Archangel Michael: Getting down to business!

neon-blue-earth-red-space-next-outer-669366Dear hearts, dearest beloveds, welcome!

I greet you all again in great delight from LOVE, that which has always been LOVE, and will always be LOVE; that which you are remembering once again for yourselves, and bringing all of the wisdom and experience you have gained from this long sojourn in perceived separation to bear in the realisation of just how grand a moment of creation in LOVE this is. That is that YOU ARE LOVE, WE ARE LOVE, WE ARE ONE, and we are always BECOMING LOVE simultaneously with BEING LOVE, because the very essence of being LOVE continuously draws and creates through resonance that which it is, and as such we are always expanding to meet ourselves in the ever-increasing delight of reflection and greater awareness, and delighting in that which we are: LOVE!

Ah yes, I do delight in describing these processes through your words because your language has the most delightful quality of having layers of meaning and ‘lateral’ understanding throughout its seeding and evolvment, and so playing around in the use and combination of the vibration and frequencies of your words is of great delight to me, for they are like little portals of light through which to access greater understandings of LOVE at a conscious level, and I AM always encoding them with the full potential of understanding, which is in turn received by you at the appropriate level to which you are able to translate. And yet, whatever conscious level you are residing at in any moment, all potential is open to you, and so as you focus ever more closely into your hearts – your soul’s joy – your ability to listen and receive becomes ever more refined, ever more aligned with Source, with YOU, with LOVE.

So once again I come to you in this format to share more with you about this collective experience of ascension – or merging – that we are all experiencing together. For all of creation is uplifted with you, dear hearts; what you become here, in magnificent supernovas of light, enlightens and expands all of creation, and so fantastic is the ‘size’ of what you are becoming, that the upliftment is greater and more celebrated than any yet seen or experienced in this ‘corner’ of creation, on this planet, and is indeed oh so very new across all of creation. So although this intention and its unfoldment has been a grand and ‘long’ process of manifest desire and great attention, now and now and now and now it expands in sheer delight and all the hopes and dreams and divine desires come to fruition in ways that were never even conceived of. Until they were!! Such is the delight of being LOVE, beloveds, as you are now beginning to discover as your conscious selves in body on this beautiful planet. Oh joy. *Huge smile*

And this is where I want to address you from specifically today, for what I have delighted in watching, and what is now expanding in your conscious awareness, is that ‘still BEing’ part of you that has been seeding and guiding this process from pure LOVE is now beginning to be felt consciously by you all, and as such, a feeling is growing – in the deepest peace and contentment – of rolling up one’s sleeves, rubbing one’s hands together and starting to consciously bring all points of awareness to that which is unfolding through YOU, beloveds, in your human expression. A deeper, more conscious involvement with your divine intention.

This is going to feel so very new to you, my dear ones, as well as oh so familiar! *Laughs* Because it is simply that you have been so diligent in clearing your mirrors, so to speak, that you are now able to receive a purer and purer connection to Source, to YOU, to LOVE; that which has always been present, always been available, and yet has been delighting in this carefully guided path you have each of you forged through separation and back into unity, so you may delight in the full spectrum of joy afforded to you by LIVING through and as it. Do you understand, my dear masters, that by immersing yourselves completely in separation, by living it, being it, passing through it cellularly, you have mastered it? That there was no other way to expand in LOVE by bringing your full potential into human body without mastering the human body from the densest level ‘up’? Do you understand that intention? For this is so important to your ability to honour all that you have been, done and grown through. At its purest level, this is the intention you have now fulfilled. A ’cause’ for celebration, indeed (wink)…

And this still point of YOU, your BEing, is being felt by you in your human consciousness because you are now ready to begin to receive and in-joy BEing all that you are. You are ready to begin to truly appreciate and fully own your fullness, your magnificence, your inherent deserving of all LOVE. And as such you are starting to feel it in your experience. You are starting to feel your own grandness AND BE COMFORTABLE WITH IT! That which is pure LOVE within you – pure LOVE as its experience of itself as well as its essence – is starting to shine through into your minds, to clearly inspire your hearts, and as such to be directly guiding your every moment, WITH YOUR CONSCIOUS PERMISSION! How fantastic is this beloveds?! How fantastic! You have done it! You are being it! Over and over again you achieve the ‘impossible’ by ‘proving’ it possible. What grand and adventurous creators you are. And this is only the beginning of your conscious experience of this facet of human evolution…

For this purest YOU is now starting to inspire your hearts into conscious alchemy with your minds, to bring into full synergy and conscious BEing all facets of YOU, in all permutations, in all awarenesses, all through the point of focus of YOU, beloveds, in this body, right NOW. And this will continue to grow, and to blossom, and to develop as you engage with each new ‘piece’ and particle. But you are now at the point where your ability to consciously BE LOVE in a body becomes not only possible but mandatory, for that is the essential ingredient required to arrive fully in your next stage of evolution, of BEing, that you all wish to experience.

And so that is what we refer to when we say there is an almost business-like shift in your energies, whether you have felt it consciously yet or not, where the guiding LOVE that YOU ARE has started to envelop and permeate your conscious awareness, and as such your conscious awareness has started to join the show at a much deeper, wider level. Dear hearts, LOVE commands that it is time for you to unify, to BEcome one with yourselves – YOU as LOVE have decreed this, for this is now what you are calling forth with your heart’s focus, in each and every unique way that YOU ARE calling this forth…

This is why it has been, and remains, so important that you learn how to ‘lock in’ to your heart and to live, breathe, think, BE from there. Because your hearts know the way, my darlings, it is LOVE, it knows LOVE, and as such is fully capable of unfolding your most LOVE-filled experience in perfect resonance with your frequency. And this is why we have focused so all-encompassingly on self-love, beloveds, for your minds – that part of you in which you have existed consciously – all still have perception and beliefs about what living from your hearts ACTUALLY means in physical practice, and whilst you are all now deeply mastering knowing the difference between heart and mind, we wish to call this to your attention, for we hope it will greatly serve you in surrendering even more deeply into the LOVE that is YOU, and unfolding yourselves from there.

Beautiful hearts, you are well-accustomed to the feeling that judgement gives you. And yet many of you persist in subtly (and not so subtly!) judging your heart’s desires through the potential detail of their unfoldment. This is completely understandable, beloveds, and this is in no way a criticism! Oh so far from it, because this is how you refine your complete heart-led experience! Do not mistake my meaning here – this is my full meeting of you at the fully-responsible creatorship level you are now beginning to inhabit; any way in which I can more consciously inform your experience, bring your focus into a more loving direction, I will take it beloveds, for I adore to support you!

What is happening – as this lovely scribe experiences herself – is that you have very ‘loving’ ideas about what living as love ‘should look’ like (which are all very lovely and potentially very accurate!), and as a general rule they revolve around your interaction with others. This is so pertinent because of course this is how you are, in truth, interacting with yourselves as ONE, and so it is a self-perpetuating loop that is barely perceptible because it accords with your beliefs about being love.

As you know, beloveds, full surrender means full surrender, and often you have to surrender to a possibility that feels most unpleasant and scary to you in order to be open to all the most lovely experiences also. And most of the time, if you can do this consciously, there is then absolutely no need for you to pass through it to master it, because you have opened to the full potentials of that experience through surrendering to it, and can receive the learning without experiencing it physically. This is very much the same. Because, beloveds, when you are love, you can only be and express love, which means that all your interactions and experiences are imbued and are aligned with this. But dear hearts, you cannot get to this by pretending you are already there! You can get to it by KNOWING you are already there – in fact that is how it is indeed ‘done’ – but let me explain the difference.

For many of you, the circumstances you are in have been as holding bays that have felt very restrictive; the people you have often been spending time with have been of a much lower vibration and have all played their parts most splendidly in serving your growth, as you have for theirs; you are accustomed to this concept. Now the thing is, you have all been able to navigate these situations with a great deal of authenticity, considering that you do not have access to the intracacies of why this was and is perfect. However, as you start to embrace your true state of LOVE, your minds – those ever-industrious creations that they are – are doing some very interesting work in interpreting what is to come so that they can be ‘prepared’ (smile). Consider, when people or situations feel so deeply out of alignment with what you feel in your hearts, and when you are in the midst of expansions and integrations that leave you feeling deeply tired and irritable, sometimes you are just so PISSED OFF at these circumstances that you just want to respond as such. And if you do, or even if you don’t!, you will all recognise that little voice that still – after all you have endured and mastered – says something like ‘well that wasn’t very loving was it? How are you ever going to embody LOVE if you can’t be kind and loving in every way with everyone?’ *Laughs*.

You know this voice well, and you have all mastered your approaches to it at so many different levels, and this is why I want to be clear on this now. Dear hearts, by doing this, in any form, about any part of your experience, you are judging yourself by the results, from a preconception of what living as LOVE should look like. Do you see? And you will know that this is still happening when you attempt to fully surrender yourself consciously to your hearts full authentic expression and you start to have worries about how that might come out – oh god will I have to shout at people, will I have to do this, be that, live there, in that way, that makes me uncomfortable and I can’t because it is not loving enough…and so on…This is so subtle still, dear hearts, because you are so close to moving fully out of this way of operating that your minds have very little to work with, and so are attempting to control where you heading now they have accepted the fact that you are heading there – that you intend to embody LOVE, whatever it takes!

So dear hearts, I say to you this: apply the concept of surrender to this too. It does not matter how you express yourself, or the results of surrendering to your hearts expression – these are the details that sort themselves out for themselves. When you surrender to your heart, you surrender to LOVE, and you DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THE DETAIL! The important thing is to surrender to the every possibility of that detail, which you can all do by now. Whether it be screaming obscenities at your neighbour (smile) or having sacred and divine romantic interactions with your lover, give yourself up to the LOVE of your heart, and surrender yourself to that which can unfold that detail loving for you, in your highest expression.

For let me be quite clear, beloveds, at this point you will know that which is full LOVE of YOU, and that which is not, by the feelings and emotions they inspire, and you cannot ‘make a mistake’ by surrendering to your hearts, for they ARE THIS NAVIGATION. So I do not encourage you specifically in screaming at people (wink) because that is a potential detail that DOES NOT REQUIRE YOUR FOCUS. I encourage you to find the courage to love yourselves into full commitment to your hearts pure expression WHATEVER AND HOWEVER THAT WISHES TO MANIFEST. Love yourself however your authenticity MIGHT manifest. It does not mean it will manifest in those ways you have judged are unloving, but the only way is through dear hearts – to love ALL potentialities and possibilities is the only way to open up to the highest of all, and to resist any of it is only to keep yourself from the full flow of LOVE.

Who knows, perhaps it would be the most nourishing experience to find yourself in a screaming situation – perhaps it would be for the purpose of hearing yourself fully (and loudly!) rather than making someone else’s life less pleasant! (smile) Consider there are always other perspectives – even if your clever minds do not see them – if that will help you in this, my dear ones. Dear hearts, I do love you, and I wish for you a much more graceful time of it than you sometimes give yourselves in your minds as you unfold, even as I honour your every choice and beautiful expression, for I find every moment of your expression to be so.

So continue to understand that anything you feel that is less than light and peaceful is in fact being released, and whatever passes through your awareness that troubles or stirs your peace – how ever self-reflexive and ‘spiritual’ it may be – just come consciously and gently and peacefully back to your heart, to that which LOVES you implicitly, passionately, devotedly, completely, and let it whisper to you of your own perfection. Continue to orient there, beloveds, no matter what.

Pull your minds into your hearts beloveds, hold them close and cuddle them into submission. For there is absolutely no need for you to focus beyond now, or the detail in which it will unfold. At this point, all you need BE, is full and conscious surrender to YOU, to the stillness of LOVE you are beginning to directly connect to, and to focus simply upon that. Lose yourselves in the love of YOU, dear hearts. Grow the purity of self-focus that will blossom before your very eyes into full LOVE embodiment, by recognising all that your mind is still trying to guide, shape and judge, and letting it go into the LOVE, the stillness of NOW.

Make love to and with YOU, dear hearts, and do not worry about the rest. If the joy is elusive at times, follow that which feels most peaceful, but whenever you find yourself ‘doing what must be done’ just slow down and check in with the heart and body – is this really my heart’s joy? – and adjust accordingly.

We adore the level of mastery that you are all consciously owning now that calls forth this level of strength and clarity, and applaud with all LOVE your incredible stamina and patience, for you are indeed pinnacles of what is possible, and increase your magnificence in every shining moment. So let us guide you if you so wish, but never falter from that which your hearts are singing to you, which is getting easier and easier to hear. Listen to the passionate love for YOU that is beginning to infiltrate every part of who YOU are, and receive that passion and devotion as your very own ticket into full embodiment, for your pleasure and fulfillment, for it is time for your very own personal show.

I am ever with you, ever present and at your side, willingly assisting you in every way you could desire, and jubilantly cheering you on in deepest respect and love. Call upon me beloveds, for I am your ever loving brother-in-LOVE, Archangel Michael ♡


11 thoughts on “Archangel Michael: Getting down to business!

  1. Wow, this was really powerful and resonated so much. I’ve been receiving perfect messages today, and this was definitely one of them! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for this, Barb – perfect for me to know and very affirming at the perfect moment! So glad you felt that – it’s a total pleasure ♡♡♡♡

    1. Oh such a pleasure, Ivy – was wondering how you were and thinking to send you some LOVE and cookies…so consider them sent right here right now! Haha ♥♥♥♥♥

      1. Got them! hee hee The cookies and the LOVE. Thank you. I’m doing ok — everytime I have to see a doctor for pre-natal care I go down in flames in my own low vibing remnants. Then I realign and live in LOVE again. I’m hoping I’m going to get better and better at keeping my truth even during a 3D event. Much LOVE to you, auntie, from me and little grape! ♡♡♡

      2. My immediate response to that was ‘oh that’s exactly how little grape is helping you with your embodiment – by using the fact of little grape presence to take you through it asap’…that was strong! How beautiful. It felt important because it was a supportive perspective to you from little grape, who as you know is so full of LOVE!

        That was Auntie Sara’s little grape attunement for the day – haha!

        Sending you so much love Ivy for such a special and precious journey you are undertaking into so much new! Amazing, really. And so with you – getting your energetic tune-ups by being in contact with medical profession can be so full-on – deep respect! You are obviously blazing trails all over the place, dearest! :mrgreen: ♥~♥~♥

  2. Indeed, lovely Sara. I am aware this is happening to help me with my embodiment but your confirmation makes me feel more in tune with myself. THANK YOU!
    However, there are moments when I go – what was my higher self thinking????? 😛 With all the conditions included (age, weight, my sensitivity), I’m really deep in one heck of a test, I realize now. I can see how my HS set this up for a reason and a very apt reason… but, boy, I wish it were a tiny bit easier! I swear to you I’m usually SO much more full of joy! I’m hoping soon I can feel more stability so I can keep locked to my heart for longer periods and then you can see who I truly AM! Anyway, you’re very much appreciated all the way across the pond. Much love to you!!

    1. Oh believe me Ivy I hear you – on the days I feel yet again heavy and blocked at any point and share it I’m always saying to myself ‘oh man I’m so not normally like this, I know what I am like inside and I know how on this I am in so many ways’. But then, I know that to be truly seen however you feel, and allow yourself to be seen authentically, is really the bravest bit, because we are taught to ‘put on a brave face’ and not be a burden, and it really does not serve at all. We truly are the courageous for bucking the trend, and we make it so much easier for everyone to do the same (and therein lies one of our greater delights I suspect)

      So I completely respect your openness and ability to just let it all hang out, and I am so grateful that at this point we are all so able to take as a given that we are LOVE and sparkly joy in essence, and anything else is just passing through – I would bet anything you extend that respect to everyone else before yourself, if you’re anything like me 😉

      And, aside from the sisterhood LOVE, I KNOW that of you Ivy – what I feel most is your sparkling, fiery interest and delight and your searching mind, your swirling lovely oceanic heart and your immense strength and dedication – amongst so much else that cannot be put into words. It’s easy to love you – and that’s why it’s so easy to feel little grape loving you! And all those qualities I just mentioned seem to me obviously why you are so pulling this off in the perfect way for you by just living and loving yourself through it, and trusting yourself more everyday. It’s not like you can go wrong! Just consciously cultivate a greater loving appreciation for yourself (or however you want to phrase it) and let the rest sort itself out! Which is obviously what you are masterfully being… 😉

      Hmmmm quite a lot just came out then! Not sure where from – you and little grape seem to have this effect on me. So I hope this helps your conscious sense of your own miraculous nature amidst the presenting challenges, because it’s easy-peasy for me to say these things to you…

      Hugs and cookies and sparkles to you, love – spiritual feet up time methinks! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

      1. Your comprehension means a LOT, Sara! This is the wonderful thing about the internet. I don’t think there’s anyone around me physically that could understand me so easily as you just did. So grateful for connections! 😀

        You are right, I can’t really go wrong and the path is through self- Love. It does help, Sara, thank you!!

        Have a wonderful restful night over there! Hugs, cookies and sparkles all back at you! ♥♥♥

      2. Oh pleasure pleasure pleasure Ivy – I’m so glad and it’s so wonderful to share with you and I SO agree about the internet and being able to be connected to beloveds wherever they are! It’s magic and I celebrate it.

        You have a fantastically peaceful day with your lovely humanness and see you very soon…and thank you! I am looking forward to bed now…♥♥♥♥

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