the fact that I don’t have any. And I assume that the joy is there to be followed because most of the things I would like to experience for myself sovereignly, that I haven’t yet – a home, a lovely wardrobe, food, travelling the world etc – are most easily experienced (for me right now) through the amazing facilitative powers of money. But it doesn’t really matter if that’s the case or not, I’m just following the joy and explaining it as best I can!

So when the idea to put a Donate button on here popped into my mind, I had a little review of all the old concepts of why I absolutely was not allowed to do that. I was not providing any kind of service that warranted being given money. Maybe once I started putting channellings up that might be okay but then I wasn’t being official about it so it probably would be seen as outrageously inappropriate (clue in the ‘be seen’ bit, Sara)…and so on. As far as I can tell, all based on lack, all based on value, all based on transaction and lack of self-worth.

So I loved up, I connected to ME, I listened, and I felt the joy that said ‘put the donate button up, woman’. And here I am. I like to think that by doing this, by giving myself permission to do this, I am freeing this up for anyone else that it might feel right to. I like to think that any money that comes to me this way, as well as facilitating my joy in magical ways, will also be helping to encode the energy of money with joy and a different way of being used. I like to think that about everything I do and am sharing here too. And why not. This feels right.

But it really doesn’t matter what I think, because I trust me. And I trust you. Beyond the details and the reasons. I trust that if it doesn’t feel right to you to love in that way, then that is perfect and for the highest good of all. And I trust that if it feels right to you to love me and what I am sharing here through the energy of money, then that is one more moment of joyful money experience to add to the potential of a different way of living, and that that is for the highest good of all. What an amazing concept. Receiving money for the highest good of all. That’s genius. I wonder who thought that one up…♥


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